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  1. Thanks all for the input! For us, this comes down to needs & wants. We need something with a bigger back seat and also need a pickup. We also want a nicer vehicle that has a warranty and is unlikely to need significant out of pocket repairs. We're financially prepared for both a baby and new truck - only debt we will still have is a mortgage. Appreciate the varied perspectives! Sounds like most who have the 3.0 are extremely satisfied. I'd say we'll be driving 4-5 hours bi-weekly and occasionally drive up to visit family in NE, IA, and IN, so 4 wheel drive is also a must for me.
  2. Hey all, I just got a killer promotion and will be moving to West Texas. Also in the same week my wife and I found out we are having a baby. My '14 extended cab Sierra needs to go in exchange for something with a crew cab. I'm torn between a Sierra AT4 with the 3.0 Duramax or a Ford Raptor. While I drool over the raptor, it doesn't scream "family vehicle". This will be the only vehicle my wife and I have, other than my company car. Primary usage will be around town, frequent 4+ hour road trips, and the occasional trip into the mountains to hunt. Hoping there's some opportunity to hop into NM for some off-roading if I go the Raptor route. Also in consideration is a Sierra 1500 AT4 with the 3.0 Duramax. Total budget for either vehicle is around $60k. This would get me a used '19 Raptor or a new AT4 with every bell and whistle. The AT4 is appealing from the standpoint of fuel economy (let's assume diesel and 91 octane are the same price) and towing capacity. While I like the idea of towing a travel trailer, it's not something that will likely happen anytime soon. Below are a few highlights that stand out to me: Raptor: Pro - Power and torque are both higher Pro - appears to have more spacious back seat Pro - off road capability is vastly superior Con - fuel economy Con - will be purchased used Sierra AT4: Pro - brand new with warranty (would likely put an aftermarket warranty on raptor as well) Pro - fuel economy Pro - the 3.0 Duramax I've driven is really nice - tons of torque at low rpm Pro - more "family oriented" Con - not great offroad Con - Doesn't have as much cool factor What do y'all think? Convince me that I need the AT4!
  3. Hey all, long time lurker finally registered. Great resources here that I’ve used countless times on my 2014 Sierra. Currently at 108k miles with no transmission issues (fingers crossed). Most recently I’ve had 20x10s wrapped in 33x12.50 ridge grapplers on my truck - leveled with ICONs. That being said, I’ve decided to go back to stock. So if you’re reading this and want a smoking deal on an ICON stage 1 level kit w/ 17k miles that’s recently rebuilt, pm me! Glad to be here! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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