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  1. Also saw on Tirerack that BFG makes 2 types of their AT tires. 1 has the 3 peak mountain symbol and the other one has a DT marking for “different tread” which lasts longer but isn’t rated for the snow. I’m thinking down the road I’d probably go the DT route and run dedicated winter tires/rims in the winter!
  2. Thought I’d start a bit of a review thread on specifically All Terrain tires. My truck was a manager’s demo and he installed a levelling kit and LT275/65R20, BF Goodrich AT KO2’s with the 3 peak mountain snowflake symbol. Truck has 10,000 km on it. Not sure when the tires were installed but so far I’m very impressed with them! They have good hydroplane resistance and the truck handles cornering well. This is my first set of BFG AT’s. They do have a bit of noise going down the freeway but that comes with the territory. When it comes time to replacement I’m not sure which direction I’ll go at this time. I’m not planning on any off-road adventures at this time. I also prefer to have dedicated winter tires and rims although I’ll use these BFG’s this year as they are relatively new and the local tire shop I asked said they’ll perform quite well this year in the snow. Just seeing what others are running on their trucks. When it comes time to replace I’d probably go with something a little less aggressive although the AT tires “look good”
  3. 2019 Sierra Elevation. Leveling kit and 275/65/R20 tires. This truck total dwarfs my old 2007 Silverado.
  4. As the title states. What truck do you guys prefer overall? In the new redesign I like both equally. Originally I was leaning towards the Chev as it was overall priced lower. Was comparing the RST and Elevation trims, not a fan of chrome, appreciate the painted bumpers. Ended up with a manager’s demo Elevation due to the deal I got. Over the years I preferred the Chev then the GMC vice versa. 98 and Older Chev 99-06 GMC 07-13 Chev 13-18 Chev 19 and up Both equal in my eyes.
  5. I also agree that the RST and Elevation are more closely related. I was looking at both but was more focused on the RST as it was priced lower overall. Both great looking trucks! Ended up with a ‘19 Elevation as it was a great deal being a manager’s demo.
  6. I was originally planning to wait until at least spring 2020 to replace my fast aging 2007 Silverado. I’m always skeptical about first model year after a big change, but my 07 worked out fine. The 19 Sierra Elevation I picked up was a manager’s demo. Ended up saving close to $20k and I felt it was too good of a deal to pass up on! Wasn’t quite the exact truck I was looking for but definitely close. Wanted the bucket seats/console this one doesn’t have that and silver wasn’t my first colour choice. Although the silver is quickly growing on me. Looks good with the black Elevation rims. Can’t imagine I would’ve found a deal this good on a 2020 model in the spring as I believe that is when prices are the highest and incentives are the lowest. Felt like my 07 was a ticking time bomb and it was time to ditch it. Plus I didn’t want to tow my TT with it again. The new Sierra has a MT package and the ride definitely feels more solid! Can’t wait to tow with it!
  7. Taking delivery of a 2019 Sierra Elevation tomorrow. It was a manager’s demo. It has max trailering package and a leveling kit was installed. I have a 24’ travel trailer that weighs just shy of 5000lbs dry and a WD hitch. My current 2007 truck would drive nice and level with the WD hitch setup. 2007 is bone stock with the factory rake. With the WD hitch the truck would simply squat down a bit on all 4 corners, and almost keep the rake. Although I didn’t actually measure it. Hoping the new truck will ride nice and level as well and not drive with the headlights pointed at the stars. Anyone try towing with a leveling kit installed? Thinking since it’s a max trailer truck there should be zero issues. Also occasionally pull a utility trailer for work, it doesn’t have a WD setup and the tongue weight would get pretty heavy if I loaded it full of gravel causing the headlights at the sky scenario. Again hoping the MT will mitigate this even with the level.
  8. Hi everyone. I’ll be getting a new 2019 Sierra on Friday. my current truck has a canopy but thinking about going without on the new truck and instead going with a tool box that sits on the bed rails. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/lund-full-size-cross-over-truck-box-black-0417291p.0417291.html Want to be able to slide in plywood under the tool chest so want it to be the type that sits on the rails so as to leave space under the chest and floor bed of the truck. Looking for the largest box possible. Any ideas? Would be nice if there was a tool box that went as high as the roofline that had metal doors that opened up like a cupboard and again sat off the floor so you could utilize the truck bed.
  9. I was looking for awhile as I fell in love with the New GM trucks at the Vancouver auto show earlier this year. liked the look of both the GMC and Chev this time around. Wasn’t super fond of last years GMC look. Liked the painted bumper look of the RST and Elevation. Not a fan of chrome. Was watching the prices over last few months and kept looking for a used max trailer truck without any luck. We bought a 24’ travel trailer which I felt was pushing my current 2007 Silverado 1500 to the limit. Picking up my 2019 Sierra Elevation Double Cab later this week. It’s a manager’s demo with 10,000km on it, paying $42,600. It’s silver so no premium paint up charge and it comes with a leveling kit, BF Goodrich AT’s(don’t have to upgrade the POS factory tires now) and spray in liner. For selected options it has 4x4, 5.3l, Convenience package with bench seat. Kind of wanted the centre console but no big deal. Current 07 Silverado has it and I love it, although it’s just full of crap! Max Trailing package. It’s nice that the Elevation trucks come with the 20” black wheels which look great on the silver truck. Looking forward to the upgrade. My 2007 is still a decent truck but having more power, better tow handling and the 8 speed transmission over the 4 speed sure will be nice!
  10. Thanks Found these on my local Craigslist https://vancouver.craigslist.org/pml/wto/d/maple-ridge-bridgestone-dueler-t-ms/6992161461.html There’s also these wheel spec sites that show the same wheel specs when comparing 2017 to 2019. https://www.wheel-size.com/size/gmc/sierra-1500/2019/ https://www.wheel-size.com/size/chevrolet/silverado-1500/2017/ Or I just stick with the BFG’s this winter and try them out. At most they’ll have 10,000 km on them so should still be in good shape. My 07 performed ok a few years back when my Firestone AT tires were fairly new but ended up being god awful in the hardpacked snow and ice after they had some mileage on them!
  11. Hi everyone! Just joined the forum as I’ll be taking home a new(manager’s demo with 10,000km) 2019 Sierra Elevation this week. The manager also installed a leveling kit and BF Goodrich AT KO2 tires, which is pretty cool. Basically getting a brand new, lightly used truck at a big discount! Live in a hilly area that gets snow and ice from time to time in the winter. Ran winter tires last year on my 07 Silverado and it made a world of difference. The BFG tires apparently have the snowflake/mountain symbol. Has anyone had experience using these tires on snow and ice? Also considering getting a set of dedicated winter tires/rims for added safety and to keep the factory 20” gloss black Elevation rims in good shape. I know the rims that fit my 07 won’t work on the new truck and it also seems people are having issues with ‘14-‘18 rims as well. Anyone know what size rims would fit? Heck, I’m even ok with 17” steelies for winter as it seems the entry level trucks come with 17’s. Are the callipers bigger on the higher level trim trucks? This truck has the Max Trailering Package if that makes a difference. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to personalizing this truck!
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