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  1. I got rid of the liner and remembered that somebody in this forum sent me these for free. Just paying it forward.
  2. After repeated tries, GM no longer offers these, only the torx head version which I have 4 of. I have 3 of my original 4 just looking to replace the one that I lost. If anybody has one of these available please let me know.
  3. Bump. Am throwing in two Salex OCD center console organizers.
  4. You have black and want to go to chrome ?
  5. Looking to get $100 plus shipping. These are 3M DiNoc wrapped . Textured very nice. PM me if interested
  6. Dammit. J just sold A good one on eBay been sitting on forever. What year you got?
  7. Brownstone (Subterranean Metallic) is GWX
  8. Still loving my 2014 Z71. Only 66,000 Miles!
  9. Help please. I recently replaced the heating elements / cooling thingys in my driver's seat and all is working fine. I need to replace the seat cushion element on the passenger side but NOT the seat back. I still have the boxes from the parts that I bought but didn't keep track of which was which. they are 23223775 and 23170194. Does anybody know which is for the lower cushion?
  10. I also just wrapped the top of the cup holder with 3M 1080 matte silver. I had the gloss sterling silver to match the dash but the glare was unbearable.
  11. I have a double cab but I had plenty left over. I bought 24”x48”. This is the rear of mine.
  12. This is the 3M Di-Noc Graphite. It’s a pleasure to work with. It is like sheet plastic when cold but flows where you want when you heat it up. Really nice stuff.
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