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  1. I added pics above. Let me know if you need more or have more questions.
  2. Airbags all went off. So lots of interior damage as well.
  3. It is...but I no longer have access to the vehicle...Sorry.
  4. I totaled my truck last week hitting a deer. So I'd like to sell a few of my upgrades. My next truck will have the options I want. Note: I am in Canada but will ship internationally and will accept paypal (via "someone you trust" option) I am open to reasonable offers and package deals. Item 1 – Heads up display package. $350 shipped I had assembled all the required parts to complete this upgrade. Included in the package will be a used HUD projector and switch, Camaro bezel and Pgamboa HUD harness kit. The HUD projector has minor cracking on the edge of the lens from the removal by the salvage yard I will also throw in a couple of HUD films to apply to the windshield (I thought I'd try this before upgrading windshields. I would like $350 USD shipped. Cracks in the lens. Others on the forum confirmed that cracks won’t impact the display. Item 2 – LTZ/High Country taillight package -$625 Shipped This package includes LED taillights with factory harnesses. I also have the Pgamboa taillight adaptor harnessed to eliminate the hyperflash. I was unable to retrieve the resistors for these harnesses but you could source them elsewhere or contact Harness Dr. to see if he could sell you a replacement set. I would like $625 USD shipped Item 3 – Power fold mirror switch - SOLD Item 4 – Heated steering wheel - $120 USD shipped This is a Sierra wheel with the heat and collision avoidance buttons. The collision avoidance button will not function but does not affect the operation. There is a slight blemish on the to of the steering wheel that was there when I bought it from salvage. I would like $120 USD shipped
  5. Yesterday I hits deer with my truck causing significant damage to the truck. It ended up being towed about 50 miles back to the city. The tow truck driver just lifted it from the rear and left the two front wheels on the ground. My truck is a 4wd (with auto 4wd). Because of the road conditions, I was driving with it set in auto 4wd. Could he have caused any significant damage by not putting the truck on dollies for the tow? When I asked if he was going to put it on dollies he said something like “ no need...I put it in two wheel drive.” I saw him turn on the key and rotate the 4wd selector switch. He then removed the keys. I’m not really sure he put the transmission in neutral for the tow. Thanks for the help.
  6. never mind...I now realize you were selling it to him for the parts.
  7. it was a quick search but this is the only one I could find with a 6.2l and 6.5' bed on cars.com https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/794390489/overview/
  8. That might be the solution... How does this trim piece attach? Will my need an upgraded mirror or anything?
  9. My windshield guy says that the windshield you posted comes with brackets for rain sensor and camera. Since my truck has neither of these features he says that these brackets will just be hanging out in the open and not look very good. Did your truck utilize these brackets? He said he can't find a HUD windshield that does not have these brackets. Anyone have any leads?
  10. From my research it looks like the replacement HUD windshield for our trucks will be out of a Yukon. The windshield place I talk to said the heads up display windshield will come with brackets for rain sense and lane departure. Is there one that does not have these brackets? Does anyone have any part numbers? Thanks.
  11. I think with stock rims you may have slight rubbing on the fender liner. You should be able to solve that by zip tying the liner from behind.
  12. Just make sure that they are getting GM wheels and not replicas.
  13. I've got my fingers crossed that when you are working on Phil's truck that the two of you will produce a kick-ass how to video to share with the rest of us
  14. I'm looking forward to the pics. I think I have everything I need except the camaro bezel. One more question to make sure I have everything on hand before I start...Is there existing hardware in the dash to mount the HUD unit? Or is the a package from GM that can be ordered? If not, can you share the specs of the hardware (size/thread/length)? Thanks.
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