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  1. Sell it when you don't want it is all I could tell you. Trucks hold value pretty well all over the country but like anything they do depreciate. Based on your sig you have a pretty rare set up.
  2. Start with the misfires. AFM codes and random multiple misses sounds like your going to be doing lifters.
  3. There's multiple bearings in the rear end and one could be the cause. Its not a huge deal.
  4. When does it actually happen? You haven't given any description.
  5. You can easily check resistance through the harness so no need to replace it.
  6. It pulls from the grate at the top of your arrow. If you're smelling it coming from the vents its coming in there.
  7. What real world mileage are you getting? Are you towing? I wouldn't rebuild an engine for fuel mileage it doesn't make much sense. It would be running like dog poop if it was bad enough to affect fuel economy.
  8. I couldn't tell you if there was I've never seen a wiring diagram for the circuit. If you can find one online or buy a service manual you'll be able to tell.
  9. Got an AAMCO around? I'm not familiar with your state but they deal with transmissions specifically.
  10. You can trace the wire harness out of the taillight down under the bed and verify the connection is clean and complete but unfortunately you probably need an entire tail light assembly.
  11. I've worked at numerous dealerships as a tech and never left tire pressure low or was told to. Maybe the old days before tire sensors?
  12. Have glass insurance? Crack all the glass and then it's covered.
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