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  1. 275/65/18 XL Nitto Ridge Grapplers Like others have said not loud at all, more of a different pitch than the stock HT tires. You can hear them mostly between 45-60mph.
  2. Yep, you initiated clear flood mode. I do that after changing my oil to allow the filter to fill and prime the system before starting.
  3. Oh that's good to know they moved to a plastic design. Even removing the lock ring with the proper tools was difficult there was so much rust there. Funny that you mentioned NY, that truck lived there for 10 years of its life before I moved to SC.
  4. The bigger issue is the pumps rusting away in northern climates. My 09 Tahoe developed a pinhole leak in the top where you could smell gas. When I replaced it, there wasn't much left to the line fittings on the top, they would not have made it much longer. The truck was 11 years old with 200+k miles at that point, so it served its time.
  5. Went from 265/65/18 Goodyear Fortitude HTs to 275/65/18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Also added Bedrug bed mat, GMC cargo net & (can't see them) bed tie downs.
  6. Gen5DIY also sells a P&P harness for detectors. Can get one with a lead for a camera as well but it will be ignition switched (so no parking mode power). I purchased one for my Sierra, couldn't have been easier. https://www.gen5diy.com/
  7. Techtron is what I'd recommend. To be honest I don't pay attention to that list and just run quality gas. For many years Mobil wasn't on that list and it's what I used the most. Now they are on the list but BP still not part of it, which is usually the cheapest around me.
  8. Thanks, I had not seen those before. I like how you still can use a couple of the tiedowns it attaches too.
  9. None of these stations exist in Northern VA? https://www.toptiergas.com/licensed-brands/ And no, not using it won't harm your engine. It's a marketing licensing program where the members agree to use certain additives/detergents in their fuel.
  10. Thanks I have. I like the concept but with a tonneau I'd have to open it every time I wanted to get something out. Ideally I'd like something that could like at cabinet at the back of the wells. I may go with the Built Right Molle panels, not exactly what I'm looking for, but it gives me options for attaching things, even a small crate potentially.
  11. Since I have a tonneau cover my options are limited but I'd like something that can fit and be mounted in the dead space behind the wheel well in the bed. My crate just isn't cutting the mustard. I've seen the swing boxes but they block the bed light, power outlet and mount with self tapping screws and stick out way too far, so no bueno on those.
  12. For those running Nittos, how does the actual mounted inflated height compare to the advertised inflated height?
  13. I'm going with it's the harness plug for the parking sensors. Look where the sub harness connection is located within the bumper (circled in yellow) it looks like it should line up with the harness plug on the frame.
  14. I looked it up on Alldata and you are correct. It does not appear to be for fog lights as that harness connection point is supposed to be behind the right headlight.
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