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  1. Bumping this question since it may have gotten lost in the recent posts. Would GM harnesses 84290984 and 84290964 work for converted DL8 to DQS tow mirrors, or is it easier to just modify my existing harness to get full functionality of DQS mirrors?
  2. I have a 2018 Silverado LT with DL8 mirrors. When ordering DQS mirrors from the dealer, they mentioned that harnesses 84290984 (left side) and 84290964 (right side) would work to make the DQS fully functional. Can anyone confirm if this is true? Would the haress support the power folding feature by replacing just the mirror switch? Will the drivers side auto dimming function if I install the auto dimming rearview mirror and harness from pgamboa? Thanks in advance for the help. I'm addicted to this forum now after getting my truck.
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