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  1. He is saying the engine cooling fan stays running, not the HVAC fan.
  2. The range doesn't reprogram anything so there's no count detection on the PCM. I've even running one since 100 or so miles and highly recommend one.
  3. If the axle is more forward on one side than the other that's what would cause the thrust angle to be off. It's called "dog legging" when you drive it feels like the back is almost going sideways. Hard to describe. Measure from tire to quarter panel on both sides and see how far off they are. You may have the block slightly off. It's also not "way off" it's slightly outside of spec but can cause tire wear.
  4. If you plugged in all the way and it's static then I'd say the antenna has issues. Is it OEM? New or used?
  5. Looks great. Is that tape all around the letters or are you really good with a razor blade?
  6. Sounds like a problem with a blend door or blend door actuator.
  7. Wranglers are the cheap models. My truck came with them and had a vibration, big surprise it was the cheap tires. They wear fast and have poor all weather traction.
  8. The low quality tires you speak of ARE Goodyear, they suck.
  9. I had spots repaired on my 16. I had paid for the premium so it wouldn't turn gray, what do you know they patched it with the regular stuff so it was gray. The place that did mine just dabbed it on instead of respraying like I feel they should have.
  10. Hey people like that exist, glad you're not one of them. I run Michelin LTX AT2 and would recommend.
  11. $350 for all 4 tires or per tire? For 350 for a set of 4 you would be getting pure garbage tires.
  12. Cut it out and weld new metal in. There's no magic slop to put over it to keep it from rusting. If you want to hide it for a little while you can bondo/sand/paint but it will come back when the rust spreads out behind the bondo.
  13. Get a junkyard axle. If you attempt a rebuild yourself you'll end up with gear/bearing whine due to improper rotation torque or lash set.
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