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  1. I see where you're coming from but frames are boxed now a days so unless it's done in a pristine environment and can't be fully submerged then moisture is likely going to be locked in. The backside of a panel is exposed so it can also dry. Also panels are typically treated in some way in a decent environment or dipped into some type of anti corrosive coating. Nothings perfect and it's all point of view or opinion.
  2. Ya that email is full blown retail pricing. You can do a lot better. Pros are you have a warranty, the only con is if you never use it and just waste money. I guess it's a pro that the truck didn't break though!
  3. Sometimes I have to hit the button twice but not always.
  4. Tried super glue and it seemed great but snapped it off again. I may take a soldering iron and melt it together, nothing to lose at this point.
  5. So it's freezing cold here and I removed my door panel to have a dent pulled out. While reinstalling I snapped the plastic piece that holds the locking rod on the lock actuator. Wondering if anyone has an old one laying around they don't need? I'd hate to spend over $100 for a little plastic piece and I don't have a 3D printer to try to make one. This is on the right rear door (passenger)
  6. Just paid $208 yesterday for one someone left me in a parking lot with their door ?
  7. My trucks super quiet at all speeds. Do you have any aftermarket items on the body? Even vent visors can make noise.
  8. Leveled, aftermarket lights. Trucks are good, just remember more people come online to complain then anything else so don't take it all to heart. Take care of the truck and it will take care of you.
  9. Wouldn't pulling the headlight be easier? I haven't been that deep in the body structure but that sounds a little ridiculous
  10. To unplug it pull the red locking tab back then compress the connector, you'll feel it move when you squeeze it.
  11. No they are not. There are HID which were standard and a "full LED" option. The way to identify is the turn signal on the LED headlights is on the bottom half of the lens, not in the middle.
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