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  1. @camcamaro1991dude you know your s**t!! I was just reading this entire post and you definitely know about vents and all lol you think it’d be possible to modify those floor vents and route them into the console? I’m sure someone would be happy to design a vent plate for that console layout lol
  2. Also I forgot to ask what’s the part number to the unit you used? I saw someone posted 3 different part numbers and they all look exactly the same EDIT* Nevermind I went with the 23474646 projector assembly
  3. Has anyone ever done any rear console vents or the ceiling vents like the ones you see on the SUV’s?
  4. ooooo another HUD project yes I’ve seen Phil Gamboa say that the collision assist gets omitted by the one big HUD projector now
  5. That’s awesome dude I’ve seen the projectors go for $100 used, you should join the Facebook group Silverado/Sierra 2014-2018 and show that project, also, I’d love to see the projetion lmaoooo
  6. Awesome! I’d love to see more of it lol I also want to do this as well to my truck hopefully, how much did it end up costing you in total? And how difficult was it taking out the entire dash, cutting inside the exoskeleton of the dash and all that good stuff? I know Viktorrocks15 also did it on his truck but he used an HUD bezel off a Camaro and retrofitted that onto his dash……
  7. @JADSCOOPhow was the final outcome on your project?
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