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  1. Wireless charging

    im have issues with charging iphone Xr when plugged into car play port CC'17....anyone else with this issue?
  2. Accident today :(

    nope ask them not to.....i know of a fact that they don't ALL report.....even dealerships! we had over 5800 in repairs due to the wife hitting the biggest mailbox in the county...... damage was to the WHOLE left side front to rear......
  3. Accident today :(

    amen brotha i'm a big fan of leasing.......option to buy out or give them back the POS!
  4. yes my 17 works the same. I wish it could be toggled on to turn off when locked , like the perimeter lights
  5. Transmission Issues

    yes you are correct! "its normal"
  6. Transmission Issues

    dont wast your time.......lip service!
  7. Fish Bite/Chuggle

    Interesting! i love to see some picture of this mod..... i also deal with all these issues also i work for a university and driving a round campus is a bitch damn chevy searches for what gear to be in 25-40 mph is the worst!
  8. must be only the 5.3......cuz mine is always searches for a gear at low speeds.
  9. yeah used both the other day. I like the google maps screen display better. Waze has too much on it plus never goes full screen.....black bar at the top but, still love the alerts!
  10. 8 Speed Transmission Recall?

    X2 and that's why i lease.....pos will be in the used pool in 1.5yrs
  11. Radio Volume Issues

    hasn't done it for a while...... no real fix i know of. keep us posted.
  12. Leasing?

    Amen!!! that's why i bought my 06! and probably the last one i'll buy!!! lease it and drive the shit out of it and return the pos! They just don't build them like they did back in the day! lot more fluff then tough!! just my 2cents.......oh by the way i've leased 6 trucks and 10 other gm vehicles! people say "you don't build equity", i disagree......NEGATIVE EQUITY!!! to each their own!
  13. Leasing?

    right! and the bank owns it for 60-72mths. unless you pay CASH, which very few people can do this!

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