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  1. Eh? These trucks have had sealed bearings for like 20 years.
  2. P050D -

    Anyone bought from that vendor before? China car diag....?
  3. P050D -

    Ask for your $85 back.
  4. Do it myself. Have seen to many idiots spill oil all over the manifold, dirty up my truck and round off the drain plug.
  5. Brake pads and rotors

    Dealers I've worked at generally covered brakes 1 year or 12k since they are a wear item.
  6. You can always pull the struts yourself and then bring them to a shop so they can use the good spring compressor on them, then just reinstall yourself.
  7. Eh I don't care for the covers. I'd spend the money elsewhere. You can always paint your calipers.
  8. Every brand has acceptable "consumption" at this point in the game.
  9. I like mine, truck shifts great.
  10. JL center console sub

    From what I'm reading the JL is supposed to be pretty bad ass. Subs meant for small space encloures and the box is all fiberglass. If it was $500 it would be a lot more appealing since it still needs an amp.
  11. Moore Racing Technology???

    I tried to order, days go by and they still didn't run the card. So I cancelled the card, I don't trust that stuff. Search the company name and look on Tacoma forum when it shows in the search, tons of people had problems and apparently the guys banned from a lot of boards. From what they say on there Battle Born Offroads paypal is MRT too.
  12. Agree, 9k is a joke. Either get a used engine that will come with a warranty or just do a DOD delete kit at a good shop.
  13. I would just bring it in like normal and show them that the headliner is stained. If they do what they are supposed to then it should be replaced and the leak fixed.
  14. Wiper dont work

    Check the nuts on the base of the arms, they may have came loose.

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