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  1. I believe whatever auto fan speed you choose whether you’re in the cab or remote start is it. You cannot set two different speeds for remote versus when you’re in the cab. You can remote start it up to 10 minutes I live in Michigan and I don’t have any issues. Good luck
  2. Yes in settings under the vehicle auto start climate options
  3. Yeah I’m leaning towards 9500-10500 considering I heard of offers up to 10-12k over sale price
  4. UPDATE: All 16 lifters replace and 1 bent push rod. Truck was at dealership 12 days not bad turn around! From what a heard 8500 and under get all new lifters over 8500 get just the side affected, which is BS! Will see how long before any other issues come up. dealer offered me a buy out + 8000 to trade it…
  5. Oooh hell no. They need and will provide you with a loaner!!! Ask to talk to the area rep! Also BS on parts they are now available. Had mine in 3days. Mine went in on Friday 11th and I had it back by the Wednesday 22ed. So don’t let them blow smoke up your A$$. Also they probably will try to only fix one side……demand that do all 16. FYI the dealerships get reimbursed for all the work being done under warranty and also loaner vehicles my invoice was charged $180 for a loaner vehicle billed under warranty
  6. 2021 RST CC 5.3 5485miles went in on September 10 hopefully I’ll get it back this week. All 16 lifters are being replaced. Now I’m wondering if I should trade it off and wait for the 2022s. My question is how long this fix will last before there’s another issue! Engine build dates with issues are from September 2020 till March 2021.
  7. Update: got a call at 3 o’clock Friday afternoon parts are in mechanic is starting to tear down should have my truck back by Wednesday or Thursday. All 16 lifters are being replaced. Pending any push rod or any other damage. i’d like to hear from some people that had this done. How many miles do they have on their vehicle after the fix , see about the longevity I might try to dump the vehicle possibly get some of my down payment back and wait for the 2022s to hit lot or possibly a 2021 that was built after March 2021
  8. That’s why im a believer in leasing these trucks! That way you can give them back there POS. Possibly going to entertain the idea of the dealership buying me out! Then order a 2022……..
  9. Well my 2021 RST 5.3 with 5484 miles on it went in for lifter replacement. #3 broke gm only wanted to do one bank! I told the dealer HELL NO I want all 16 replace! Good news He reached out to the area rep. and got it approved!!! Bad news no idea when the parts will be in…[email protected]*#! Also don’t if anything else is hurt in the motor. at least I have a 2021 equinox to drive the piss out of it…..while I wait
  10. Well you can add My 2021 RST 5.3 to the list of lifter failure. I was on my way to work this morning started stuttering shaking louder then usual lifter noise. Then the knocks clunking started and then the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s at the dealership now fortunately I was able to get a loaner I will update with the findings of my issue. I requested that all 16 lifters be replaced possibly new engine if needed. service manager should said will see what we find…..also said yes we seen a few.
  11. So any other issues after the lifter replacement? mine is going to the dealership today with the same issues 5482 miles on it..
  12. Well this just happened to me on the way to work! Hopefully I make it home. No lights on the dash but lifter noise and a intermittent knock, Dropping it off at the dealership today. I ask if they seen any others his reply a few but fixed with re-flashing. 2021 RST 5.3 5482 miles
  13. Definitely! Totally different look I’m still on the fence whether to add some steps to my RST…. I am leaning toward stock boards in all black. but not quite sure how they will be in Michigan weather as far as the snow….. I could see myself doing a backflip landing on my ass in the winter time trying to get into the truck….!
  14. Nice looking truck! The color match fender trim is a must for these GMC’s. If I could ask what kind of running boards did you remove? Tubes flat crome etc…. Thanks
  15. No worries! It’s how it’s done. Hell my guy said he could have sold my truck 3 times….showed in transit, then in prep area, then parked on the lot waiting for me to close the deal! you will be enjoying the rig soon! Congrats!
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