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  1. I totalled my truck hitting a deer. So I took most of my mods off to sell.
  2. The LED taillights will look like this (the reverse light is on the bottom): (I am selling a set along with the factory harnesses needed for the upgrade...You'd just need new resistors)
  3. Bump... PM me a zip code if you are interested. ?
  4. I added pics above. Let me know if you need more or have more questions.
  5. Airbags all went off. So lots of interior damage as well.
  6. It is...but I no longer have access to the vehicle...Sorry.
  7. UPDATED PRICES I totaled my truck last week hitting a deer. So I'd like to sell a few of my upgrades. My next truck will have the options I want. Note: I am in Canada but will ship internationally and will accept paypal (via "someone you trust" option) I am open to reasonable offers and package deals. Item 1 – Heads up display package. Sold Item 2 – LTZ/High Country taillight package -$550 Shipped This package includes LED taillights with factory harnesses. I also have the Pgamboa taillight adaptor harnessed to eliminate the hyperflash. I w
  8. Yesterday I hits deer with my truck causing significant damage to the truck. It ended up being towed about 50 miles back to the city. The tow truck driver just lifted it from the rear and left the two front wheels on the ground. My truck is a 4wd (with auto 4wd). Because of the road conditions, I was driving with it set in auto 4wd. Could he have caused any significant damage by not putting the truck on dollies for the tow? When I asked if he was going to put it on dollies he said something like “ no need...I put it in two wheel drive.” I saw him turn on the key and rot
  9. never mind...I now realize you were selling it to him for the parts.
  10. it was a quick search but this is the only one I could find with a 6.2l and 6.5' bed on cars.com https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/794390489/overview/
  11. That might be the solution... How does this trim piece attach? Will my need an upgraded mirror or anything?
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