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  1. Hi all! I am the new owner of a 2020 Denali with the OEM 275/50/22 wheels and tires. I would like to replace this setup for the winter and am looking for opinions for regarding tire size. I want to go down to an 18" wheel and have the following sizes in mind: 265/65/18 diameter difference: +3.8% Revs/Mile -24 275/65/18 diameter difference: +2.2% Revs/Mile -14 265/70/18 diameter difference: +0.6% Revs/Mile -4 From my research it seems that 265/65/18 and 275/65/18 are more popular. I have not found anyone using the 265/70/18 size even though it has the closest specs to the OEM tire. Is there an issue with using a 70 series tire? I am leaning towards the 265/70/18. Your thoughts?
  2. I press the top button then quickly press the lower button. If done correctly then both will open otherwise only the upper portion opens.
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