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  1. Maybe this will help https://inthegaragemedia.com/the-ultimate-lt-engine-guide/
  2. In my trucks and Vette I wipe everything down with diluted APC then go over it with Meguiar's Natural Shine Protectant. Been using it for years without issue. Bought Chemical Guys Leather cleaner and conditioner for our X5 that seems to work pretty well too.
  3. Many a discussion on this including one that I started. Really it becomes a wash. You either lose money on buying the new truck next year or lose money on the sell of the current truck in 3-5 yrs. (compared to what it is now). Once the market starts calming down, used vehicles are going to lose their value at a faster rate.
  4. Well, I noticed this a few times after it rained. Figured it was just some mud flying around under the wheel well. I dont really notice it any other time. Ill take a look a the springs and make a service call to the dealer. Ill let them deal with it.
  5. Nah...just gotta play the game right. As long as you can justify a new car vs. cost every few years and she gets a good present as well, you should be all good.
  6. Very true. German cars are high priced the first couple of years then lose 60%+ of their value after that. That is why I have been hesitant in buying a P car or M4.
  7. The only reason right now that cars and homes are desired is because of low supply and high demand. Low interest rates helped the demand for housing (just like the early-mid 2000s). As for cars\trucks\SUVs, I love my truck but really want to get my C8. My C6 is still nice but is 15 years old and has high mileage. The better half still has an SUV so I can justify not having a truck. Plus I dont haul enough that paying for delivery once every 6 months on something wont break the bank for me.
  8. TNT is dead on. If you can sell then take the payment you would have plus whatever you get in "profit" and stick it into the bank. You dont have many chances in life to make money off a depreciating asset such as a vehicle. I have a second car and my fiancé has an SUV so we arent in desperate need for a truck. At least in the near term. I will probably make a decision on which direction I want to go in the next couple of weeks.
  9. Seen a few threads on the shortage of new trucks, bump in cost on what is on the lot and in used trucks. I know that YMMV but has anyone gotten a good deal on either selling or trading in their truck recently? I have a 2020 RST loaded. I paid under MSRP with incentives in Jan '20. Since then I have only put 7200 miles on it so its kept some of its value from that (it's also a lease so I am well under miles). I was thinking of trading it in for either a newer model or seeing what the buyout value would be vs. what is left on my lease. KBB estimates it at $49K but I take 10% off that if I sell it back to a dealer. Not desperate to sell but would like to take advantage of an opportunity (and get a little money towards a C8 when production ramps up). Has anyone recently sold or trading in a newer 1500?
  10. ^^^ This I would bet that these trucks are a little more than just a pad swap and require them to be hooked up to a computer to reset something. There is a brake life monitor on the truck and it is probably tied into that.
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