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  1. There is a small hole on the bottom of the tube of the rear frame but I agree blocking them seems like it would cause moisture to stay trapped longer at least. Just put a hose (not pressure washer) to the tubes every once and a while to rinse any debris out.
  2. Looks good. Hows the road noise with those tires?
  3. I don't know why I read that as engine temperature last night. Thinking the "mechanical" gauge
  4. You could probably swap to an export cluster like a Canadian one. Probably easier to learn the conversion.
  5. Book value is a bad way to determine anything but a very baseline. What you want and other people want is very different. If you say xxx truck had park assist up front and xxxxxx truck didn't and everything else was identical why wouldn't I buy front park assist? It's an easier sell. You have an issue and instead of whining about it online you should figure it out. You said you bought it used so maybe it was crashed and you don't know a body shop screwed up the repair. Do something about it or sell the truck.
  6. Just cause something is expensive doesn't mean it won't ever have problems. Rolex watches will lose time just like any other one.
  7. Mine may occasionally get pissed at something but 99% of the time its fine. It can't detect the difference of ice or leaves on the sensor so its doing its job if it sets the alarm off.
  8. There's not a lot of room for subs under there and you will need a custom box. There's a guy on eBay who sells a package and JL makes a box and sub for this as well but it's pricey.
  9. I get it but knowing its done right is a lot better in my mind. I have another free oil change and won't even use it.
  10. I'm still thinking its the parking brake shoes moving on the backing plate. If you want to check yourself just take the rear rotor off and put some anti seize behind the part of the shoe on the top and bottom that rub on the plate.
  11. I thought the drivers was slower on that too. Such a weird thing but it's been like that since new.
  12. I like the front of the T1 sierras but still hate the tailgate and tail light shape. Definitely a fan of the square bodies which a k2 is the closest I can get without buying a rot box.
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