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  1. Yup aftermarket leather (which isn't a bad thing at all) and aftermarket seat heaters. Don't think that's a real trim package on a truck.
  2. I'm confused, did you change the plastic tray that holds the lifter to keep it from rotating?
  3. How do you know? You'd need to use a dial indicator and rotate the rotor to measure the run out to know. Shakes on braking are almost always rotors. If you feel it in the wheel its the front, if you feel it much more in the seat of your pants it's the rear. Since you know have a good battery start chasing grounds. Are the battery cables good and grounded? The biggest problem I've read about on the 14's is the grounds by the dash speakers.
  4. buy stock and mod yourself so you know what components are on there and know they are installed correctly.
  5. Sure. Are you still on the factory battery?
  6. Just buy a tie rod, you will try to fight with the little boot so it's not worth the hassle.
  7. Mine did not give me 2 inches of level. The whole idea to a coilover is that it's adjustable so don't add a spacer. It's trial and error to see if it will be 2 inches or not. Unfortunately if not you need to pull the coilover again to adjust it. If you want I can count how many visible threads I have below the lock ring so you can see if yours is taller or shorter.
  8. Range AFM delete just plugs into the OBD port and starts working right away. I've had one since 100 miles and recommend it. Leveling to high on totally stock stuff can cause problems with upper ball joints and since the suspension can't compress and release correctly that can cause a rough ride, there's a lot of threads about what to use and how high to go on stock stuff. Intake is pretty much useless unless you plan on doing more power adders. I see no reason to change the factory HIDs, are you sure you don't have LED headlights as well? I'd drive the truck around a month or two and figure out what you like and don't like then go from there.
  9. Rears could have been lacking lubrication on the caliper slides causing them to drag a little. Also your parking brake isn't the pads on the caliper, you have a drum brake inside the rotor that is purely parking brake, it's called a drum in hat design.
  10. Small repair. Always inconvenient but it's an item that wears out naturally. I get being mad cause it's only a few years old but things happen.
  11. You probably need injectors. I would call it an intermittent failure. I sure as hell wouldn't pay $3600 for them either.
  12. I have the Fox 2.0 coil overs and like them. However they did not totally level the truck out but you don't find that out until after they are installed and settle. They probably did 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 level. Less body roll on corners and on lumpy roads the suspension eats it up.
  13. Unless you guys are fueling up at abandoned gas stations or going to the no name guy who tries to water it down you are not purchasing bad fuel. Listen to @CamGTP and see what cylinder is the problem and then start testing.
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