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  1. Mine does it, dealer has ordered new shims, we’ll see if it goes away. Mostly notice in reverse but sometimes going over bumps. 19 Sierra x31 with 2” spacer.
  2. I have the 2” spacer and the ride is terrible. Curious about these as well.
  3. How difficult was the install? Could you provide some info on how you installed it?thanks.
  4. Have them installed yet? Curious how much lift they provide.
  5. I am wanting to do this also, I believe the sd card could be purchased on eBay but not sure If it’s plug and play. Anyone done this themselves?
  6. I went with the 2” Rough Country top spacer. If i did it again I would go with the Eibach pro truck kit or a 2.5” spacer + 1” rear block.
  7. Nice truck. How’s the ride? Did you measure before and after? Thanks
  8. 2” rough country top spacer.
  9. Mine is a 2019 gmc X31 with 275/60/20’s also.
  10. In summary.... with springs and struts Installed together you get the following lift amount: bottom ring = 1.2” second ring from bottom= 1.9” third ring from bottom = 2.7” 1 and 2 is a better ride than factory and the 3rd is a bit stiffer. Do I have this correct?
  11. I had to superglue one of mine on the edges to keep it from hitting the window.
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