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  1. My time didn't update automatically. I am going to lemon law this truck...
  2. Those numbers I gave are for trucks. GM's numbers aren't dropping. But they also aren't growing much. A little...but not much. As new truck owners are coming to market...don't know how many Chevy is picking up. I'd venture less than Ram. Ram is killing it right now in sales. Their price point and interiors is what's doing it, IMO I'd still take a new Chevy over a new Ram even though Ram's interior blows Chevy away.
  3. Hard to tell from the data...their numbers have been fairly consistent since 2014. Combined Chevy / GMC sales were 808k units in 2019. Dodge was 730k. (That's a massive increase and good for Dodge) What GM isn't doing is increasing it's customer base...and that's not good either. Not in the long run. Don't know how many they are losing vs. gaining. That's the real tell right there.
  4. I use a "daytona" style wheel brush. Those or the wheel woolies like On The Reel has work good. I have both, but like this more. Meguairs Ultimate All Wheel cleaner is safe and effective for most applications. Typically, I don't even use it...if the wheels are only slightly dirty, I just use car soap and some all purpose cleaner.
  5. Man, that's a tough one. I guess you could try soaking it with a degreaser...like Super Clean. It's pretty cheap and available at Wal-mart. Lot's of videos on it and professional detailers use it as an all-in-one cleaner...everything from interior (diluted) to tires. Get that and a cheap spray bottle at Wal-Mart. You will be into it for less than $15 (gallon size) It's a great all-purpose cleaner for cars. You can even use it to detail your engine bay. Sadly though, I think even after that you may just have to wait for the smell to dissipate.
  6. This forum is rife with people that have 1 or 2 posts complaining about a problem...never to post again or update the vehicle's status. It's frustrating because I joined this forum to learn and discuss issues that our trucks have. These people contribute very little to the conversation. I always get this picture that they are sitting in the dealership service waiting area pissed out of their minds...and they have nothing else to do but surf and stumble across this forum...
  7. I just changed out a water pump on a Sierra van with 58k on the clock. To think that you will buy a Toyota and be completely insulated from failures is wrong. All vehicles break. If you feel these vehicles are more apt to do so...the choice is easy then.
  8. Undercarriage wash? Not all car washes have them or offer them as an option. Just a thought.
  9. I had a 2014 before this. Truck was excellent. Reliable...owned it 4 years. Was never in shop. I only sold it because I was "kicking tires" on new trucks...and the dealership offered me too much to say no. Coincidentally, that 2014 was built in Mexico. My 2000 silverado which I still own and my 17y/o drives was built in Canada. That truck has been nothing but reliable. It's why I didn't sell it.
  10. Nope. My buddy didn't get one with his 2019 HC. I just purchased one off Ebay. Better than spending $60 for some Gov't plastic.
  11. This... Same here. I'll wait till we know that the fixes work. I am not going to invite an issue...
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