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  1. Yes lots of rubbing. I did all the fender mods without cutting metal to make them fit.
  2. I’m getting vibration with my new tires around 70 mph. Bfg ko2 285/65/20. 2 balances and still have it. Didn’t notice it before. 2019 gmc crew
  3. I’ll save you some trouble. I put this size on my Sierra with a 2” level and could hardly turn without major running. I ended up heavily modding the fender wells and made them fit but it was a pain. I’d go 286/60/20 on a stock AT4
  4. Here’s the link to the bracket info https://wheelsasap.com/gmc-at4-oversized-tire-trimming-guide/
  5. I have the same truck and lift. 285/65/20 rub bad. You will probably have minor rubbing with 275/65/20 since it’s still a 34” tire. I’d go 285/60/20 if I could do it again. let us know how it works for you.
  6. They are the AVS ones, I had some trouble with the edges stopping the window so I super glued the edges in place in the channel and have worked great since. I am hitting that same bolt head so not much I can do except take it out I suppose.
  7. Your not gonna have a lot of options without a level or doing the fender support removal. The gmc fender wheel is narrower than the Chevy and previous years. I am running 286/65/20 bfg at’s with both of the aforementioned mods and still rub.
  8. Thank you for the feedback, that is very helpful. Do you mind sharing a picture?
  9. Need some help, I just installed 285/65/20 BFG KO2’s on my 209 Sierra with 2” level and they are rubbing the mud flap and back fender well bad. I removed the bracket and pulled back the fender liner but still rub more than I want. I think I am going to switch to a 285/60/20 or a 275/65/20. Does anyone have experience with these sizes on a Sierra? I want zero run and not willing to cut the mud flap. I appreciate any help.
  10. Just got 285/65/20 ko2’s on my Sierra with 2” level and they rub the rock guard bad. Think I’m going back to stock size.
  11. I just put on 286/65/20 BFG KO2 with a 2” RC level and it runs the mud flap pretty bad.
  12. Has anyone tried these? Just put on new tires and rubbing right at the mud flap.
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