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  1. Agree. First I had the broken valve springs, now the brake system failure and parking sensors working when they want. First issue fixed and supposedly a software update was supposed to fix the last two. Well my parking sensors still work when they want, truck clean too, nothing dirty blocking the sensors. I hate Tundras and Fords. I’ve always been a GM guy band I love my 6.2 Trail Boss but if I keep having these issues I may have to do to Ram. Not sure if that’s even a better move or not. My 70’ C10 has a leaky quadrajet carburetor and is still more reliable.
  2. Updated pic with running boards and finally back from the dealer from the dreaded valve spring issue. 2021 6.2L LT Trail Boss in front of my most visited store. I’ve come to accept that my truck will never be clean now that I live on a dirt road. As a car nut my whole life this has been extremely difficult.
  3. Maybe you’re at my dealership. My 6.2 has been at the dealer for over a week. Same issue, had 197 miles on it when it broke down. It’s also outside of the bulletin but my service manager had to call the warranty manager at GM to get an approval to replace all the springs. The tech originally wanted to replace the one that broke. I said if that’s the case then you can keep the truck, I don’t want it back until they’re all replaced. I opened a case with GM, you should too so they have a record. I think they’re getting it approved and now waiting on parts. I think GM is starting to realize that this bad batch of springs is bigger than they thought or the build date of the springs needs to be taken into consideration, not the truck.
  4. Damn now I’m regretting buying the 6.2. Mine at the dealer for the valve springs after having it break down in me after 16 hours of ownership. Hope they get it sorted for ya. Mine will be parked outside as well and it gets below freezing a lot in CO.
  5. Mike Maroone Chevrolet North in CO Springs. The service manager seems on top of it and proactive.
  6. Thanks will do. I’ll give them a call on Monday. I wish I had another truck to drive. They gave me this little turd called a Trax. I parked it away from the house and have been driving my 70 C10. LOL I know they can all break as I work on my classics all the time but after 197 miles on a brand new truck I fully expected it to last a Iittle longer than that.
  7. Had my 2021 6.2 Trail Boss stall on me after owning it for less than 24 hours. Only 197 miles on the clock. 28° outside and had to wait for 3 hours to get a tow back to the dealer. They noticed a failed spring immediately. Tech said he’ll replace it and it’ll be done Monday. I said nope, you need to replace all 16. I talked to the service manager and he seemed on board. I later said to check the cylinder with a borescope to look for scoring on the cylinder wall. Guess I’ll find out Monday. Talk about a roller coaster of emotion that day. What a pain.
  8. Will do. How much time has passed so far for you? Is this effecting a lot of trucks or a small batch? Talk about a horrible first impression. Going to take my C10 4-speed to run errands, they don’t make em like they used to.
  9. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I’ve always been a Chevy fan, our family is a Chevy family. My wife is coming up on her 4th Tahoe. She still has her 67 Camaro from high school. I still have my 57 pickup from high school. I just bought a 70 C10 for the ranch. 16 hours before the incident I had traded in a 19’ Tacoma TRD PRO. I needed a bigger truck since we moved from LA to CO with 40 acres. Loved the Trail Boss in Satin Steel and the 6.2l. Local dealer had one, just wanted to drive one and ended up buying it that day. Well fast forward to running around town (30 miles from dealer) my truck full of groceries and as I get off the freeway it stalls. I got it started again, dash lights popping up and limp it to a side street. I wanted to puke. 16 hours after purchase and it’s already broken. Called dealer and they told me to call onstar so it could be towed back to them as they bring me a loaner. 3 hours later they finally showed up. That’s a whole other s*%t show story for another time. Now that I’m researching I came across the valve spring problem. I was hoping that was a certain batch that was built at the end of September. Maybe my truck falls into that. Just have a horrible taste in my mouth. I loved the truck for those 16 hours. I know the service bulletin says they have to replace all 16 valve springs if that’s the case. Hope there isn’t more damage to the engine. If it needs a new engine what are my options? Kind of don’t want the truck back if it comes to that. Also a parking light message showed up too. Hope everyone else is having a better Christmas. Sorry for the long first post.
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