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  1. No check engine or lights on the dash? Mine lit up like a Christmas tree, shaking and knocking but I still drove it to the dealership. Just take it easy and stay close. Also demand they do both sides!
  2. Yes! Thank you! This is the topic of the thread! Not how to’s diy’s mod question…..just my 2cents!
  3. Yeah I considering these for my 2021 RST but being from a Midwest state. I was wondering if they would be slippery with snow & Ice. The ones on my work truck you got a pay attention or you will bust your a**
  4. Lol damn it Siri listen…… with at build date you should be concerned. Mine had a build date of December 2020 delivered in February 2021 and has the lifter failure issue at 6500 miles. You said yours was a 2020 Sierra. Which shouldn’t be affected….. I know one thing if you have the catastrophic lifter failure make sure they replace all of them not just one side demand this!!!
  5. I wouldn’t worry about it. Affected trucks are 2021s with a Pacific build dates and I doubt your truck falls within that range.
  6. Adam….100% spot on! I’ve spoke with friends and some dealership owners/techs That have eliminated the a AFM/DFM and switch to 5W-30 and I’ve had no issues. I know leasing is not an option for everyone…… but in my opinion these trucks I’m not worth sub 60/80grand and probably won’t make it to 100,000 without some major repairs. So leasing is a good option to give them back their POS. It works for us and I have a good rapport with my dealership so going over miles is not an issue either I sell them all right to a private party or the dealership buys them and covers my down payment. Been doing it for years. Except I bought the 06 Chevy crew cab which my son now still drives
  7. The problem is with the AFM/DFM & 0W20 oil. A bad batch of lifters. IMO My son is driving the wheels of my old 06 Chevy CC Z71 W/ 185000 miles on it and had zero issues……
  8. Welcome to the club….Just fight like hell to have both sides done!!!! Also demand they provide you with a loner. Hopefully it won’t take to long to fix. Mine was it the dealership for 2 weeks. Good luck
  9. I believe whatever auto fan speed you choose whether you’re in the cab or remote start is it. You cannot set two different speeds for remote versus when you’re in the cab. You can remote start it up to 10 minutes I live in Michigan and I don’t have any issues. Good luck
  10. Yes in settings under the vehicle auto start climate options
  11. Yeah I’m leaning towards 9500-10500 considering I heard of offers up to 10-12k over sale price
  12. UPDATE: All 16 lifters replace and 1 bent push rod. Truck was at dealership 12 days not bad turn around! From what a heard 8500 and under get all new lifters over 8500 get just the side affected, which is BS! Will see how long before any other issues come up. dealer offered me a buy out + 8000 to trade it…
  13. Oooh hell no. They need and will provide you with a loaner!!! Ask to talk to the area rep! Also BS on parts they are now available. Had mine in 3days. Mine went in on Friday 11th and I had it back by the Wednesday 22ed. So don’t let them blow smoke up your A$$. Also they probably will try to only fix one side……demand that do all 16. FYI the dealerships get reimbursed for all the work being done under warranty and also loaner vehicles my invoice was charged $180 for a loaner vehicle billed under warranty
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