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  1. I left my truck for 3 recalls and asked them to look at a few things. 1) "customer states from a stop with 75% acceleration, truck bang-clunks" and also 2) "Customer states when slowing down in traffic and then reaccelerating transmission Banks and Clunks in 2wd and auto". 2019, 29k miles, 5.3 AT4 Of course they couldn't duplicate it, but when the customer service guy was reading my request he stated that he has a truck like mine and his does it too. "That is the way they designed it" was his defense after he read that the tech said that it couldn't be duplicated. Anyone have luck getting this figured out?
  2. Haha. I was trying to find a "you had one job" kind of meme... but ran across this site: https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-you-had-one-job-fails/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic
  3. I don't understand why you guys will not lower the headlights? They are clearly too high from the factory. People are flashing you because your headlights are blinding them. Like I said before... just because "it came that way" doesn't mean that it is right. Go measure it on a wall or garage door. You'll see that they are aimed a tad too high.
  4. You need to lower them. It's a simple 30 second fix. If you are behind a car and the beam is hitting them in the head or rear view mirror, just lower it. If you are stopped and a car is turning in front of you so they are broadside to you, and it hits them directly in the face, lower them. Just because "it came that way" doesn't mean its right.
  5. If I have the heat on, with the "blow at feet" mode on and not the dash, it pours out of the floor vents under the seat nicely.
  6. Not seeing a 275/65/20 in the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S. Shoot!
  7. Got the truck back. The glass looks great. There are some pry marks on one plastic part it seems. The back seat seems to be installed lower than it was before. I am not sure how that is even possible, does anyone know if there are adjustments?
  8. I'm sorry that I'm just getting back to this. The dealer and I had a little argument over something else when I was in for previous work (not window related), so I am not sure how or who is paying the for the window, but I just dropped the truck off and a whole new assembly is being installed. Slider, glass pieces, etc. I will get more info when I get the truck. I really pressed them on the caulk fix, since they are a high volume Vette dealer, I asked if their Vette customers would allow that to be a repair that they would be okay with. It stinks how many different answers everyone is getting. I hope they take pics of the cracks.
  9. Thank you for your replies! Helps quite a bit. "Internet experts" made me laugh.
  10. Hey guys. Pretty set on getting the Ready lift over the RC 2inch spacers. https://www.readylift.com/2-25-front-leveling-kit-w-control-arms-at4-trail-bossgm-1500-truck-2019.html Is anyone running 285/65/20's or anything simular? I saw a white one with 35/12.5 with a 2inch level and a 3inch block (instead of the stock 2) and it looks amazing. Just trying to avoid having to buy 2 sets of tires. Currently liking the Ridge Grapplers. Thanks for any help!
  11. I was thinking of starting one for just AT4's with 20's! Haha. But as asalinasz39 said there is a post already with a TON of trucks with 18's. Lucky!
  12. I still keep coming back to this bad boy! Any issues since you have driven the truck for a while now? I was looking at doing the front level that came out a few months ago that has a new UCA instead of the RC spacers. Any thoughts?
  13. Dealer gave me my truck back saying that they have an alert out there for a new back window assembly. Hopefully parts will start flowing back in with the strike over. Leaks, but my headliner is not getting soaked like some of the guys pics I've seen.
  14. Were you in 4wd AUTO or just 2WD? The dealer is trying to tell me the front and rear are not in sync when left in AUTO and it is called lugging.
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