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  1. I have been curious about this. I have a '14 LTZ Texas Edition crew cab. It has the black honeycomb insert. I have seen numerous LTZ trucks around town with chrome honeycombs. Was mine supposed to be chrome? Mine is 2WD and not a Z71. The trucks I have seen have the LTZ badge on the chrome grill inserts as well.
  2. Yep! That makes scenes. Looks like the only way to have fully integrated iPhone in your car is go and pick you up a Ferrari or Mercedes. Not a big iPhone fanboy anyway. Have an iPhone from my company and a personal android phone. I think I lean more toward android. I just wish GM would deliver the stereo upgrade we were all promised when we bought our trucks.
  3. My iPhone updated to 7.1 over the weekend. One of the major upgrades to this OS was the implementation of CarPlay. They state that it will be available for Chevy soon. Has anyone updated their iPhone and notice any changes when synced to your 2014 Silvy or Sierra? Have any you heard of any updates to the truck system to include this?
  4. I am trying to decide between the Duha under seat storage bin or the Undercover swing box for the bed. I have Weathertech floor mats and the rear mat covers the full rear carpeting. Will the Duha fit without having cut or remover the rear Weathertech? Does anyone have the Undercover swing box? Your thoughts? I like both but also like the space I have under my back seat. I will loose some of that installing the Duha. Also like the swing box but will loose precious bed space and the ability to use my 10x2 I cut to keep stuff to the rear of the bed.
  5. Had a Line-X sprayed in the bed a week ago. Also, just ordered a BAKFlip G2 cover this afternoon. It will be here tomorrow. The great thing is I got it at 4 Wheel Parts ON SALE FOR $632.00!!!!!!! Also ordered the Pop & Lock tailgate lock remote. Will be installing this weekend. The Weathertech front and full rear floor mats are a MUST HAVE item! They look and function great in my rig!
  6. I live in the Houston area. Stopped in one of the local 4 Wheel Parts locations this afternoon to look at Tonneau covers for my '14 Silvy. It was between the Undercover Flex and the BAK G2. Then the rep told me that the G2 was on sale for $632.00!! SOLD! Paid for it and it will be ready to pick up tomorrow morning! Thought some of you guys and gals might be interested. You gotta hurry because I think the sale is close to ending.
  7. Ah man!!! Swazimoto got jokes!!! Dual glove box is no secret! They stole that from Ram. There is however a hidden compartment in this truck. Remove the cup holder and voila!!!!
  8. I don't see any mention of a valet in the manual. Must be a GMC thing but then it wouldn't be a MyLink. The whole deck would have to be replaced in order to add the compartment. I think this is a myth. Swazimoto: What works awesome? The valet feature to lockout the infotainment system from a valet changing settings or does your really have a hidden compartment? I also notice you have (or will have) a GMC. The original post was for MyLink and mentioned the Malibu. Both are Chevy not GMC. I don't see any mention of a valet in the manual. Must be a GMC thing but then it wouldn't be
  9. UPDATE!!! After fighting with 4wheelonline.com for several days they have finally decided to give me a FULL refund on the Raptor nerf bars. I had to send them pictures of the dents on BOTH bars, they had to show these to the manufacturer then they finally issued me a MRA# for free shipping back to them. I think I am going to look more into the Amp Research power boards after a few of you on here have recommended them. Has anyone installed theirs yet on their 2014? Can you post pics? I have heard that they do not "hide" as well in the up position as they do on the F150. Chevy Bowtie:
  10. Has anyone out there installed factory or aftermarket nerf bars/running boards on your new 2014 Silvy or Sierra? Which brand/style do you prefer or like more than any other? I just recently bought and received a set of 6" oval SS cab length boards made by Raptor. It was really the only manufacture at the time that said they fit the 2014 model. When they arrived I noticed a dent on the outside of the drivers side rail. In the process of returning/exchanging them. I also did not like the quality. They are supposed to be stainless steel but tapping on the tube they sound and feel like a
  11. I am looking into one myself except I like the looks of the BakFlip VP. I think it is their newest model, constructed just like the F1 but has a vinyl cover on top of the aluminum to hide the hinges. Looks very clean like a one piece tonneau cover. Anyone have any experience with this one?
  12. They (GM) state they are working on this for picture viewing. My mother in laws 3 month old Equinox (2013) with MyLink (no navigation) has picture viewer and my SD Card from my Cuddeback works great!
  13. Interesting call to Infotainment Service Center today.... The guy I spoke to today told me that the SD Card slot is mainly for Navigation and system updates. He did confirm it can be used to play music but will not work for picture viewing or movies UNLESS you have the Picture Viewer icon on your home screen. He did tell me that they are working on an update to add a few features and this might be one if them. I would like to use it to view pictures from my game cameras at the deer lease! Also found out that the slot under the radio is actually a CD player and NOT a DVD player like the rep t
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