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  1. if you accidentally loosend the connector on the human interface module, you wont be able to start the truck.
  2. White letters on 20" chrome wheels. These are the Adventure A/T with Kevlar:
  3. I could look at that brunette in that commercial that is standing in the driveway all day and you wouldn’t hear me complain.
  4. Just went out to disconnect the battery. Hit the remote unlock and the inside of the cab lit up. Just one of those things I guess. Thanks just the same
  5. I must be blind because I can’t find it on that list either
  6. Tried that. Lights over rear seats don’t work either
  7. 2014 1500 LTZ Z71. Dome lights quit working. I can’t find the fuse. Help plz
  8. I posted weeks ago that I would trade
  9. I changed my evaporator on a 92° day. After charging it I was getting 56° air coming out of the vents. Even with high humidity mine cools my cabin down with no problem. Gets to low speed in auto all the time.
  10. I recently did a front brake job on my ‘14 and couldn’t help but notice that the original pads have metallic flecks in them. My last Silverado had ceramic pads that lasted 190k miles. I only have 73k on this one.
  11. So a while after changing the battery, the remote start issue returned. Having taken your advice and doing some research, i located and cleaned grounds at rear if chassis, left side of chassis, right side of chassis, 6 inside the cab, ground strap to engine and 2 on left side of engine block. Reached up and grabbed the negative battery cable connection on the rear of the engine- no movement, good and tight.No real issues found and the Remote start issue remained. Then i did the same on all of the positive buss connections at the battery. Still the problem remained. When you said “check grounds” not “check THE ground” I didn't think to check there. I went back to the neg. cable to engine connection And there it was. The lug was bolted atop the painted metal bracket for the transmission diptube. Lug was distorted and had arc marks on it. Theres more in another thread that i put up. Thanks for your help.
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