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  1. You must make more money than I. I wouldn’t think twice to install a combo patch plug in that and run her until bald!
  2. Had Weathertechs in my truck and just replaced them with Husky X-act ones. Didn’t like the cheap plastic curling on the W.T liners although they had better coverage than the Husky liners.
  3. If I didn’t have to ship across a border I would have done this long ago. Trying to source the console locally so all I have to get shipped is the harness. Maybe I should order harness now because of high demand? Hmmm....
  4. Feel free to throw it out in my direction!
  5. Fastheadlights has an easy kit to install for our trucks. 10% discount for forum members. Excellent service.
  6. When my ball joints go I will get Cognito arms.
  7. Who has the best tune that comes with a kit? I don’t have anyone close that can do a custom tune.
  8. Tons of people have me included. Order parts from the poster above your post.
  9. They are both 315 MHz, 2019 moved to a 433mhz you would be good to go.
  10. I have a 2014 Sierra that I installed the BDS 4” lift on. No wheel well trimming with the 285/70/17 tires. No changes with driveshafts are needed. I am running a -12 offset though. The BDS site will tell you if you can run the stock wheel.
  11. Make sure y’all use the supplied window stickers for full performance!
  12. Just go to fastheadlights, he will fix you up with a easy retrofit kit. Best mod ever if you drive in rural areas. No buzzing relay or wiring in of relays. Simple and awesome.
  13. I tried without the rear spacers after I installed my 4” BDS lift. Eventually my OCD won out and I installed 1.5” spacers. It just looked wrong when I was walking up to it from certain angles. Of course it is just a visual thing that you don’t notice once you’re in the seat. I also believe it is easier for the wheels to follow the same track while in mud and snow.
  14. I had my first good night drive since installing my Morimoto D2S 4.0 kit from fastheadlights. Combined with the Rigid fogs this setup absolutely rocks! I knew the stock headlights sucked but wow what an improvement. I could see far enough to maintain a good speed and could see the ditches and wider to watch for wildlife. Than you fastheadlights!
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