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  1. Thanks! Looks like they upgraded the flag decal. I like the way yours looks better than the one on the website.
  2. What are you going to do? Go buy a Tundra? Where's the fun and adventure in that? Post pics of your new GMC when you get it!
  3. When I first bought the truck, I had a loaner (minor dent taken care of in my truck). That truck had IOR, and my phone contacts sync'd fine. It's amazing that the IOS will not. I just went and tried to sync my work phone, which is an iphone 8s...and it won't import those contacts either. Looks like a trip to the dealer. I tried working it through with customer service on a chat...no solution. I suspect this is going to lead to a new infotainment system in the long run. It's a minor inconvenience...but I do like having it. This feature in my 2014 Silverado worked fine.
  4. I am having same problem with my Galaxy S8. IOS will not import contacts from phone.
  5. Your truck looks great! Standard beds are as rare as hen's teeth, but for those of us that drive them it is a preference. Where you get those rear letters from?
  6. OP: Sorry the 2019 didn't work out for you. I am loving my '19 so far. I do admit that the interior is not as slick as the Ram and should have been better. Possibly when the refresh comes out I may upgrade, but I don't feel that compelled right now. I am happy with the features and look of this one. I just came out of a '14 which was a great truck and I like the familiarity to that one. Very functional in my opinion.
  7. What size / type / brand push pins you use? I have an AVS bugflector coming this week. Might as well be ready for it.
  8. I have to admit, I find this camera much brighter than my 2014...better picture for sure...but way brighter
  9. We get it, Skippy. We know where you stand on the 4cyl.
  10. I really like the look of those letters. Might do those on my Northsky Z71. I was thinking black, but I like the outline contrast.
  11. Any update on this condition? My truck has it...as well as the loaner that I am in.
  12. Not yet. I'll let you know if it manifests itself. Only have about 400 miles on it so far.
  13. Send an email to: [email protected] Tell them you just bought a new Silverado. Provide them your name and VIN. They replied with build sheet in an hour. I have SU5 axles, btw.
  14. I hate GM. Why do they make things so difficult?
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