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  1. I have had many black vehicles. My 2015 SLT was black and it got looks when it was clean. Especially when I put a level on it. But this Satin Steel has gotten a lot of attention and people commenting on my truck for the past year now. I'm not sure I would get a black one again after seeing how long this one looks clean!
  2. I'd buy it! I think it is sharp, classic and it says how you are a badass! What do you do for work? I assume that is why you are having the dilemma.
  3. Super annoying, and I just noticed this too! I decided to just take the trailer pin out of the hitch plug. The problem would be if someone takes off and doesn't plug that back in.
  4. I have it on slow steady speed increases especially when I just pulled my boat 400 miles. If I don't have a load, it is very apparent when I floor it from say 30 mph on an on ramp. It's like it's starving for fuel or something and it is a pull/push sensation every time. Having another dealer look through it tomorrow since the first one said "manager drove it at 45mph and felt nothing" which was complete garbage.
  5. Oh my! That is terrible. After my last exp in a Chevy dealer... I'm not surprised. It's quite sad these days that they can't do the right thing. It's all about speed, and making the boss happy... not the customer.
  6. Is it all of the time, or on a slight acceleration?
  7. Seems like they just update the computer. They didn't even "recalculate it to what it should be" like they told me they were going to. Picked up the truck and I had 100% pad life left.
  8. yeah, pretty sad. Just got back from a 1k mile trip, which half of it was pulling a boat... pretty bad when the cruise would call for a 1mph increase and the truck would start shuddering/surging forward. Oh well, i'll go to the next dealer down the road.
  9. I just got back from picking my truck up. I complained of a few things, but one of hard shifting 1-2, 2-1 and well as some shuttering. I bought my truck in oct/nov os 2018, so it's clearly old fluid. They "drove it 10 miles and felt no issues. Road tested vehicle and was unable to duplicate customer concern. Transmission operating to design intent at this time." I have a vibration sometimes in the 40-50 mph range, and 75+. They said they drove it 10 miles and felt no vibrations. When I asked why they wouldn't go on the highway, they said "we can't go over the speed limit." They refused to balance the tires EVEN THOUGH they had them off to rotate the tires.
  10. The service bulletin was apparently updated to only allow brake pad replacement on Cadillacs. They measured my pads, they are fine. Computer was reset to where the pads are.
  11. I did see that after I used it and asked the dealer. But I do want to know why would you build a work truck through and through to put an elec outlet in the back that can't even support a common household blender? Seems dumb and not intuitive.
  12. I was using the bed outlet and the saw I was using stopped working after a while. No big deal... When I was in for an oil change, I asked them to look at the outlet. They said everything was fine and when I tested it, it did work. So I have no idea what happen, but I do know it was not working when I needed it!
  13. Assuming you are in Canada, maybe it's different there? But Here in the US, you get one service.I've already been paying for oil changes. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a26077592/gm-free-maintenance-reduced/
  14. Wait till you go for your first and only free oil change, then you'll get really mad! Haha. I love my 2019 AT4 over my 2015 SLT, but I sure do miss that handle on the drivers side! LOL
  15. Taking mine in today with the attachment on this post. The dealer isn't believing me about this with the # I gave him. Curious if they will order/replace the pads or not.
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