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  1. Hell I bought a $45k Tacoma TRD PRO in 2019 and it didn’t even have front parking sensors! It’s their most expensive model. All brands can be frustrating. Try ordering a new Porsche. It’s all a la carte.
  2. Exact same thing happened to me on my 6.2 Trail Boss with 194 miles on it. They only wanted to replace the one that broke. I said I didn’t want the truck back until they replaced all of 16 of them. A month later my truck was done. Kind of annoying when you have to sit on the side of the road for 2 hours waiting on the dealership to pick it up. Oh and it was 2 days before Xmas and 20° out so I couldn’t keep it running to have the heat going. It definitely left a bad taste in my mouth but I ended up keeping it. So far no other issues since then and I have 15,500 miles now. Love this truck. It’s frustrating but they’ll take care of you.
  3. When it happened it started shaking then died on the off ramp of the freeway. I got it started again then pulled over immediately hoping to not do any further damage. I then waited over a few hours for the dealer to have it towed, Christmas Eve, 24° out. Good times.
  4. Mine did the same with the same code. Broken valve spring 6.2 with the 10 speed. They only wanted to replace the one spring. I said I didn’t want the truck back until they were all replaced. My truck wasn’t in the window of the recall but the engine was. Built at an earlier date. A few weeks later they replaced all the springs and everything’s been fine since. Problem showed up at 197 miles. Now have 8,000 but yours sounds like a transmission issue? Sorry you’re having problems. Very strange. I hope you get it figured out.
  5. Could’ve been used as a mounting hole for a handhold during assembly? Just a thought.
  6. 21’ LT TB 6.2 10 speed and I’m getting average 17-18 and at best 23mpg. I drive mostly country roads and rarely sit in traffic. 5 mpg sounds like you’re gunning it often? When I fill up it says 400 miles to empty and I get pretty close when I fill up.
  7. It’s Southern California. My sister couldn’t get a new Tacoma without paying the $5k markup. So I told her to looks in Arizona. She flew in, found a new truck in Tucson and is driving it back to CA as we speak. I bought my 21’ TB 6.2 in December for just under MSRP in Colorado. Maybe I got lucky?
  8. 2021 6.2 LT TB purchased in with 4K miles. Valve spring went out at 197 miles. A month later all the springs were replaced and I haven’t had a big issue since. My parking sensors still kinda work sporadically and the dealer hasn’t been able to fix it. Although lately the error pops up less and less.
  9. We do. Air ride and magnetic ride control. Drives like a caddy.
  10. Very nice! Her’s is a Tahoe. Such a smooth ride. Looking forward to a road trip soon.
  11. I completely agree! We had a 17’ Z71 that came with the Duratracs at least. My wife’s first reaction was that she wanted KO2’s ASAP. LOL
  12. Finally a warm beautiful day here in CO. Just thought I’d share.
  13. Agree. First I had the broken valve springs, now the brake system failure and parking sensors working when they want. First issue fixed and supposedly a software update was supposed to fix the last two. Well my parking sensors still work when they want, truck clean too, nothing dirty blocking the sensors. I hate Tundras and Fords. I’ve always been a GM guy band I love my 6.2 Trail Boss but if I keep having these issues I may have to do to Ram. Not sure if that’s even a better move or not. My 70’ C10 has a leaky quadrajet carburetor and is still more reliable.
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