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  1. Some pics of the bumper getting painted
  2. Ok Members, Here is the all inclusive way to swap a GMC K2xx 1500 front bumper to a 2500 Front Bumper. This is for the Sierra only, the Silverado is/may be different. First lets start with what IS needed the part numbers if applicable. HD Grille (PN Varies ) HD Bumper assembly (PN varies) HD "headlight fillers"( GM list's them as 'Top Cap Assembly) --------LH PN 22831429 Paintable --------RH PN 22831430 Paintable HD headlight filler brackets ( GM lists them as Fascia Bracket assembly) --------LH PN 23451021 --------RH PN 23451022 ****I will also mention the Front bumper to inner Frame support brackets. I got them with my 2500 bumper when I purchased it, so I used them, and they work and fit great. Im sure but cant say for certain if the 1500 bumper for frame supports can be made to work. Once all the swap parts are acquired, then you can begin modifying the parts on the current truck The 1500 Bumper mounts have to be used. I attempted to try and use the 2500 brackets and the mounting holes are in the wrong location, as well as it makes the bumper sit way too far forward away from the truck, As for the 1500 modifications, the 3 mounting holes will need slotted so the bumper brackets can sit lower to accommodate the additional height of the new bumper. Reinstall the brackets and drop them down until they hit the frame. ***** I spaced my brackets up a bit off of the frame. I felt the gap between the headlight fillers/grille, and the bumper was too much. with a little spacing you can get the gap nice and tight***** I also used 3 additional washers behind the brackets to space the bracket away from the frame. With out the additional spacing the bumper sat too close and didn't align in the wheel well Once the frame brackets are situated, you can move onto the fascia brackets. they are a simple swap, unbolt the 1500 and swap them for the 2500 brackets Now install the headlight fillers onto the fascia brackets that were just installed. The headlight filler assembly's will also use a bolt location from the 1500 grille that the 2500 does not use. Now its time for the bumper. Install the bumper onto the frame brackets. The 1500 brackets will only allow the Upper hole closest to the grille to be used for attachment. The Bumper will fit pretty tight onto the brackets. As I said earlier I was able to use the 2500 Inner bumper to frame brackets , they were the correct length, and shape to fit around the frame Mounts The last big modification is the fender well trim. The 1500 trim is much longer as shown by the blue tape line. The trim needs cut on the bottom of the tape to align with the headlight fillers When it’s all said and done the top pic is the OEM 1500 Denali and the Bottom is the 2500 Denali Swap (yes I know the fog lights aren’t in but I was excited to take a pic)
  3. there are a few that have done it, you need the following. 2500 Bumper with all bumper brackets 2500 Grille Left and Right Under head light Fillers you will need to make a few new holes for all the brackets to bolt on but its very simple.
  4. Im Lucky, no emissions in my County, so only one sticker on the windshield for me. The Class 2 Sticker is in the glove box
  5. I have the install directions that @tbarn sent me. Its a huge file so it needs to be emailed. The printed directions are about 35+ pages. This is because the Trucks and SUV's are in the same install directions. If you bought the correct K2xx headrest kit, you can install it your self with out any issues.
  6. Interested in the HUD Package. Can you get some better pics of the crack in the projector lense? You can PM me if youd like
  7. Ralph, im in a similar boat as you. I tow a enclosed 24 foot car trailer in the summer that weighs in at right around 8,500lbs. I have the Volant intake and a Corsa Catback tuned with HP tuners. Towing in the Mountains of PA and heading over and thru Michigan, the 5.3 left me wanting more. My truck is mainly a Tow Rig and hauler for me, as its not a daily driver. As far as the headers go, I have seen many trucks with the stock exhaust setups make great power. I have thoughts of adding headers, but with the Corsa and adding LT's it might make the truck really loud, and that is at least a concern for me with the towing I do. Its already loud with the Intake noise from the Volant and the Corsa under throttle pulling the trailer. I also have no plans to drag race the trunk.(My Car makes 600 wheel) soooooo that being said I actually ordered a 2.9 Whipple while they were having a 15% off Black Friday sale. I wanted the added TQ and HP that the Whipple will give to the truck even on Pump 93
  8. so the bars are different for the K2xx and the T1 trucks. I will say the bracket for the K2xx that wraps around the bed pocket really isn't that secure. I have installed the sport bar on my truck and actually cut off the part that wraps around the side of the bed rail to be able to install a Revolver bed cover. It if was me, I would drill the bed, and install a nut insert into the top of the rail and insert a bolt like the OEM T1 trucks have it. As far as the wireharness goes since I have a 2014 and installed the sport bar I just ran the connections to the rear junction box near the spare tire that the tail light harness plugs into. if you have a 14-18 I would run the wire down the pass side and tap into the rear junction box as well
  9. I think the latch (part on bracket) needs to be reversed. I have the same setup on mine and without looking I believe my latch was facing towards the tailgate
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