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  1. Does that sound like a reasonable fix for my problem? At this point I'm a little hesitant to throw more money at this if it isn't going to fix my problem.
  2. Question for everyone but first a little back ground. I've been having issues lately in my 2014 Silverado, IO5, non-Bose. Basically the infotainment system locks up constantly. When it does, you can't change volume, can't change stations/sources, and can't even turn it off. Sometimes it lasts a few seconds, sometimes up to an hour. At any rate, I've taken it in multiple times and only recently did the dealer give me any sort of answer. They chalked it up to a faulty HMI. So I replaced the HMI, guess what, the problem remains. Now they're telling me that it's actually the amplifier in the radio module and quoted me $1100 to replace it. Obviously I noped right out of there. I did some digging and found a replacement part for the amplifier in the radio module (a $5 part), replaced that chip and the problem is still there. So my question is does this sound like an issue that would be remedied by replacing the radio module? If so i'm leaning towards upgrading to the 2.5 HMI because why not at this point. From what I've been able to glean from this thread is that I'll need to replace the radio module + the HMI + the usb port. Am I on the right track here?
  3. I've searched fairly extensively and have found some posts where people are having close to the same issue I am, but not exactly the same. Hoping someone here has some insight for me. So to start, here's a summary to the issues I'm having in my 2014 Silverado with IO5 (8" touchscreen but only onstar nav) infotainment. When I start the pickup, sometimes the infotainment touchscreen doesn't turn on. It might not turn on for 30 seconds or it might take 30 minutes, no consistency. When it does turn on, after a while, again no consistency, my presets (XM37, XM47, XM55, etc.) all default back to the factory 1, 2, 3, etc. When this happens the screen, steering wheel controls, and physical buttons are all 100% unresponsive. You can't change volume, can't change station, can't even turn the unit off. It's just stuck like that until it unfreezes. Yet again, no consistency, it could last 20 seconds or 15 minutes. The longest it has lasted is around an hour. If i happen to park the pickup and turn it off and exit the vehicle while it is in it's frozen state, the radio will stay on. Generally this only last less than 10 minutes and has never (thankfully) resulted in a dead battery. Here are the steps I have taken thus far. I started by taking it into a dealer twice, both times resulting in a $100 diagnostics fee and a note of "can not duplicate issue". So I started doing my own digging. Some people with similar issues have stated it was due to a faulty ground in the dash. I pulled the dash off, popped the nut off that ground and no pinched plastic in there, ground was fine. Others mentioned a faulty HMI module which I know has to be programmed to your VIN so I just dealt with the issue for another 5-6 months before finally taking it back to the dealer this past week. The issue has been much more frequent so I thought now was a good time. I take it in, sure enough, they say faulty HMI. They tell me "Oh we've been replacing these left and right, that's definitely the issue." So I leave it there, tell them to replace the HMI. Call later in the day to see if it's done and they tell me "Well we replaced the HMI and the HMI actually it wasn't the the issue after all, it's the radio module. More specifically, we talked to the GM techs and they said they're 99% sure its due to a bad amplifier in the radio module." For reference this would be part number 13592804. So at this point I'm a bit fired up since now I'm on the hook for the $750 HMI module to replace the original that in all likelihood wasn't even bad since it's still doing the exact same thing as before. Then they tell me to replace the radio module, it'll be another $1100 on top of the $750 i'm already stuck with. So I guess first of all, does anyone have any other insights into my issue? Second, I see I can order a used radio module pretty cheap but is it the same as the HMI where it has to be programmed to your VIN and would anyone have a ballpark idea what it would cost to have a dealer program a used module that I buy if that's the case? I know there's options online to buy a preprogrammed setup, be it a straight replacement (IO5 to IO5) or an upgrade (IO5 to IO6). At this point, if it is in fact a bad radio module, I'd be better off getting a preprogrammed setup rather than paying the dealer to do anything further.
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