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  1. How do these compare to the stock AT4 high clearance running boards? I am considering both, but these are much more reasonable. Appreciate any feedback.
  2. I just purchased the 1 inch cognito leveling kit. I know most of you want 1.5-2 inches, but for my eyes 1 inch looks right. I will be installing later this week or weekend.
  3. For those of you have these steps - do you like them? My wife is 5'7 and she uses the steps to get in. We had the amp research on my last truck and we both loved those, however, they are ridiculously expensive. GM accessories has 25% off right now and my dealer will install for $58. They will still end up costing $980! I'd love to hear any opinions before I spend this kind of money. They do look good.
  4. I just sold mine back to the dealer. My sticker price was $66,970 - loaded AT4 with 3.0. I purchased it for $57,067.46(with taxes $59,859.18) in August of 2020 - $6k incentive, plus GM teacher discount(wife professor). I put 16k miles on it and sold it yesterday for $60,950. I'm pleased
  5. You might be right, I'm okay with spending $5k to get a 22 with new interior. But who know, the market may get saturated when chips become available. It's a risk worth taking for me.
  6. I sold my truck back to the GMC dealer I purchased it from last August. I put 16k miles on it and received a little over $1k more than I paid including sales tax! I will order a 2022.
  7. I was between the Raptor and AT4 as well. VERY happy with my purchase - '20 AT4 3.0 Carbon Pro. One thing I love is the range - I have driven from San Antonio to Dallas and back without refueling. Fuel mileage is extraordinary, the bed holds all three of my dirt bikes, ride comfort is excellent and the trucks look really good. Get the 3.0!
  8. I removed mine immediately off my AT4 - I will sell them if anyone is interested.
  9. I hope not - it's a .75 inch spacer . This is the kit I ordered. https://cognitomotorsports.com/i-30499596-cognito-1-standard-leveling-kit-gm.html
  10. I agree - I will still need the level to give me the clearance i need for the tires. There is a slight rub if I turn and the front end goes down while turning. Does that make sense? I think it looks great. I might consider just trimming wheel well.
  11. My first GMC - very impressed thus far. I removed the steps and put 275/65/20 BFG KM3's on it. Awaiting the arrival of my 1 inch Cognito level kit.
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