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  1. My passenger heated upper mirror cracked the first winter just from defrosting. (Ebay) Has anyone bought the Boost glass? They charge double to ship to Canada. Also, I have my settings set so defrost is not supposed to come on with remote start, but it does anyways, is this normal?
  2. Anyone have this setup? I'm highly considering ordering it before I change jobs and lose my parts discount. I'm concerned about the V4 drone. I want slight more aggressive sound, but not teenager rumble...lol This setup for me is just over 400$ and I can install it myself, not positive I want to spend much more. I also like the idea of bolt on, just in case.
  3. If I can buy color match vinyl, I can cut the exact pattern with our 3m printer. It's just a matter of buying the vinyl and how close a match I can find
  4. 18 inches of snow today.... Lol My first attempt at tinting since I was a teenager, lens look ok, I might try something different in the spring.
  5. I put mine on the truck today, I had to tint the clear lens as they shipped me the wrong mirrors All my adjustment circuits are correct. I just have to add the extra circuits once I get the terminals Extra thanks again to pgamboa !!
  6. Good to know they aren't gouging me, We have a 3m vinyl printer at work, I was considering buying a roll of colored vinyl and using the 3m layout and machine to cut it out. I know for sure it will have the front bumper measurements in it. Where abouts in Bc? Im up in Pg
  7. I opted not to get the color match bumpers/grill, is that called LT-2? I badly wanted it though, I asked a local vinyl shop how much to just wrap the bumpers, they want 500$ Canadian, seems pretty high though considering that they aren't even doing the grill.. What do you guys think?
  8. I installed my own, they have nutserts (sp)? it does require drill into the fender, I install likely a hundred mudflaps a year easy (on vw's), and only issues I ever see is when they get ripped off...
  9. I asked for full synthetic and paid extra for it for both services done, I used to be a Gm Master Tech, I prefer full synthetic and only 6-7,000km intervals. I have pulled my 6,000lbs holiday trailer on 6 or so trips this summer. I'm already at 14,000kms
  10. I could only dream of this type of fuel mileage, My best ever 100km rating on the highway was 10.5 l/100km My "winter" average is 19-20 l/100km,(city driving) and I think summer I average around 13 L/100km My wife's 07 classic gets the same mileage as my 16...... Maybe something is wrong with mine? lol
  11. I'll be calling my Gm buddy tomorrow to price out the wheel and clock spring, looks like the Silverado wheel with heat and without crash warning buttons is not available for some reason, The # 23278626 , Maybe you guys bought them all? lol Does anyone know if #84053917 is a change up part #?
  12. If it's just the mirror glass that vibrates at higher speeds, get a 0.25 or 0.5 ounce sticky wheel weight and put it on the back of the glass, that will help steady the mirror. I have been talking to pgamboa as well and he helped me with terminal #'s and locations so I could add the clearance,signal and park light circuits to my truck. I purchased the modify street ones from ebay, On ebay you can do "Best offer" and I got a discount. The mirrors arrive Monday and I can't wait.. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/201714266854?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  13. Open the tailgate, look on the inside side of the box, there is a round rubber plug right there. Fits perfectly

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