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  1. 20” rims instead of 18’s

    I removed the LTZ 20's (RD2 I think?) and went to the Z71 18's(RD1) and the difference in ride to me was like night and day. I also found the steering response to be sharper as well.
  2. $50 for both shipped anywhere in the lower 48. other than the adhesive tape missing, the bowtie is like Brand New!
  3. thanks, I have already but both front and rear gold ones back on. Am gonna put the rear one in the for sale section. I'm done with this endeavor.
  4. That’s what I was thinking
  5. Correct, I just put the old one back. In fact I put the gold bow tie back on the tail gate as well
  6. So I get home today and this is what I see.they got the bow tie and the license plate with the bracket😡
  7. Thanks, I just hate it when somebody tells me I can’t have something
  8. Thanks. It’s a long process so time and LOTS of patience are needed. -start by taking a deep breath because you more than likely paid between $65 and $100 for this emblem. -start by removing the adhesive tape from the back. -using a radial arm saw and a sharp carbide blade, cut a 3/16” deep slot down the back from top to bottom -copy the angle of the bottom of the grill pocket with a contour gauge. -I put mine half way in a wood padded vise and began to SLOWLY and evenly heating the middle area until it bends. This step alone took me at least half an hour. I got about 75% of the bend in this step. -now do the same to the outer portions creating the needed contour. (lots of dry fitting) —you will need to shave about 1/16” off of the sides and round over the points just a bit to get it in. -double stick tape from there👍🏼 - andvthe square part of the new bow tie is narrower than the old one so you will have some “gappage” on the sides. I did some strategic filling with silver silicone.
  9. Since they don’t make one to fit the 2014-2015 front grille, I “massaged” a tailgate emblem to fit.
  10. Just a little Centennial Heritage love for the z71.
  11. Foot pedals settings

    ditto on 2014 LTZ Z71

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