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  1. It's not unheard of. When the dealer had my truck for three weeks, I had a loaner...so I didn't even bother to ask. I think there are other's on this forum that have had either dealer / GM make their monthly payment.
  2. Since you are into turbos...and has a nice option mix along with heated front seats AND steering wheel. Or you could get a Dodge similarly equipped for 20k...they give those things away... https://www.chevrolet.com/locate-inventory/all-new-silverado/details?x-symbolic=vdp&x-carline=silverado&x-modelyear=2020&q-sourcepath=/vdccollections/2020/trucks/silverado-ld/silverado-ld/jcr:content/vdcVehicleInfoBlockConfig/vdcShoppingLinks#?radius=1000&models=Silverado 1500&years=2020&makes=Chevrolet&postalcode=49808&requestedPostalcode=49808&customSearchRadius=touched&open-panel=Price Range&open-panel=Cab&open-panel=Box&open-panel=Drive Type&open-panel=Interior Options&open-panel=Hours&incentivePrices=35001:40000&bodyStyles=Crew Cab&boxType=Short Box&drivetrainCode=4WD&interiorOptionCodes=KA1&scrollposition=114&vin=1GCPYDEK9LZ128133&filtermatched=exactmatch&primarydealerdistance=109.1&bac=295782&pagenumber=1&dealerSearchBy=bac&primarydealerid=295782&primarydealerpostalcode=54548&[email protected]&primarydealername=MARTHALER CHEVROLET BUICK OF MINOCQUA&primarydealerphone=7153563262&carouselposition=20&filmstripposition=20&dealercarousel=20
  3. I destroyed my connector as well...there was an excessive amount of glue used to hold it in place on the headliner. But, it still worked when plugged in. Just all the locking features of the connector are not there anymore. I may have zip tied it together...can't remember now.
  4. That's very neighborly of you. I think I am going to hold off on any recall / updates to the brake system for a bit...mine isn't doing it at the moment. No need to fix what isn't broken (yet)
  5. Although impressive for RAM, it doesn't tell the whole story: Total GM truck (Silverado and Sierra) sales were 807,923 both LD and HD RAM doesn't break out those numbers. So, we don't know how many LD rams were sold vs. Chevy or GMC. But, here's the link so people can parse the numbers for themselves: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30390240/ram-1500-vs-chevy-silverado-truck-sales/
  6. That's your penance for not buying a V8... All joking aside, it's more than likely normal and you aren't used to the lope of this particular engine. I don't think these V6's are known to be particularly rough? Good luck with your new truck.
  7. Per owners manual page 228: With RKE in truck, it will idle for an hour in park. With RKE outside truck, it will idle for 1/2 hour. Upsetting they won't let you download the police package software. Stupid lawyers.
  8. There is such a thing as: "Mine doesn't do it" and "I have no issues" These trucks do not have a 100% failure rate. Which is what you just claimed in your post. I get that these trucks have problems, and for the people experiencing them it sucks. Bad. But saying that every 8spd transmission is going to nuke itself with your only basis being what you read on this board is terribly misleading. I come to the troubleshooting forum to see what the typical problems for these trucks are, which I am an owner of one. But it seems that all these posts just devolve into name calling...
  9. Update: My radio came in and was installed on Wed, Dec. 4th. All is well. Phone pairs seamlessly with the infotainment and all contacts are imported and show up on the DIC. I am able to use hands-free calling now.
  10. My 2000 has a drop in liner. My 2014 had a drop in liner. My 2019 came with the factory spray-in. I personally like the look and feel of the non-skid surface of the spray in liner. What concerns me is if I put a shovel to it...when getting dirt or mulch out of it. I feel that I am going to chip it or dig into it. Since I don't have a lot of experience with these things, maybe I am worried for nothing. If it was up to me, I'd probably put a plastic drop in. I feel you can abuse those, and if you tear it up...you can just replace it. But, those aren't very popular anymore, as you are finding out since there are really no options for the 2019's in the aftermarket. Do the GM drop in liners qualify for the 20% off sale? Also, do you have some points through the Chevy rewards you can use?
  11. I use Chemical Guys citrus wash and gloss for all my cars. For wax / sealant, I have used Adams Buttery wax or Jet Seal from CG. I am pretty much open to anything that provides a protective coating, but I am getting ready to switch to some silica products. Haven't chosen which ones yet. I also use a drying aid from Superior that provides a "quick wax" to help boost protection between coatings. I like CG's silk shine for my tires and black plastics as a coating. Interior wipe down I use Adams interior detailer. Love that stuff. Will use Meg's APC for deep cleaning. For glass I use Stoner Invisible Glass. Love that stuff and it's cheap enough.
  12. The 5.3 / 8spd combo in my '19 is much smoother and "seems" quicker than my 2014 5.3 / 6spd I like this transmission better than the 6spd. So far no issues and hope it stays that way With that being said, if you are on the fence on getting the 6.2 / 10spd...and you need some help, remember: There is no replacement for displacement. Nobody says "Wow, I shoulda bought the 5.3!"
  13. I couldn't self program on my 2014 LT. I suspect the 2019 LD's are the same.
  14. Sucks that you picked up a scratch somehow. That looks like it might be through the paint layer and into the primer....so I agree with a Dr. Colorchip or other touch-up paint kit. I had scratched my Enclave in almost the same spot one time and touched it up. I didn't do a great job up close, but since the scratch is really out of your line-of-sight, I don't think you would notice it if you did even a mediocre job of touch-up.
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