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  1. I don’t have a pic but in the recessed area there are 4 torx head screws. Remove them. Then lift the rear panel straight up. It should come right off.
  2. Can you tell me how to remove this? I bought a new one. Crossing fingers I don’t have to tear the console apart.
  3. Just dig under the seat for the matching connector to your new heater pad. Passenger side is easier to find.
  4. 23223775 is for the seat bottom- either side. Before you take the seat apart, plug the mat into the connector and turn the heater on to be sure that’s the problem.
  5. if you accidentally loosend the connector on the human interface module, you wont be able to start the truck.
  6. White letters on 20" chrome wheels. These are the Adventure A/T with Kevlar:
  7. I could look at that brunette in that commercial that is standing in the driveway all day and you wouldn’t hear me complain.
  8. Just went out to disconnect the battery. Hit the remote unlock and the inside of the cab lit up. Just one of those things I guess. Thanks just the same
  9. I must be blind because I can’t find it on that list either
  10. Tried that. Lights over rear seats don’t work either
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