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  1. 5.3 to 6.2 OEM Exhaust Swap

    I believe they are different. I thought the exhaust diameter was larger on the 6.2., and the ball connector wouldn't fit. you are going to want a replacement Ball Clamp, your most likely going to have cut the one that is on the truck off.
  2. not sure on the sizes but I just had my front bumper off, and the bolt for #5 Bracket is a 18mm and a 10.9 or Grade 8. The Bolts for #4 Bracket are 15mm
  3. I know this is not the typical situation but, I have a local guy that has a 2017 All Terrain SLT with the OEM LED Tails. He likes the look of NON LED Tails better and would like swap with my 2014 Denali Stock Tails. I know GM changed module connectors between the 14-15 and 16+ trucks and the taillight harness is different. I also know I need the Phil G harness or a Gen5DIY to swap into MY truck, but how do I go backwards to make HIS work properly. I recently read someone tried to swap a Silverado from the OEM LTZ LED to the Morimoto LED and was having bulb out warnings on the dash and hyper flash. I want to avoid that as I don't want to give the guy im swapping with problems, as he is not mechanically inclined.
  4. I like what they did with the factory Trail Boss Parts. Cool to see a dealer thinking out of the box
  5. I'm not sure that I like, that they removed all of the high country badging off the fenders, and the Tailgate...... I get the debadging thing but let the buyer decide??
  6. Are all the K2XX trucks and SUV's the same or are there differences? I have read a lot of topics on the subject and come up with some confusion. I'm looking at purchasing a set of GM OEM wheels with TPMS installed from a 2015 Sierra. I'm going to assume these will be compatible with my 2014. I have seen some topics discuss that the 14-15 trucks use a different frequency than the 16+ trucks and 15+ SUV's
  7. Do you Remember what SEM Color matched up. I'm very familiar with the SEM Product lines
  8. FYI, I installed a Painted To Match Shark fin Antenna on my 14 Denail, and everything will work EXCEPT for XM radio if you have it. in the 14 models the XM shares the same wire as the GPS/OnStar. in 15+ the XM was a separate wire. If you want XM to work you have to buy the 15+ XM cable, run it up the pillar and in the headliner and plug in
  9. The Rubber with the gap, is not a seal. It is simply a way to attach the antenna to the roof, and have a good contour and not have any paint wear or direct contact from the plastic of the antenna to the roof. As pointed out, you should not silicon the OUTER section of the antenna, as the gap is designed to let water/air out. The correct way is to remove the antenna, and use a silicon/RTV/whatever you want in addition to the foam seal. here are some pics from my thread I never had a leak in 90K miles as you can obviously see here. You can see the outer rubber of the antenna, and then the inner seal area. This is the Foam seal that actually does all the work to keep the water out The only reason I swapped was to go from the 14 Non painted Antenna on my Denali to the 15+ Painted antenna
  10. I wanted to Say thanks to Member @Stephan Stuelp for a great set of Swaybars. Communication was excellent, and he went above and beyond on the packaging. UPS of course mangled the box, but he zip tied all the hardware to the bars so nothing disappeared. I cant say thanks enough, and I am extremely lucky he took the extra effort so all the hardware made the entire journey. THANK YOU!!!!
  11. High Desert Kit?

    No I was not Implying there is a Kit. I was referring to the Silverado's that are factory equipped with the High Desert Package have nothing complaints with the High Desert Kit.
  12. Off road carbon trim?

    did they happen to have the rest of the door trim in Carbon?
  13. Running Board Pics

    They might be slightly lower but Honestly they are probably the same height being they are a GM OEM Running Board,
  14. High Desert Kit?

    with all the problems related to water leaks and multiple TSB's, and revisions to seals, and the truck still has box leaks, your better off with a good Tonneau cover
  15. Running Board Pics

    to be honest, Nothing really.....if anything at all the 3" step pad is ever so smaller. I liked the looks of the tubular steps over the wide flat chrome steps. The 6" wide chrome steps made the bottom of the truck too chunky IMO

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