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  1. He did, but I believe he mentioned that his cluster did not have the HUD connection.
  2. I plan on covering the surrounding area with lots of painters tape to avoid a similar experience. How are you attaching the switch to the trim piece? Did you cut the hole the size of the hashed piece on your template?
  3. On my 2005 ChevyTahoe my rpm drop when I come to a red light but it idle fine don’t try to cut off just rpm drop whn get back on gas it go fine wth no problem 

    1. SASK_RT


      I'm not sure why this was posted here....???

  4. Would adding an aftermarket HUD film to the windshield help with the ghosting of the image on a non-HUD windshield? This might be a compromise until my windshield needs replacing. Heads Up Display Film
  5. Thanks for your input Gentleman. @Viktorrocks15...Do you know if you are going to make a video to help others with this mod? Or what about some additional detail on where to cut the dash piece for the bezel (or details on all of the cuts). I'm pretty handy but would feel more confident if I had some additional guidance.
  6. I’m looking for some advice from anyone that has done this mod... I found a wrecker that has the HUD unit and switch. The problem is that there is some slight damage on the corner of the lens. My question is would this damage be visible once installed or cause any concerns with the image projection? Thanks for the help.
  7. A video would be awesome...I'm looking forward to tackling this but would like to see some of the finer points in more detail. For example, where and how to cut to mount the switch where you did; where and how to cut the speaker tray to fit the projector as well as dash for the bezel.
  8. Are you asking about the hood the was required on his original method of installing the HUD? You don't need a new hood with this new method. He now uses a bezel that is cut into the speaker cowl rather than a custom hood.
  9. That's an awesome job. Is there any way you could produce a printable template for the cuts (including the switch) and aa basic write up?
  10. I ended up finding a suspension maxx kit on eBay for a decent price. I installed it at 2” without issue. Here are a couple of pics:
  11. My stepson's truck had the exact same issue a year or so ago. The local dealer offered to split the cost of the repair. Now its doing it on the other side of the truck. He hasn't gone back to see if they'll doo the same thing this time. It's too bad they have to do everything to minimum standards.
  12. This should be the install manual...https://www.kicker.com/app/manuals/vss/chevy/PSUTA15 - 20171012.pdf
  13. It would be easier to hack up the LTZ harness you have to harvest some wires and pins and then add them to your LT harness. That is what I did then used the DIY instruction I got from pgamboa. Or you could contact @pgamboa for the DIY kit. Good Luck.
  14. I think the confusion here comes from not mentioning it was the differential drop kit. When I read the title and then your thread, I assumed you were talking about a lowering (drop) kit. I hope someone can help you.
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