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  1. Thanks to all for feedback. I haven't been ducking yall, just my wife has health issues and I have to take care of her first. In regards to the truck I have been spending most of my free time doing troubleshooting and such on these issues. First of all lets start with the front end shimmy. The first thing I did was replace the front pads and rotors. Had font end inspected and aligned. The shimmy remained after that. When I replaced the 4+ year old battery, the problem went away. I have since put the old battery back in and the shimmy returned. Loss of steering assist - same as above. Went away when I replaced the battery, returned when I put the old battery back in. I brought the truck in to a local shop to check for codes. There was a considerable amount of "low battery voltage" and "low reference voltage" codes. Nothing else. Given the issues with the sporadic lack of engine crank from the key(which was very rare) and the attempt to crank from either remote or Onstar, I figured I'd remove and clean ALL grounds. Thanks to the GM Upfitter manuals, i was able to locate about 3000 of them. The manual states that the system does a self check every time and if the voltage upon remote start falls below a certain level, it will abort the start. Still no luck(all ground connections looked and checked good, problem remained. I then figured I'd pull the alternator to have it checked. While I was under the hood I started the truck to see what it was putting out. 14.4ish volts. (Battery voltage was 13.3 prior to start)Again using the GM Upfitter manual to understand the voltage levels, I was confident that the alternator was working properly. I then remover the plastic cover from the fuse-link rail on top of the battery to check to be sure that all of the connections were tight. Sure enough all bolts were tight. There are 2 connectors on this rail that push and snap in (X6 and X7). X7 was about 1/4" out from being seated. I pushed it in until it snapped in place. I was not confident that this was an issue. I closed the hood and hit the remote. It kicked over like a truck with a new starter and a new battery should. I have since started it numerous times. With the remote and Onstar app. Thus far its working perfectly. I did some digging in the UPfitter manual. Turns out these feed the two fuse boxes on either side of the dash. X7 feeds crank voltage relay, parts of collision alert system and parts of the trailer brake system. So far so good. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for all of yall's input! IMG_8209.3gp
  2. Because it doesnt do it since i changed the battery!!!!!
  3. I came out of Home Depot one day, walked up to my truck pressing the unlock on the remote and the lights wouldnt flash. kept trying, pulled on the door handle on passenger side rear to put stuff I had in there but wouldn't unlock. Then I head a voice from over my shoulder: "that's mine, you may wanna try the one on the other side, I bet its yours". duh
  4. the problem is now gone since battery replacement
  5. So ive been battling a few issues here off and on for about 2 years now. Up until recently, I thought they had all been fixed. Here is what has been going on: “Service Forward Camera” typical only happened during rain or when first started engine System was disabled until restart Replaced seat alert motors and issue went away (one was bad) recently randomly came up again System not disabled “Service Trailer Brake System” typical during rain only repetitive, could not clear replaced module and problem went away for about 6 months no signs of water intrusion recently random Could be cleared “Service Anti-Theft system” Failure to remote start Issue only arose during very cold weather Replaced starter and problem went away for about 6 months Failure to key start Recent issue began a couple of months ago “Warning Hood Open” displayed when driver door was open during crank Engine would start up immediately on first retry every time Intermittent power steering failure during slow speed maneuvers typically when making quick back and forth turns to back up Front end shimmy during hard braking I started to think of what could all of these systems have in common. I know electronics can get stupid if supply voltage isn't correct. 1- The issues that had only during the rain were when the wipers and headlights were on 2--Other issues occurred during or right after cold starts of the engine 3-The steering issue is electric assist and only during low engine rpm maneuvers 4-The shimmy in the front end during hard braking - anti lock brake module? I replaced the 4 year old battery and all of these issues have thus far gone away. The truck was built in Oct 2013. The battery that I replaced had a date code on it of May 2016. (original battery replaced after 3 years?) My previous Silverado(2003) would kill the battery every 3 years like clockwork. Maybe this will help somebody out there...…..
  6. I thought that I had solved this problem about 6 months ago by replacing the module above the spare tire. What didn't make sense was the warning typically came on only during the rain. I installed a new battery and this problem along with about 5 other problems have thus far gone away. battery was 4 years old.
  7. close. very close. Battery cables are fine. Installed a new battery and problem went away. Along with about 5 other issues that I was having.
  8. I did this a couple years ago. I had black and wanted chrome. He sent me his in a reusable box. I shipped the black ones back same day that i received the chrome ones
  9. Not sure. I bought the truck CPO from Chevy. 30k miles 3 yrs old. I replaced the battery a couple hours ago.
  10. ill trade my chrome for your black
  11. weird things? like "trailer brake warning" and "service forward camera"?
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