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  1. Two weeks old and to realize it ain’t to my liking. $75 ships this one anywhere on the lower 48 states. IM me
  2. I sure hope so because I'm buying a switch that lights up and am going to attempt it. Am changing the whole thing.
  3. Legends badge is a little stiff but you could pre-bend it to fit.
  4. I have the OEM bed steps on both sides, love them, use them all the time. Worth the money if you ask me.
  5. I bought mine from GM and had the same problem with the driver's side window only. Sanded the flange a little to "thin" it some, worked for a while then started doing it again. Back to the stick on type. no trouble
  6. Got rid of my 2015 Z60 LT because it drove like a Corvette - fillings in my back teeth would come loose every time I rolled over a crack in the pavement. Now driving a 2014 LTZ Z71 and the ride is much smoother with the Rancho shocks. Weird how we all have different experiences with this.
  7. 592 miles on a tank of gas, HTF are you doing that? You doing 35mph downhill the whole time?
  8. Buddy of mine has a CC with the 6-1/2 foot bed. Looks like a school bus parked next to mine. Strange how ~10" could make such a difference. And he constantly reminds me of how he has ~10" more than me
  9. I went from stock 20's with Goodyear Eagles to stock 18's with the same exact tire that you have and my mileage didn't change one bit. Am still getting 420ish miles per tank before the little light comes on the dash.
  10. not the one that I have, thought about it though. Thinking about buying one though to stick one to if I don't put the pair elsewhere.
  11. I said the same until the deal I came across on my Brownstone Metallic truck. I actually hated it and made me hesitant to pull the trigger. To me it screamed "old man drives this truck". After about a week it started growing on me, not to mention I was getting a lot of comments from friends(and a stranger) on how much they liked the color. "Behind these eyes and between these ears is a scary place to live."
  12. I that case I could put them on the front of the running boards where the puddle lamps can shine on them.
  13. I need the 6-1/2 foot bed in a half ton truck. CC's with 6-1/2 foot bed weren't common when I bought. If I remember correctly, going to CC 5-1/2 bed in my trim level(LTZ Z71) was around $5k extra and going to CC 6-1/2 foot bed was around $7k extra though none were readily available. Besides, I only use the rear seats for grandchildren so it's really no issue. Other than that I would have bought a RCSB in a lower trim level. Also there is something about the CC rear door that just doesn't look right to me.

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