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  1. I'm adding on an aftermarket fog light and not planning on using the switch. Just planning on tapping it to the parking light fuse, Fuse 42 if I recall, with a fuse tap. Just a quick sanity check on what I need to do here. 1. Black wire to metal for ground 2. Cut the end of the red wire with the clip and crimp it to the fuse tap - Is it ok if I leave the fuse holder that is attached to the harness, so essentially I'll have 2 fuses, or do I need to cut it out? Thanks!
  2. Agreed. I’m going to chalk it up to the parking assist sensors as well. Was searching all night and may have found something, although, in the back of my mind, not sure why the video above had it connected but there were no sensor holes on the bumper. Thanks everyone! Should we close this out and call it a day?
  3. they should both be on the front facing side.. mine is just a tad zoomed in.
  4. hmm.. didn't think of that.. looking back at my photo, it appears to be a female plug...will have to research this lead.. thank you
  5. Now this is interesting.. Found a bumper removal video. They do not have factory fog lights OR sensors.. but its connected. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8giux7LtDJ4)
  6. I'm not so sure. Perhaps? It didn't come with fog lights (which makes no sense) but if it was, that would be perfect as I'm doing a fog light install. Although, I don't have a fog light button to test.
  7. Does anyone know what the extra wiring harness is for, that is located under the passenger side headlight on a 2019 Silverado LT. The only thing I can think of is that its possibly for parking sensors? It's not connected to anything.
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