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  1. I’m a firm believer in only running it during questionable road conditions. I’m on my 3rd truck now with this feature and I always notice extra drivetrain noise with auto 4x4 on. I’m not a fan of listening to those extra noises on a day to day basis and fuel is expensive so taking a slight fuel economy hit isn’t in my best interest.
  2. 2019 Sierra Elevation 5.3, with max trailer tow package so has the bigger axle in it. Noticed a couple times if my axle locks up, it works good during lock-up phase if one of my wheels slip say on a bit of mud or wet leaves etc. The issue is when I’m out of the slippery spot and back to normal driving my truck will bang and clunk hard. Almost like the transmission slams in and out of gear for a second. Not sure if it’s my traction control being overly sensitive working too hard applying the rear brakes or if there’s an issue with the axle itself. It’s only occurred a few times as I tend to not go around spinning my tires too often. Ill obviously have it checked out by the dealer but I never have good luck with dealers and they often pull the “vehicle operating normally” BS!
  3. I know having LT rated tires(Tires not the LT trim lol) requires you to run higher pressure. Think I remember seeing somewhere 46 was the correct number for my BFG KO2’s, LT275/65R20. Tried that but it felt really harsh to me so I dumped them down to 42. Think when I haul my trailer next spring I’ll bump them back up but not for day to day driving. 2019 Sierra Elevation with Levelling kit.
  4. Last truck had a canopy, this truck I went with a tool box. Canopy was great for hauling all my tools around but now I’m getting off the tools and doing more management duties which involves a lot more material hauling. Still need basic tools though, hated having them damage my interior bouncing around the back seat area! Went with the deepest/widest cross box I could find while still being able to slide material such as plywood in. Box sits off the bed about 10” It’s a UWS box, good quality. Paid $900 Canadian for it. Everyone I know that has a tonneau cover hates it. Canopy was good for organization but was a bitch to crawl into. Those high roof work vans are probably the best if you’re looking to haul tools around.
  5. We don’t have a lemon law in Canada but I heard you need to have the same issue 3 times to have it “lemon’d” My wife’s 2016 Explorer Sport has an ongoing issue with a hwy speed shutter. Local dealer tried fixing it like 4 times and another dealer tried a couple times too without success. Dealers basically threw the keys at us saying there’s absolutely nothing more they can do and called it a “Normal Driving characteristic of the vehicle.” I tried going through the Canadian version of having the car bought back but basically once the car hits 20,000 km or something your screwed! The amount they deduct for mileage is insane! We would’ve been better off trading the car in for something else. We’re basically living with it and driving the car around in sport mode to prevent the car from going into 6th gear(problem occurs in 6th gear from 85-100 km/h). Pretty ****ing annoying! Hence why there’s new GM truck in the driveway and not an F-150!
  6. I also have the Max Tow/NHT 2019 Sierra Elevation. The ride is definitely more firm in this truck compared to my last truck, 2007 Silverado Z71. Last truck had original shocks in it that were probably quite worn out and helped with the “soft ride”. I equate the ride in my current truck to perhaps how a 3/4 ton would’ve felt 10-15 years ago. The rear end does feel “bouncy” hitting bumps at speed. I’m also running BFG KO2’s that are an LT tire on 20” rims and a leveling kit up front. I’m sure that doesn’t help with the ride either! I’m curious as to how this truck will handle my 24’ TT next spring. My last truck felt very “floaty” while towing, where this one I’m thinking will be more “solid”. What is everyone’s opinion on the Max Tow/NHT suspension and ride quality? Would Bilstien 5100 improve the day to day ride quality?
  7. Also looking at the Sierra SLE trim you can get 17” or 18” rims.(First 2 pics are the SLE trim) The overall tire diameters are smaller on SLE’s compared to my Elevation with 275/60R20’s(33” dia) My Elevation also has a full size 17” steel wheel spare that has a 255/80R17 tire, also 33 dia.(Bottom pic). For a winter setup I’m thinking a 255 wide tire would be better.
  8. Wonder if going at least 18” would be better especially sticking with factory wheels. My gut tells me that perhaps the aftermarket hasn’t quite got it right yet for the new trucks and the bigger calipers.
  9. Is that a pic of the 17”? Crazy how a 17” barely fits nowadays.
  10. Yeah chrome doesn’t do it for me either! I got all the options I pretty much wanted on my Elevation. Cooled leather seats and centre console would’ve been nice but I got a smoking deal as I bought a manager’s demo.
  11. Yeah the Elevation is one trim down from the SLT. I’m not a fan of chrome myself so I prefer the Elevation. I also don’t need a ton of options so I’m quite happy with my 2019 Elevation.
  12. Thinking going narrower would also be helpful in the winter. The tires on the base model trucks are 255’s and 17” rims so thinking I’m safe to run that size on my 2019 Sierra Elevation that normally run 275/65R20’s(normal size is 275/60R20 but I bought the truck with upgraded and slightly larger tires.) Any issues besides the speedometer being out a little running smaller diameter and narrower wheels and tires in the winter?
  13. 2019 Sierra. I occasionally get a clunk going from reverse to drive. If I go from reverse to drive and push the gas pedal a split second too soon to drive forward it’ll happen, sporadically. Thinking this transmission just takes an extra half second internally to make the shift compared to my old 4 speed on my 07 Silverado. Just something I need to get use to. Other than that this new transmission is awesome compared to my old truck.
  14. Costco Canada has some wheel options listed again for new 2019’s. https://www.c-wheels.ca/en/fitmentsearch/result/index/?year=2019&make=GMC&model=Sierra+1500&submodel=Elevation Anyone try them? Anyone else have any luck with any other Inexpensive aftermarket wheels(steel or alloy) for winter on their trucks? We went to Costco for new tires for my wife’s Explorer Sport a few months ago(burned through the factory high performance Hankook’s in 40,000 km) and we were quite happy with the price and service. My wife loved the fact she could do her Costco shopping while they did her tires.
  15. They’re also 275/65R20 so slightly bigger diameter over 275/60 tires.
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