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  1. They have a Universal Right Angle Bracket you can add to the center console side, may work for you. RIGHT ANGLE BRACKET (UNIVERSAL) – Desert Does It
  2. For those that used Sylvania bulbs, is this what you used?
  3. I went the 6112/5160 route. All I can say is that it was a HUGE improvement over the factory Z71 shocks. And most of my time is spent on paved roads. I liked the idea of the front coils being matched to the 6112 shocks. Would I have been happy with 6112's front and 5100's rear. I am sure I would of. But I have no regrets.
  4. 2020 Silver Ice LTZ Z71, 6.2L w/Performance Upgrade Package. Added Bilstein B8 6112's up front, 5160's in rear with 1" block. Amp Research Steps, A.R.E Shell, Black Emblems, tinted windows, Fuel 20x9 +18 wheels, Toyo 285/60/20 AT3 tires. And LED backup bulbs, GM Floor Liners.
  5. I bought this one from 4Knines: Dog Hammock for Truck – 4Knines® Can be used as just a seat cover, can be used as a hammock. The hammock part tucks in when not in use. I leave it on everyday as just a seat cover. It has zippers in areas that allow access to the fold down center armrest. And zippers to be able to fold one section of the seat up without affecting the other side. So far I really like it. And yes, easy ti install and remove. I also have a 4Knines standard hammock in my wife's Equinox for hauling our Fur Babies.
  6. I know it is not a Sierra, but I have a 2020 LTZ Z71. I had Bilstein 6112's installed up front set at 2" lift. I am running the stock UCA's, Toyo 285/60/20's on Fuel Sledge wheels, 20x9 +19 offset. I believe the Factory 20x9 wheels were +28 offset. No rubbing or trimming. Good luck.
  7. I just received my recall notice today. I came to the forum to get more info on it. I love this forum. I had the same concern as others that California may be requiring to "detune" the ECM, possibly reducing power. The letter also stated that I may not be able to register my truck until this recall is performed. Since I am trying to relocate, I was debating on holding off having this done. If the recall truly is to do the ECM update that the dealership was suppose to do when it was installed, I am OK with that.
  8. I know it's not a Denali, but on my Silverado LTZ, I first added the Bilstein 6112's front for leveling, 1" block and 5160's in the rear. With the factory rims and tires, the ride improved greatly over the factory ride. Recently, I added new tires and wheels, and the ride suffered. Not terrible, but not what it was with the Bilsteins and Factory wheels/tire combo. Going to an LT rated tire makes for a stiffer ride. But after a few weeks, I do not notice the ride difference. I do highly recommend the Bilsteins.
  9. First two are without level. Third one is with Bilstein 6112's in front, 1" block and 5160's in rear. Last one is with new wheels/tires.
  10. I am a big fan of Weathertech products and the company, but I went with the GM floor liners. They fit very well, really like them.
  11. I didn't do the Level just to fit the tires, I did the level because I like the look. I would of done the Level if I was sticking with the stock size tires. Plus, the Bilsteins feel so much better, night and day difference over the factory Z71 Rancho shocks. As it sits now, I think the front height is close to what a stock Trail Boss/AT4 would be. I am not sure if my set-up would of fit if I left it stock height.
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