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  1. Vibration 70-80 mph

    It sucks, I went through the same thing. Mine were flat spotted badly and i had to fight with the dealer to get them to buy the junk good years back. But be happy it's an easy fix if it is just tires.
  2. If you are getting headers just add the 6.2 exhaust then so you can have it bolt right up.
  3. Its fine. They look like bilsteins too so I definitely wouldn't worry, they make great stuff.
  4. If its a gm dealer make them give you an extended and have them put in writing that they know there was a tune previously installed.
  5. It shouldn't be the converter if it does it in neutral. Converter should only be under load accelerating.
  6. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    Its not as open as it would be in a car/truck but it stays clean in there. I intentionally load up the jet ski like that to displace any moisture that may get in.
  7. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    Just a 1.8 HO. Was my first one and didn't want the little 1.0 but I didn't want to pay for the SVHO either haha. Thing still rips.
  8. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    That's funny, it does say not for use on plastics. I've used it 3 years on my jet skit internals, here's a pic. No fading there at all. Maybe UV has something to do with it. Either way there are other brands that say ok for plastic.
  9. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    Never heard that. I spray down tons of plastic with it and its all been fine for years.
  10. Yes, check for power and ground at the switch. You don't know where to start unless you know what you have. If the truck was crashed you could be chasing something in the harness.
  11. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    If you spray it with silicone spray when you are done cleaning it then it will shine like crazy and repel some future dirt/dust.
  12. Do you have power at the back of the switch?
  13. Personally I'd cruise it for a few thousand miles and see what you like and what you may not. Appearance stuff is always something you could do in the meantime if you feel the need.

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