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  1. My understanding was that anything over 8500 not both sides. Mine failed @ 6500 and my dealer did both sides! Possibly because of my 30yr history which them…… I don’t understand why a dealer would bring in a vehicle spend the time taking one side apart and then possibly six months down the road have to bring it back in and do the other side! Didn’t make sense to me or my dealer. Just demand it work with the dealer. Ask to speak with area rep.
  2. Keep us post on the extended warranty request. Did the dealership provide you with a loaner?
  3. 9 months/6000miles since all my lifters and 2 bet push rods were replaced. I have no issues I drive it like I stole it with no worries!
  4. No check engine or lights on the dash? Mine lit up like a Christmas tree, shaking and knocking but I still drove it to the dealership. Just take it easy and stay close. Also demand they do both sides!
  5. Yes! Thank you! This is the topic of the thread! Not how to’s diy’s mod question…..just my 2cents!
  6. Yeah I considering these for my 2021 RST but being from a Midwest state. I was wondering if they would be slippery with snow & Ice. The ones on my work truck you got a pay attention or you will bust your a**
  7. Lol damn it Siri listen…… with at build date you should be concerned. Mine had a build date of December 2020 delivered in February 2021 and has the lifter failure issue at 6500 miles. You said yours was a 2020 Sierra. Which shouldn’t be affected….. I know one thing if you have the catastrophic lifter failure make sure they replace all of them not just one side demand this!!!
  8. I wouldn’t worry about it. Affected trucks are 2021s with a Pacific build dates and I doubt your truck falls within that range.
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