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  1. yeah tried to teach the wifey to do this.........and the teaching continues!
  2. great all new 10 speed transmission......still haven't figured out the 8 speed trany.....good lord here we go again...........
  3. love this option! Siri reads incoming texts also, which use to give the option to reply but no longer asks! Anyone else experience this? Not sure what happened.....
  4. i notice this yesterday shitty design! My 06 chevy CC the fresh air vent was ice cold!!! I rarely ran the AC! GM need to bring back that HVAC design and stop trying to fix/improve on someting that not broke!! maybe focus on the shitty 8 speed trans bastard child!
  5. question is the chevy app and onstar app the same ?
  6. press it longer...... press and hold will activate voice to text...
  7. interesting two rows of pre-sets..... so your saying if i swipe up it will reveal another row?
  8. Plasti dip or wheel skins?

    Damn cant believe how good they look!!
  9. Plasti dip or wheel skins?

    cool thanks
  10. Plasti dip or wheel skins?

    those look pretty good.....how are the attached to the rim?
  11. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I'm glad mine is a lease.....so i can give them back this POS!
  12. Door ajar

    damn proverbial "ever since" you change the oil........
  13. Stake Pockets near cab

    yeah i looked at them....not recommended for trucks with bedliners.

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