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  1. Thanks for the pics. Your setup looks good. I'm not knocking those with offset, I just prefer to have the tires be the focal point. Grew up with big tires, small wheels. I have land that I want to work at starting in the spring.
  2. Been looking around and am having trouble finding pictures of the 2019 silverado lifted with mud tires on factory wheels. I understand that the new fad is to have offset wheels, but I'm not a fan of the offset look. I have the factory 20 x 9 wheels on my z71 rst and want to know what it would look like lifted with mud tires. I want to save the money and use my wheels I have. They fit nicely and work well. No need in getting rid of them. I want the tires to be the focus and not the wheels. Going for 35" or possibly 37" tires with 6 inch lift. Has anyone done their truck this way? Any pictures would be great. My wheels are the gray and brushed chevrolet wheels. Picture attached for reference.
  3. Same here. Just picked up truck after 1 week at dealership. They performed the "yet to be released" PIT5728B reprogram/update. This should fix the issues that people have been having. Truck drives good and no issues so far. I was told that GM has the PIT update but had not fully released it yet when mine was done. I believe the full release is today 01/22/2020. Found the bulletin info on gm site, but can't find it again. Check with your local dealership to make sure. Heck, they may not even know about it yet. I had to tell my dealership about it and they had no idea it existed. Hope this helps.
  4. Update.... Just picked up my truck this morning from the dealership. First I was told that a module was ordered, but then they started that they received notification of a software update that fixes the P25A2 error code. Work order states that the bulletin (PIT5728B) covering the issue was found (not released yet) so they got with GM and performed the update prior to release. Hope this fixes the issue. I'll give an update after a while. P.S. - When I got home my truck told me there was a software update on the in dash screen. I clicked update. Not sure what the update was about. I know the trucks are new and we expect things to work, but at least GM has the ability to update the computer system where as years ago, they didn't. (Yes, things worked back then because of no computers........) Times change, but at least GM is taking care of people. It's technology and sometimes there are hiccups. Look at your smartphone, how many updates has it had. Just saying....
  5. 7750 miles on 2019 Silverado. Got in truck today and check engine light is on........ had the code pulled-p25a2. Transmission has been slipping more and more lately. Taking truck to dealership next will, first available for loaner. They told me to just drive it. Oh well, if it breaks, they have to fix it.
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