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  1. 110 Ac Outlet

    I have a switch that turns my plug active. (setup from the factory. I did not add this myself)
  2. My 5.3 did this with maybe 800 miles on the clock. I have a vid of it and it sounds identical to yours. It was very loud and sounded terrible when I would accelerate. Took to a dealer, showed a vid, they could not replicate, and I have not heard the noise since. It lasted 15ish miles. I had just put my 3rd tank of gas n the truck and assumed it may have something to do with that. Station in the middle of no where kind of deal.
  3. Blinding Chrome Dash Trim

    The damn cupholder area gets me in FL and GA.
  4. GM Accessories Dash Cam

    Would love to see if anyone has install and their thoughts. Is there any case study of negative implications due to having one?
  5. This happens to me too on my AT4. Its like the truck is confused sometimes as to the status it should be in. LOL
  6. Duct tape, really?

    This is awesome!!!
  7. My Extang Trifecta fits, but with the auto down tailgate, it binds a little. I moved the cover toward the cab so it would go down automatically but now I get a little water in a heavy rain. I'm fine with it for now.
  8. I was looking for some exhaust vids on YouTube and I ran across the below link. I think it sounds incredible! Quite a big price tag, but my worry would be sitting at a light and it stops/starts or the active fuel management stuff. Does anyone have any experience? https://www.corsaperformance.com/collections/2019-gmc-sierra-1500-crew-cab-short-bed-5-3l-v8/products/3-0-dual-rear-exit-cat-back-exhaust-system-21028-sport-sound-level-no-tips?variant=15400519499862
  9. I figured it out. Look at the below picture and press the same icon over and over to cycle through the lines that you want.
  10. Turning off Radio

    If you hold down the power button, it will turn off the radio. It goes to a blank screen and is not just in a “mute” state.
  11. Sometimes I have the lines, sometimes I have one line down the middle and other times I have nothing. Super frustrating. The wider camera angles (even the thinner one as they give you two options) is still almost too fish-eyed compared to my 2015. I was very confident backing in a space. Now I am not as confident with the 2019 one on my AT4. Maybe I will just get use to it.
  12. Sierra AT4 wheels and tires

    What is the leveling kit for the AT4?
  13. 6.2L Yes or No

    I have a 5.3 and I think it's fine. I don't need the power to tow anything but my boat. For the extra money, I think that is cheap to get the 6.2 (cheap being that it's factory power) I wanted a truck, so I got the one I liked. If I were buying a muscle car, then yes I would buy the bigger motor... always did
  14. Rear Camera - Not Very Clear?

    I don't agree. My 2015 SLT Sierra was 10 times better than this... even at night.

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