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  1. WTB: Z71 Badges for Doors 2016 Silverado

    They are a bunch on eBay and Amazon that are new
  2. Bilstein shocks thread

    You got that right my friend, I changed mine yesterday. I had no idea what the difference would be.
  3. Sway Bar End Link Bolts

    Just put them on. Polyurethane bushings won’t let me bottom out the threads. I tightened town to 20 lb.ft. Let it ride
  4. Sway Bar End Link Bolts

    no, I can run the nut all the way up the threads til it runs out of threads
  5. Sway Bar End Link Bolts

    my OEM nuts free spin on the bolt - same as the replacement NAPA nut/bolt that I purchased.
  6. Sway Bar End Link Bolts

    What holds the damn nut on? Loctite?
  7. Sway Bar End Link Bolts

    That’s what I was thinking but wasn’t sure. Thx
  8. Am replacing them but don’t know how tight to draw down the nuts. OEM and new NAPA both have non lock nuts and no lock washers.
  9. Alcohol sensor

    me too
  10. Bilstein shocks thread

    Exactly what you said. Took me about an hour, thanks👍🏼
  11. Owner's Manual Pouch

    Yes sir it does
  12. Owner's Manual Pouch

    My 2014 came with a leather case.

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