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  1. Here is the Trail Boss Lift Kit directly from Chevrolet: Lift Suspension Upgrade System for 4WD Vehicles | Chevrolet Accessories Hope this helps.
  2. The 1" does not. I asked about that as well. Shop that installed everything did not think it was necessary either. I believe the 1.5" and up do have a taper, if I recall correctly. FYI, no vibration, truck rides great. I have the Bilstein 6112's up front and 5150's in rear.
  3. Could they be the 4Play 4P60? 4P60 - 4Play Wheels
  4. FYI, I went with a 1" rear block kit from Supreme Suspensions: 1999-2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 Rear Suspension Lift Kit Blocks & U Bol | Supreme Suspensions® You can also order them on Amazon. Good luck.
  5. I think you will be happy. I did the same set-up, except with a 1" block.
  6. After further research, looks like I may be SOL. Nothing legal for sale in this fabulous state of CA that I can find.
  7. What are most of you doing when increasing tire diameter over stock? Are you running a programmer? Or leaving as is? Or ????? I finally decided on a wheel (I think). Now trying to decide on the tire size. Thanks.
  8. Curious, why are you changing to 20x10's? I am debating between the 20x9 0mm, and the 20x10 12mm.
  9. Had the front windows tinted. I replaced the stock badging with the black badges from GM. For the Z71 badges, I went a bit different route than others. I thought the chrome/black combo matched my LTZ better than the plain black or black & red emblems.
  10. Personally, I am not looking to soften it up. I stated that I like the way it rides.
  11. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I am not an Instagram user.
  12. Had the Bilstein 6112's installed up front. Added a 1" block and Bilstein 5160's in rear.
  13. Got the 6112's installed front, 1" block & 5160's in rear. It measures 39.5 at all four corners. I think it looks good. So far I like the way it rides, firm but not jarring. Now, the hard part. Which wheels & tires..........
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