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  1. Off road carbon trim?

    My 18 has the carbon eith dark gray radio surround
  2. Interested in shipping to 01821 if you don't mind checking.
  3. It would sound like a hydraulic power steering pump low on fluid. It would change with engine RPM.
  4. 08 sierra hard starting

    Check fuel pressure.
  5. Highly unlikely both the BCM and the heated seat elements were both at fault. Its even strange for all of the heated seat elements to fail at the same time.
  6. I'd check the battery charge first.
  7. So did the temp gauge not come up at all? Broken thermostat can cause this.
  8. Mysterious water leak

    Sunroof drain tubes come detached and clogged on anything with a sunroof, not just chevys. I avoid sunroofs at all costs personally.

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