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  1. I remember something strange like having to lift straight up on the panel or something like that.
  2. My 2014 is now over 8 years old and has ~85,000 miles on it. It is an LTZ Z71 double cab 1500 with 5.3 liter engine. Seems I have had darn near every common problem with it that I've read about here in the Forum. Heated seats, A/C condenser, thermostat, wiring issues, plus a couple others that escape me at the moment. Question is should I continue to see more issues or am I over the hump? Is my oil pump bound to fail? Are these problems widespread or just common on certain models? I know its a broad question, just looking for opinions.
  3. Well after going to the store yesterday I noticed the temp fluctuating. Turns out the problem was the thermostat. Comes up to temp and stays there now.
  4. That for sure fixed the problem. Running 200° Ish Again
  5. Thanks even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time
  6. if you own a 2014, at some point in time the heated seats will stop working, the A/C condenser will leak, your negative battery cable may go bad. there are many common problems on the 2014's that GM didnt get remedied until ate 2015 and into the 2016 models. I own a 2014
  7. Anybody have the GM part number for this? all of the internet research that ive done yield about a dozen different AC Delco part numbers and few 8 digit GM part numbers. Am trying to avoid driving down to the stealership. Prior to the original sensor (the one with the white plastic connector) failing, my engine temp was typically around 200 degrees. I replaced it with an AC Delco 213-4514 (has black plastic connector) (per Amazon correct fitment) and my temp doesnt get over 180 degrees. What temps are yall seeing please?
  8. So a couple weeks ago I start hearing what sounds like static or a chattering relay coming from inside the dash A pillar area. Is intermittent but mostly does it when going over bumps and/ or hard acceleration. Once did it sitting in the driveway. This morning I noticed the center stack switch lights and headlight switch flickering in sync with the noise. anybody had this issue before?
  9. I put the 5100’s on the front to level it out. Put 4600’s on the rear. Difference from stock is like night and day.
  10. Get the round ones and that problem goes away
  11. I don’t have a pic but in the recessed area there are 4 torx head screws. Remove them. Then lift the rear panel straight up. It should come right off.
  12. Can you tell me how to remove this? I bought a new one. Crossing fingers I don’t have to tear the console apart.
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