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  1. Whats that sim card for? The refreshes for both gmc and chevy are hideous and the interior sucks on the refreshes. The old interior is far superior.
  2. Seattle is fun to visit but i wouldnt want to live there. Curious why you went r/t instead of a/t3's?
  3. Did you ever find out which was right? Im assuming the programmer was glitched.
  4. Did you again ignore what i said? Want it in all caps so your 70 year old brain can comprehend? DODGE GETS THE SAME LIFTERS AS GM FROM THE SAME SUPPLIER FOR THE 5.7 AND 6.4 HEMI'S AND ENCOUNTER THE SAME FAILURE RATE. If you lived and breathed cars, you wouldnt be as ignorant and would actually understand how assembly and engineering of these engines works and where they source parts from. Your boomer brain is just incoherent of understanding, its ok, a honda civic will finally reach 60 mph before you understand.
  5. 5.7 and 6.4 hemi's have MDS similar to AFM/DFM and they get their lifters from the same supplier as GM and the hemi's have the same failure rate as GM does. If you search the forums its obvious if you want to trust the internet.
  6. I tried to go back and find where i saw it with no luck. If i come across it again ill just send you the link in pm.
  7. Actually not true. Engine components are sourced and machined in factories in ohio, michigan, and new york. Looking at ac delco oem engine parts, i have only seen USA made components. Only parts made in mexico are hoses belts etc.
  8. You know the tonawanda plant has been assembling engines for GM since 1938, right? Politics aside, as much as i really hate liberals, that does not mean politics involve issues with engines due to an issue involving part sourcing. They assemble the engines with the parts they are provided. The issue has been the parts they have been sourced. If there was an issue with the liberals assembling our engines for us, it would have popped up since 1938 already. But here i am talking to a wall again. Can only provide so many facts before you go "but muh dodge" when they have the same lifter issue.
  9. Right, like other than ac delco. I know ac delco is just a re box of other manufacturers, and was just curious if moog is their oem manufacturer for chassis parts. Ill look into kryptonites and ill call them up to ask any further questions i have. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Ive heard fitment issues with kryptonite and moog seems to be hit or miss. Ill look into them though. Thank you. Do you know who GM uses for oem chassis parts?
  11. Awesome thank you! How are those toyo tires? Good in wet dry and off road? Been eyeing them for a while deciding what tires i want to replace the duracraps.
  12. Or is there a recommended aftermarket option if they do not? Thanks.
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