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  1. That’s awesome thank you. I’m assuming you are completely stock no level.
  2. I’m looking for some help. I’m trying to get these two measurements from someone with an AT4. Leveled or not. Doesn’t matter. Just need to know if it is or isn’t so I can adjust based on what you give me. first pic is front bumper obviously. The second pic in the next post is in front of the rear tire. I put the tape inside the wheel well flush with the fender to get it plum going down thanks!
  3. GM has said that it may take several weeks for the update to hit vehicles after notification. If you have an internet connection the update will come up soon. The other option is to take it to the dealer and have them manually upload.
  4. 2019 GMC Sierra SLT 3.5” Rough Country Lift (Front 3.5” lifted struts no spacers and UCAs) 4Play 4P70 22x10 -18 offset 33x12.50x22 Toyo Open Country AT3 Did a Mini NorCal on the front fender to clear the tires on the outside. Have plenty of room on the inside.
  5. I did a mini NorCal. It rides great though. My factory struts were worn out with 30k miles on them so anything rides good but. It’s comparable to my 2015 Tahoe that had factory 22s and Bridgestone alenzas. the truck has 4play 4P70s in 22x10 with -18 offset and 33x12.50 toyo AT3s.
  6. You can keep the factory wheels if you want. I went offset and it’s why I’m having clearance issues on the outside. It’s catching the ear where the mud flap bolts on. Only thing I can do is cut it...
  7. What’s the outcome if I do? Would a half inch spacer on top be the same problem or be better?
  8. I’ve searched with no luck on this. I have a T1 Sierra SLT that I just added a 3.5 Rough Country lift to with UCAs and 3.5” lifted struts instead of the preload spacers cause my stock struts were wore out. I’m about a quarter inch from clearing my tires. My question is can I add a motofab half inch level spacer under my strut? Would a half inch mess with anything? In hindsight I should have just gone with a 4” lift but I’m not willing to take what I have off and buy another lift at this point.
  9. How much for the intake shipped to 36078
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