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  1. Mine either. But it sure makes a rattling noise when open......anyone else experienced this?
  2. With all the issues going on with delivering these new units I would hold off and look at a 2022 but I imagine the same issues. Will continue on but let’s hope not good luck in getting your new truck. I feel very fortunate that I was able to take delivery of my new RTS crew cab in February I ordered it in December.
  3. Yes you can get a lease extension I did on my 17 you keep paying the same payment that is set forth in your agreement but the miles stay the same no matter how many months you extend it out. If your finance through GMAC it’s pretty straightforward I did it via chat.
  4. No I’m with you I think they have a clean look to them. I wish I would’ve ordered them with my truck but then again I’m glad I didn’t because that would’ve held up the delivery of my Silverado RST CC. I keep looking for a take offset. I’m not paying $850 from the Stealer ship.....
  5. Hey thanks but I’m looking for boards thanks again!
  6. This is the result of the crazy world we live in. Anybody tried to buy ammo… You can’t even acquire the materials to load your own from the beginning to the end of the reloading of the round. This is basically the same issue that these auto makers are having acquiring some parts! I would like to see GM allow customers that want to order build their own vehicles, order them online and have them shipped paid in full to a dealer of their choice. Just pay a minimal transfer fee. Just like the process of buying firearms online. Some might say the dealerships would lose sales a
  7. 2021 RST CC 5.3 ordered Dec. 18th build week was Jan. 11 took delivery on February 2. Not bad considering this crazy world we live in.... Also built in the Fort Wayne, Indiana which is not far from SW Michigan. HAIL GO BLUE !
  8. Nice! What kind of window vent shades do you have? Also any problems with the anti-pinch windows? TY
  9. Thanks! IMO Another useless add on! ?
  10. This is the one I was thinking about but the price turns me away. https://realtruck.com/p/extang-encore-tonneau-cover/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2021/
  11. Yeah that’s what I figured. Also do any of the bak flip hard style have access to the front of the box? Meaning by lifting up the front panel to gain access to the box.
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