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  1. Towing MPG

    I hauled my car in an enclosed car trailer, trailer weighs 3750, and the car weights around 4000. From PA to Just north of Detroit MIcand back to PA
  2. Hellwig 7735

    I have the Hellwig Front and Rear bars, and they are worth every dollar they charge. For what it it the truck actually handles decently. Highly recommended
  3. First pic is the Brembo Rotor Second pic is the stock rotor. Last pic the the comparison
  4. I have the OEM GMC Brembos as well as a set of CTS-v 6 pistons I installed on my other car. Here is a comparison of the 2. Your going to need a massive adapter bracket, and may not work because of the CTS mounting ears hitting the spindle. Plus the GMC Brembo uses a Larger Brake Pad than the CTS, and is physically larger also
  5. Towing mirrors

    You Can physically install the tow mirrors on a truck that did not have them. You can choose to drill a 4th Hole, as I did when I installed mine, but mine were OEM GM DQS Power Folds..... but lots of folks have not installed the hole and either removed the stud from the mirror and or the mirrors don't come with the 4th stud all together. The Mirrors will function 'almost' as they would if you had the harness. The 2 things that are different are the forward facing amber LED's and the Rear facing Cargo LED's the forward facing amber lights will not come on with the parking lights as they would HOWEVER they will come on when the puddle lamps are on, as they share the same pin on the DL3 mirrors the rear facing Cargo LEDS will not function at all, as there is no wiring present
  6. It fits 8 water bottles. Same for the beers lol The cooler is 7” wide by 10” long and 9” deep
  7. I chose to not reinstall the Audio Jack, USB and Media card slot. The 12v power Port is retained in the Cooler insert
  8. The cooler was an option for the SUV’s to keep drinks or whatever you want cold in the center console. It’s an insulated box and uses a Thermoelectric device mounted on the box to keep the inside of the box cool
  9. So all in all not a mod for everyone, I did some testing and the cooler gets to about 20* below the truck interior temp. When I tested the ambient temp was 62* and after 30min the interior of the box got to 40*.
  10. After the harness modification all that was left was to finish the install. I chose to put the OEM Switch inside the center console as in the SUV it’s underneath the climate control forward of the cup holders. There is really no room in the trucks to properly install the switch. This being said I chose to omit the media slots as I never use them anyway Final product
  11. Since I had a wire harness from a SUV, the center console harness shares the same connector and harness plug as the Trucks. The cavities of the SUV match up to the trucks perfectly. That makes it nice. The Cooler only needs power and ground to operate. The switch takes directly to the cooler module needing only 12v. I only needed to add to add one wire from the Truck harness and populate the SUV harness
  12. So once the cuts are made, you can see there is a large plastic panel that is removable at the bottom of the console. This just happens to work perfectly for the exhaust of the cooler
  13. Next is the only mod needed done to the truck console. You need to remove the 12v and Media moulded parts from the console. The SUV s have these as a part of the insert

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