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  1. Bak Tonneau High Clearance Steps Boost wireless iPhone charger Tires at some point & bed rug to round things out.
  2. Well that's assuming when you purchased it the most up to date apps were installed. For commercial apps a year lag is about right. The phone apps (google/waze & apple) all run their own maps so they can be updated much more frequently, but for someone like GM they need to go to a map provider to get their map updates and then they may have to do testing on hardware to make sure they don't brick someones vehicle infotainment system. But I'm with you, built in NAV is outdated for many reasons, your pocket supercomputer contains much more robust programs. I'm also guessing this is why they came out with Maps+ to stay way more up to date. I don't pay for that subscription so I can't tell if its good or not.
  3. If you are using the built in NAV with the SD card you would need to get an updated maps SD card if you want them to update. https://gmnavdisc.navigation.com/home/en_US/GMNA/USD
  4. It depends on driveline angles but prob not needed with the lift. My stock AT4 has no shims.
  5. I've had them for about 4 days now and I like them. My wife is 5'4" and likes the ease of getting into the truck now. They are very non slip. I just gotta remember they are there when getting out as they will snag your pants with the textured coating. I'd say the $58 and buy dinner. It literally took me about 20 mins to install and that was taking my time laying the cardboard on the ground so I didn't scratch them sliding them on the floor.
  6. How frustrating. I hope they have provided you with a loaner. I find it hard to believe a well equipped dealer cannot identify the issue in 3 weeks. Do you know how many hours they actually have into it? Electrical issues can be hard but if you start with the basics (i.e. what does it take to make the truck start) and troubleshoot that system the other stuff usually falls into place. Lots of mechanics get side tracked and go for grounds, computers, etc right away and fire the parts cannon at things without proper diag and understanding the basics. I wouldn't expect that from a dealer but I'm sure it happens.
  7. Has anyone leveled an AT4 with rear shackles and has photos? I went through all 35 pages and only saw a few shackle levels but none were AT4s that I could tell.
  8. It's all good. I hadn't heard that about him before, only about his sponsored videos and his sponsorship prices.
  9. Well time is always the problem. Any mobile detailers in your area that can prep the car even if they don't do ceramic? Then you can do that part when they are done.
  10. Meh, isn't everyone on YouTube selling someting? Take it for what it's worth and it was just an example, there are plenty of reviews out there on it plus some of the other products mentioned (Adams, CarPro, etc...) most are very favorable.
  11. It doesn't have to be big bucks and it's not a fad. In fact your environment is likely the perfect use case for ceramic coating as it should last 2+ years. If I was still in NY I would have definitely gotten it coated (or did it myself), however being in SC I have the luxury of being able to wash and maintain the truck on a regular basis now. Here is a 1 year follow up video on AvalonKing which is a DIY true ceramic coating. Cost is less than $100 dollars, and other than the initial prep isn't very hard to do at all. This person is in Canada so similar if not worse environment to yours.
  12. Thank you, appreciate the info. Looking for something to replace my GY Fortitudes that still passes the WAF since this the Sierra is our road trip vehicle. Sounds like they might fit the bill. I don't find the Fortitudes bouncy but they are pretty quiet.
  13. Hybrid Solutions is what I use. It's not a true ceramic coating of course but it does the job well for what it is. I also follow up maintenance washes with P&S Bead Maker and it leaves some incredible gloss and a very slick surface.
  14. Quick question, what were the OE tires these replaced? How does the road noise compare?
  15. Picked up and installed my steps today. Just ended up having them shipped to the dealer that was an hour away. It's an easy ride and glad I went as they had several modded trucks for sale, including a Black Widow. The trip was worth the eye candy. Got home, put steps on w/o much ado and now the wife is happy to have a shorter step.
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