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  1. You can always get GM OE blades from Rock Auto: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=12532309&cc=3446624&pt=8852&jsn=812&jsn=812
  2. Before launching the parts cannon at it I probably would pull the motor and see if it performs the same way with out a load (the steps) on it. Then also check the steps range of motion manually to make sure there isn't any binding going on.
  3. I mounted my V1 above the rear view mirror between it and the headliner. Its where I have always mounted it on all my vehicles and tap into the auto dimming mirror wiring. I got one of these for my Sierra, but here is one for the Yukon which makes tapping the wires easy. https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/2021-yukon-plug-and-play-harnesses/products/2021-yukon-radar-detector-harness
  4. So when I got to choose my dealer, neither my selling dealer or the other local dealer are options to select from. Closest dealer I can choose is over 1hr away. edit: and I figured out why... I'm guessing all dealers don't have to participate with the "generic" ship to dealer option, or with corporate discounts either because if I go to the other local dealer that is selling them for the standard MSRP and try to enter in OCTOBER10 through their portal it says it's invalid.
  5. Thanks for the code, I must have missed that one. I do have some reward points but I was saving those to get the lighted front emblem.
  6. 1. The Amp steps wont protect from inconsiderate people who will let their door swing open and hit whatever. The full length boards should stick out just enough to help with this. 2. TBH, I don't like how the AMPs look installed on the trucks. I originally was thinking of getting those (and forgoing protection for #1) until I saw a set in person. They don't tuck up and hide away as well as they do on other vehicles I have seen and because of this they just look odd to me as they don't cover the full cab length. While they can be adjusted, either you have a gap at the back, the front or bo
  7. Yeah, the $1145 is what GMPD has listed for MSRP which is what I was going off of. My dealer however is selling them for $1259.50, and that's parts only, not even the installed price, which is why GMPD even with shipping would be cheaper. I've searched every online parts site and shipping is always outrageous on these steps. I did find one parts site that had them listed in the low $900s and shipping brought it to $1055, close to your deal. I may go that route if I can't get my dealer down to at least that price. Still waiting for a call back, I'm not holding out hope t
  8. Oh, my dealer can get them now, even listed on the accessories website... for OVER MSRP! It would be cheaper paying the $300 shipping from GMPD. lol I asked if they can come down/match price, will see what they come back with.
  9. Just because it can relearn within its current parameters doesn't mean there isn't a benefit to tune specifically for it. From what I've read the tune is to compensate for MAF sensor relocation. Plus this is the only intake to have CARB certification as well, so that likely has something to do with it as well.
  10. Sounds like your dealer is hiding all the unicorns. Enjoy!
  11. GMpartsdirect.com seems to have these in stock for ~$900. I just went to place my order and was a bit shocked at the $300+ shipping charge. Yeah f-that... They are likely to stay in stock a long time with those shipping costs. As much as I like the look of the high clearance steps I might have to go with something else.
  12. I agree with the poster above, switch the stock intake back on for a couple of a week and see if the issue disappears. If it doesn't then take it back to the dealer with the stock intake on, if the problem resolves well then you know what created the issue.
  13. Did you ever hear back from GM? I'm at a crossroads... while the Fortitudes were great on our first highway trip, they still aren't A/T tires and look puny on the AT4. The least GM could have done is at least give us taller versions if they wanted to stick on a make-believe A/T tire.
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