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  1. I have an AT4 and I love it. I think the seats are fine! As far as the hop, my 2015 2 wheel SLT crew cab would hop when taking off quickly. This truck, I leave in auto 4 wheel, and it doesn't do it one bit when getting on it. I highly recommend this truck. 18k miles on the truck so far.
  2. What is tacky about it? It is easily removable, it sounds better and you don't have a muffle shop hacking up the pipes just to put another piece in there. Some people are trying new things just to get a little deeper sound. Good news is... you don't have to do it to your truck.
  3. Anyone have this parts list? Trying not to leave once I have the parts and correct sizes. Thank you guys! EDIT: 2.75inch works. Cut the metal squares in 2.25inchx2.25inch and that worked for me.
  4. Make them hold their ipad and stream netflix or whatever you want using the trucks internet. Works wonders for our two kids on many 6 hr rides.
  5. They didn't give a rip when I was offering that. They claim that they will take the $500-1,000 GM credit away if you don't finance. BS or not on the financing, it's such a hocuspokus game that I hate.
  6. Has anyone figured out the way to not have my phone volume lower all the way to its lowest setting when I turn the truck on and the phone connects to bluetooth? I messed with settings on my IphoneX, but nothing seemed to work. Thank you!
  7. He has many spots that he keeps finding. I've been in his shoes and the only way is to own a tool to keep the truck top notch looking... as he likes it. If it were one spot, sure... take to a detailer. But I am fully confident that he is capable of keeping his truck on point. It's a random orbital. most likely, he's not going to mess the paint up if he uses at it is intended. If he was using a prograde buffer, then yeah... steer clear!
  8. Couldn't agree more. And for $100ish to buy the orbital buffer (only buy the Porter Cable!!!) it is a no brainer. Super easy to use and it really does clean up the paint. I just don't like slopping wax everywhere! Haha. I've only tried that application a few times and for me, by hand is easier/quicker.
  9. I love my AT4. The looks are great, the ride is great, and it has nice touches! Lots of people compliment the truck, like everywhere I go. A few friends have Tundras and they are certainly nice, but the interior seems so outdated, like they have never changed it. The GMC redesign looks a lot better in my opinion and the sound of the Tundra 5.7 is pretty sweet! Beefy. The GMC feels more refined than the blockiness of the whole Tundra in my opinion.
  10. I have had too many black vehicles to count. My suggestion if buy a Porter Cable random orbital buffer and learn to use it. It is very quick and isn't a tool that will mess up your paint if you use it right. I would be okay with my 9yr old using it. Mequires swirl mark remover and then hand wax it. You'll get pretty good at it and you only have to do it once or twice a year. Good luck... nothing better than a black vehicle when its clean!
  11. The dealer did some updates or whatever for trailer connection and something else while I was getting an oil change. Well after that, I started getting this "climate off" thing too. Seems sporadic
  12. I honestly like it! It's saved me a couple of times from going into other lanes especially on a big sweeping turn. Worth having on. The only issue I see is if you quickly change lanes, it will force you to stay in a lane (within reason.)
  13. They are saying you need their kit so that issues are prevented. If you just do a level kit, it stresses it out and shows wear on certain parts. I'm excited to see how much it is, etc. Looks like a shop has to install though unless you have a spring compressor.
  14. I have an AT4 and it has a squeak when the rear suspension is flexing like a driveway. I have 16k miles and it's been there since day 1.
  15. Love it! I have been unable to find a picture of a 305 55 20 on the AT4 stock 20 inch wheel. Would love to see that.
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