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  1. Looking for someone that has access to GM eSi or similar dealer docs, specifically the Installation Documents for the K2xx Rear DVD headrests. Its GM Document ID 4041676, or Instructions Part Number 233509569. All I have is a pic that I came across on Google that shows the correct document
  2. I recently Installed a set of Recon that are plug and play for the OEM LED's on my cousins SLT. The Recons are a select few that work flawlessly on the SLT/Denali OEM LED Trucks
  3. @Vuk Excellent Post/write up with Pictures. I will be collecting parts soon for this mod.
  4. Im currently acquiring parts to do a 2500 bumper swap on my 1500. One of the things that I have found is the differences in the front fender trim. I also know that by making a few trips to the dealer, and seeing the 14-15 and 16-18 1500s side by side they def use a different fender trim. Quick measurements off the front attachment hole of the trim show that the 16+ trim is nearly the same as the 2500 trim. I have not researched part numbers to confirm
  5. I believe that the 14-15 GMC flairs are different in the front only near the bumper. The 14-15 flairs are about 1" longer. I have been doing some research, and I believe that the 15-19 2500 flares that are available as paint matched are the same as the 16-18 1500 flares
  6. Thanks for the great post and part numbers. Do you have any pics of the install or the finished product.
  7. I have a Equalizer 4 point WDH setup when the trailer is attached, Well within the towing capacities, The Trailer, car and stuff are about 8,500lbs.
  8. I have a set of the Hellwig Pro Series in the rear if that makes a difference
  9. No problem, I have a few more pics if youd like them. let me know if you have any questions, its pretty scary making the first cut into the Sport Bar!!
  10. Been doing a lot of reading on here about the different shocks available for the K2xx. Does anyone have any recommendations specifically for towing. My truck with the trailer and now I have been noticing with out the trailer, is developing a pogo in the front over large bumps in the road. It feels as the stock ranchos (I know they are terrible) don't have the controlled rebound after they are compressed over the bumps. The Truck does not see any off road at all so all im really looking for is the dampening and control with and with out the trailer on. I have a set of Hellwig Helpers in the rear so its a little stiffer than the stock ride, and I believe could benefit from a shock upgrade also In guessing the Bilstein are the way to go these days?? or something else??
  11. The Rails have a bracket that mounts into the stake pocket if your going to use them for the sport bar then you can use the ones off a Canyon or a Sierra as the length wont matter because you will be cutting them I believe the actual rail is a 1 1/2 OD but I used a 1 1/4 hole saw, but I filed the rest to make everything fit extremely tight. As far as length once I had a hole opened up to the correct size I just shoved the rail into the bar as far as it would go, then took a rough measurement to where it connects to the Rear. I cut off the side that goes into the sport bar, because the rear connection at the stake pocket is on an Angle and has a locating tab on the bottom
  12. So now that its getting colder, and my truck is sharing Hauling/Tailgating duties on Sundays for Home Football games, Im wondering if its easily done to integrate Rear Heated seats using OEM parts and pieces. I realize that I could get an Ebay kit with some crappy universal switches and that's not how id like to make it work. My vison for this is using the following OEM K2xx SUV Rear Console Heated Seat Switch and climate buttons. (fits in the GM Truck Console with no modifications) OEM K2xx Suv rear heated seat pads (should be close enough to fit under the GM Truck Seat covers) My questions, I can make up a harness or solve any wiring issues, but what modules if any are used with the GM SUV rear heated seat circuits. I've looked thru the GM upfitter manual but haven't been able to really drill down and figure out how it all plays out. @pgamboa do you have any insight, recommendations or can answer any of the module questions Any help to see if this project is possible or part numbers would greatly appreciated!!!
  13. Correct. yes I get the red light on the mirror. My Orignal Antenna was the 2 wire purple connector, my new antenna is the 2 wire purple, and 1 wire gold
  14. With my painted 15+ antenna on my 14, my compass works 100% as does my Nav, on Star is not active so I don’t know about that. I just get the check XM antenna message.
  15. 2014-2018 and 2019 Classic GMC Sierra LED Taillights. Will fit GMC Sierra all 1500 and 2500 trucks w/o OEM LED Taillights. These are Anzo Model Number 311218. They are the very lightly smoked lens model. I believe these are now discontinued from Anzo. Installed on the truck for less than a year. All LEDs are functional. I only removed them to install OEM GM LED Taillights. I paid $335 plus shipping. Asking 200obo.
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