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  1. ...so, I removed it. seriously, how bad is QC to let a canted brand emblem out the door? At least the non-MultiPro tailgates have an indentation that avoids this problem.
  2. I used some braided fly line backing to get the letters started, then slowly peeled them off. I removed the residue from the foam adhesive tape with WD40, Windex, and the edge of a credit card.
  3. I completely agree. I just partially debadged mine this weekend, and added matte black vinyl inserts from TVD Vinyl Decals to the remaining chrome lettering. Completely changed the look, IMHO. Also, the “GMC” was not installed level at the factory. Every time I looked at it, it bothered me...
  4. Fair point, and I was listening to XM in the loaner.
  5. I brought my 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT crew cab in for service, and got a 2020 Chevrolet RST Z71 extended cab as a loaner. The loaner had the Bose system. There was no noticeable difference between the clarity as compared to my non-Bose factory system. The only difference I found was that there was more bass, I guess due to the subwoofer, but it wasn't the punchy bass I tend to associate with a sub. Just kind of a muddy bass sound, not that different from what you get if you turn up the bass on the factory non-Bose system.
  6. (Disclaimer: I searched this forum and could not find what I was looking for) Is anybody running size 285/65-18 tires on an otherwise-stock truck? Would love to see how they look on stock wheels. GMC preferred... I want to upgrade from my stock Goodyear Fortitude HT's to something more burly, and am basically looking at either 285/65-18 or 275/70-17. Leaning toward the 285, but they tend to cost more than the 275's. Thanks!
  7. Is the replacement grille you ordered the GM Parts grille, or aftermarket?
  8. Calm down, man. I just thought it was an example of poor quality control....reminded me of a local dealership years ago that had a K5 Blazer on one side and a Jimmy on the other. Your truck looks good!
  9. Anyone else notice there’s a GMC wheel on the front but a Chevy wheel on the back??
  10. That's certainly true, and worth remembering. I, like many people I assume, have never ordered a vehicle, though, and when I go vehicle shopping, I'm generally cross shopping from dealer stock at multiple dealerships. I haven't seen one SLT or higher-spec Sierra in my cross-shopping where dealers ordered the standard tailgate. For folks like me, these options are good to have, and I'm glad to see the aftermarket has responded. My truck rarely has the hitch in the receiver, but even I think GM should have included a feature like the tailgatefix.com as standard if you get the MultiPro gate.
  11. Thanks for posting, Gary! That’s exactly the info I was looking for. I was wondering, if I bought them, which adjustment step would be best to set the clip at. My Sierra X31 crew cab is exactly 2” lower in front than In back. I was conflicted between the third and fourth settings. If you have a Z71 crew cab, I assume your suspension is identical to mine. The third notch sounds like the ticket to avoid a front end-high situation.
  12. Yes, per the Eibach instructions, you can use the struts alone, or you can combine them with Eibach springs. Either way works.
  13. Does anybody have experience with the Eibach ride-height adjustable front leveling shocks for our trucks? I had been waiting on Bilstein 5100's, but these caught my eye... https://eibach.com/us/i-12054-pro-truck-sport-shock-ride-height-adjustable-single-front.html Appear to be the same concept as the Bilsteins I had on my 2011 GMC. Note: I found a few threads in the 2014-2018 forum, and I found where some 2019-20 T1 owners have used Eibachs, but I haven't found where any T1 owners have used the Eibach ride-height adjustables... Thanks.
  14. Can anybody who has had the GM 2-inch lift installed confirm whether the dealer was able to/actually did recalibrate the truck's computer to account for a larger tire size? If so, can they recalibrate for any tire size, or just for a larger factory-available tire size? Thanks in advance.
  15. Best drive so far was a few weeks ago, when I got over 26 mpg for a 50 mile average around Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, with speeds in the 55-65 mph range. 2019 GMC 1500 SLT X31 5.3/8spd/3.23. I recently got in the 25's for a 50 mile average on the Georgia coast, using ethanol-free gas. Once I topped up with 10% ethanol blend, MPG's dropped to the 18 range.
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