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  1. I hear u about the leveling. As far as the nittos, I wouldn’t buy anything else. Last set of terra grapplers I put 57,000 miles on and still had a lot of tread when I traded in. Ridge grapplers just as quiet but more mud terrain look. You’ll like them.
  2. I certainly am no expert on backspacing. Just repeated what the wheel guy told me.
  3. Thought I’d offer my two cents on my mods. First I had a 2” front leveling kit by rough country placed. One gmc dealer refused to put it on. Second dealer no problem. Looks much better. Re aligned. Rides great. Then off for wheels/ tires. Have read 34” and even 35” tires are no problem. I placed nitto ridge grapplers 295/60/20. 33.94 x 11.7. Both fronts rubbed. Trimmed inside plastic flaps. Better, still some rubbing. So people claiming 34/35” clear, not on my truck. Wheels are Gear 20x9” with 18mm offset. Two custom wheel dealers called their reps and were sure they would clear calipers and not stick out past wheel wells much. They would not clear new larger front calipers. Had to add a 1/4” spacer on fronts to clear. Which means these wheels would need about 25mm offset to clear. Love my wheels but a lot of what I found on this forum and wheel/ tire shops I don’t believe to be accurate. I know the 2019 is new and we’re all learning. Just passing on my findings
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