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  1. Interested in the Development of the HUD with the smaller Trim Ring. Please keep us Posted !!!
  2. I was literally going to post the same thing. Facebook Market Place/ Craigslist is full of K2xx tailgates for affordable money.
  3. I have the Hellwig 7735 installed on my truck stock ride height and I did not remove the spare. I had no clearance issues at all with the spare
  4. Im adding this post mainly for info because I couldn’t do a anything on the OEM tail harnesses. I got a set of tails off of a guy that was swapping his OEM tails for a set of Recon LED tails. That being said I didn’t get the OEM harnesses. So I got the tails, harnesses and the Resistor harness from pgamboa the pics show the part numbers for the OEM LED Tail Harnesses
  5. Nice K5. I tow a 24ft Enclosed car trailer... the Car and Trailer with Gear are right around 8,000lbs. Same combo as you 5.3 with a tune/intake/exhaust. Ive logged about 1300 miles just this summer towing the car to shows/etc. You will be fine with the 3 hr trip with the K5 behind you
  6. I have a set of the OEM GM LED tails for my Denali. I already have pgamboa’s harness to adapt my 14 to the LED. I am missing the OEM tail light harness. I thought I had the harness but I must have misplaced them or never got them I believe that part number 84233591 and 84233592 are the correct part numbers for the left and right sides Anyone got a set or a reliable source besides the dealer?
  7. To be honest, it may be easier to find a stock exhaust that was not cut during removal. With out welding, your just going to exhaust leaks.
  8. CarMate 20ft with a 4ft Vnose. Trailer weighs 3750, and 8,000 loaded with my car. Weight distribution bars should be considered. I also have Hellwig 61912 Helper Springs installed
  9. BAK Revolver hands down. Someone would have to damn near cut a hole in the tailgate to get access.
  10. I hauled my car in an enclosed car trailer, trailer weighs 3750, and the car weights around 4000. From PA to Just north of Detroit MIcand back to PA
  11. I have the Hellwig Front and Rear bars, and they are worth every dollar they charge. For what it it the truck actually handles decently. Highly recommended
  12. First pic is the Brembo Rotor Second pic is the stock rotor. Last pic the the comparison
  13. I have the OEM GMC Brembos as well as a set of CTS-v 6 pistons I installed on my other car. Here is a comparison of the 2. Your going to need a massive adapter bracket, and may not work because of the CTS mounting ears hitting the spindle. Plus the GMC Brembo uses a Larger Brake Pad than the CTS, and is physically larger also
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