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  1. K2XX - Center Console/Removable Cup Holder

    still available?
  2. 2014 LTZ Z71 Double Cab

    Roll N Lock M Series Tonneau GM Accessories/Add ons: Bedsteps Rectangular Assist Steps Hood Protector Bug Deflector Vent Visors Splash Guards Moveable Tie Down Hooks Under Seat Storage Stainless Exhaust Tip All Weather Floor Mats Wheel Locks Sunshade Bed Net Driver's A pillar assist handle Tailgate Liner Receiver Hitch Cover Wheel Locks
  3. wheel locks

    I spoke with Customer service at McGards today and they advise against 2 wheel locks on each wheel but could not tell me why. I am putting them 180 degrees apart from each other. The installation instructions state to torque down to factory specs (140 lb. ft). I just don't see the issue. Anybody?
  4. perfect, as soon as all of this holiday stuff is over I can climb under there and try to figure this out. ALL of yoose guys have been a big help thanks!
  5. THANKS, that gives me hope enough to start digging. How hard was it to get to the controller?
  6. Been down this road before,(read countless threads) it went away, now it's back with a vengeance. I don't use the Integrated braking Controller anyway. is there just a fuse I can pull to stop the damn alarm from popping up on my DIC every 60 seconds before I lose my mind??????
  7. pictures like this make me actually appreciate the 98% humidity and 98 degree temp during summer her.
  8. are you referring to the four tone (purple, brown, tan and beige) interior?
  9. that's the answer I was looking for thank you very much!
  10. So yes I've done a search and can't find the answer I'm looking for. A local guy is selling the radio and 2 modules (plz see pic) from a High country vehicle. My question is - with both modules and the radio, do I still need to bring my truck to the dealership to make this work?
  11. Dash Switch POD swap for bigger???

    I got this one collecting dust if you want it
  12. It’s kinda the same reason everybody is obsessed with 20” and 22” wheels on their trucks. And they have the nerve to complain about the harsh ride. To each his own I say.
  13. I did the same. I bought a used 2015 LTZ Z71 Black Custom Sport Edition grill on eBay. Cost me $345. It had the black surround so I just in snapped the inserts and changed them. This is what it looked like.
  14. Surround is from 2015 LTZ Custom Sport. Horizontal bar inserts from 2014 LTZ. Surround is painted black from factory. Has nicks and scratches. Make offer. Package is 55x22x8 28 pounds. Will ship from 70065.

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