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  1. This is the one I was thinking about but the price turns me away. https://realtruck.com/p/extang-encore-tonneau-cover/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2021/
  2. Yeah that’s what I figured. Also do any of the bak flip hard style have access to the front of the box? Meaning by lifting up the front panel to gain access to the box.
  3. He thanks for all the suggestions on tonneau covers! Retrax pro nice but Man 1800 bucks!.... not sure how it would deal with Michigan weather. Im leaning towards a hard tri fold type..... Something like the Gator bakflip etc. What about leaking? I read that most of tonneau covers today have some sort of leaking..... thanks again for all the responses! It’s always nice to hear from the people that actually buy the product and use it in an every day environment!!! Love this forum!
  4. Looking to buy a Tonneau cover for my 2021 RST wanting some input and which brands I should be looking at thank you Anyone have any luck with this brand AUTOSTARLAND ?
  5. Wondering if I can run a small pressure washer? I’ll find out soon enough MX season right around the corner!
  6. I used GM pricing, lease loyalty, GM CARD cash, 500 area market deduction. Also would have been able to use the Costco 1000 if my truck had been delivered before it expired! Bottom line the dealer Will tell you anything to keep the price up! Move on to another dealer ! Good luck
  7. Feel your pain bro I have Floor ceiling cabinets in my garage. If the previous owner would’ve built these 6 inches less it would fit I guess it’s time to break out the saw..... wifey gonna love that !
  8. Yeah my 2021 crew cab RST with all star plus, convenience package II, Z 71 off-road package, bad protection & bucket seats. Has no lights in the visors, the courtesy lights are about equivalent as a bic lighter also no lights in the foot area. Also the arm rest consul didn’t come with an organizer tray. Unless you want to feel like digging through a 5 gallon bucket looking for your stuff you have to buy a $20 aftermarket tray on Amazon. But has the fancy 120 V outlets that I’ll probably never use. Not to mention the auto stop..... why GM why.... Other than that I love this damn truck handles nice hell of a lot better than my 2017 I sold
  9. He’s my salty RST! Just saying handles like a dream here in Michigan when the weather breaks I’ll post some better pictures! *ISO OEM black running boards!
  10. I was going to wait to post some better pictures....... but ever since I took delivery couple weeks ago it’s been nothing but a good old Michigan winter. I’ll have to say this 2021 RST handles the snowy icy roads a lot better than my 2017 double cab did!
  11. Looking for running board options for my 2021 RST CC thanks!
  12. I took delivery of a 2021 Shadow Gray RST CC 5.3 yesterday. 7 weeks from start to finish. Built in Fort Wayne IN. So not to far from Michigan....... ive heard the 6.2 and suspension parts are causing the issues with delivery of these units.
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