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  1. Transmission service. Had to go AC Delco cause Blue! Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk
  2. We do realize that the thread title is HID headlights don’t we? Not trying to be picky but LED should be elsewhere.
  3. BDS 4” with Fox 2.5 shocks. ZERO regrets. Just wish GM would have made it like this to start with!
  4. Lots of wear under the edges where the flare touches the body. Wouldn’t use them if not required.
  5. Do NOT add any additive. This is a locker in these trucks not a limited slip. You will damage the clutches.
  6. Go fastheadlights for the Hylux setup. Easy and reliable. Top notch service as well.
  7. Don’t have much to say other than you have made a good choice. I am running the same truck and installed the 35w hylux kit over a year ago without any issues. Incredible output the way it should have been!
  8. Installing is the easy part. Finding a good tuner is the hard part where I am. The money is sitting there waiting.......
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