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  1. Sad but true! A friend found out the hard way while traveling to FL.....broke the window of his 2019 Buick Enclave stole all his shit! RE: 2 BIG yeti coolers full of walleye gills salmon perch etc, venison, beef, pork, scuba gear, wifey's clothes shoes and his clothes also.......good thing all his fire arms were in the room! Whats F'ed up is was in a well lit lot at a major hotel change in ATL!! Cops said they take calls all the time with the same scenario.....
  2. I've said it many times before LEASE the pos turn it in and pull the trigger on another! these units are not worth 50-60k
  3. Amen to that! besides with all the shity issues these $50-60k trucks have now days why would you want to "own it" for more 36 mths. more than likely the bank owns it for 60-72 mths. LEASING ---- gives you the option to return the POS! and pull the trigger on another for 36 mths.
  4. and another reason i lease......ill be giving the 2017 pos back soon........and will be leaving with another 50k+ GM pos!
  5. use gm rewards to pay for it. sign up for it 20,000 w/new purchase or lease.
  6. Falken Wildpeak A/T3 Just bought a set for my sons truck! so far so good. Not to much road noise with the tread design i was surprised. also not bad price
  7. so you have to except a CC? I dont need or want another one already have a GM family CC
  8. tell me more about this point program. wifey getting a new equinox.... Is this connected to a credit card?
  9. im have issues with charging iphone Xr when plugged into car play port CC'17....anyone else with this issue?
  10. nope ask them not to.....i know of a fact that they don't ALL report.....even dealerships! we had over 5800 in repairs due to the wife hitting the biggest mailbox in the county...... damage was to the WHOLE left side front to rear......
  11. amen brotha i'm a big fan of leasing.......option to buy out or give them back the POS!
  12. yes my 17 works the same. I wish it could be toggled on to turn off when locked , like the perimeter lights
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