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  1. I have the Fox 2.0 coil overs and like them. However they did not totally level the truck out but you don't find that out until after they are installed and settle. They probably did 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 level. Less body roll on corners and on lumpy roads the suspension eats it up.
  2. Unless you guys are fueling up at abandoned gas stations or going to the no name guy who tries to water it down you are not purchasing bad fuel. Listen to @CamGTP and see what cylinder is the problem and then start testing.
  3. Go on ebay or find a junkyard with a matching colored one. I wouldn't waste the time arguing with GM.
  4. Instead of just chucking parts why don't you check into it and see if there's power at the pump and go from there.
  5. Sounds like pretty normal operation. The AFM definitely seems to change how they shift even though it's not supposed to. Have you checked the fluid level and condition? You are at the miles it should be changed.
  6. Wouldn't it be nice if you could key every panel and go through insurance to get it all repainted by a different body shop. Sure you'd eat the deductible but at least it'll be over with.
  7. If they are not loose then do not touch them, its just a waste of money. If you find something bad then I'd use MOOG (US made ones) or OEM parts.
  8. Sounds like the steering wheel is resting on the lock so it won't release unless you take the pressure off by moving the wheel some. It's normal and won't happen if you don't lock the steering wheel when you shut the truck off.
  9. Wash and clay bar the spot then use this and then apply wax/sealant after to protect the paint. Adams Hand Polish
  10. I don't see any negatives to a cam swap at all unless you get something that isn't streetable. Delete the DOD/AFM while you're in there.
  11. I would use 0 fuel to an from work with that thing!
  12. 2 struts for 1900? That is legit robbery. How did they level the truck? If it's a spacer (likely) then you can use any strut you want still. I'd spend the money and get Bilsteins as replacement.
  13. I have not saw or heard of one of those before. It sounds like a hybrid? What range are they supposed to get?
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