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  1. one thing I didn’t take into consideration off the bat, was the height of the pad for the rotor surface. The CTS-V pad has a much larger contact area than the stock pad (these Baer rotors are meant for stock pad size). Did a bunch of digging, and found a pad shape that is the exact same for the caliper, and is the correct height for the rotor. Progress! Decided to purchase a spindle for measuring/mock up so I’m not pulling my truck apart each time. Hopefully have that by the end of the week, then I’ll get the adapter drawn up
  2. Wow, thanks for the comparison photos, that helps a ton seeing them side by side! I get my V caliper today, then just waiting on the 15” Baer rotor to arise early next week. I’m hoping the larger rotor pushed the caliper out enough to avoid the spindle, but will have to wait to mock everything up to see. Im hoping since the bolt spacing is narrower on the v caliper, that it should help to make the adapter bracket easier, since the bolt holes are offset a decent bit
  3. Just to update this thread. I appreciate all the input and the reply’s! I went ahead and ordered a CTS-V caliper, and one of the Baer upgrade rotors (same dimension as the OEM CTS-V), so that I can put eyes on everything and see if it is feasible to make this all work. Bear in mind, this isn’t going to be some hacked up/cobbled together project like some are insinuating. I have the ability/accessibility to design/3D print a prototype bracket and have it machined once its right. I’m aware of the off the shelf options, and they don’t really appeal to me. This is going to be a fun project for me either way. In the end, of it works, I figure I will be ahead on the OEM upgrade kit, and be in this for ~$1500 all said and done. Thanks again for all the input! I’ll update this once I have parts in hand.
  4. Rotor from Baer I believe is PN# 6920962 which is a 15” diameter, 1.25” thick rotor. Same as 2nd gen CTS-V. At the moment I’m more concerned about getting the fronts to work, but I believe Baer has a similar rear rotor upgrade as well
  5. Tried searching around but coming up empty. Has anyone had success, or attempted to upgrade to 2009+ (2nd gen) CTS-V brakes? It appears the Baer upgrade rotors are the same size as the CTS-V, and I’m able to model and make brackets if needed. But wanted to check first if anyone has attempted or been successful with this upgrade before spending the money on all the parts Thanks in advance for any input!
  6. Yes, it hits the bend in the stock piping on my 2015 before it tucks under.
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