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  1. Simple and no mess, never have to worry about oil pan threads. Very useful on vehicles that the oil hits something (cross member or something) On the wife's car I simply open the valve, then check fluids, replace oil filter, check air filter, etc while it drains I have another vehicle I chose not to use one. The plug is on the bottom of the pan so I didn't want it hanging down, and was afraid with the design that it wouldn't drain all of the oil out
  2. I believe it is something like this: https://www.amazon.com/LC-10-F-Type-FUMOTO-Valves-Compatible/dp/B011SDCZAK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526494723&sr=8-1&keywords=fumoto+valve+lock I have a magnetic drain plug but will be switching to the fumoto valve at me next oil change
  3. Assuming same gear ratio, I would go with the 6.2 with 8 speed transmission. As mentioned earlier, gear ratio plays a HUGE role in "speed" and towing
  4. I run husky, but have factory wheels...LOL so no offset Those Duraflaps do look good with aftermarket wheels/tires
  5. I used to have a little commuter car. It FINALLY wore out, so I "consolidated" to a 1500 CC and now use it for my "do everything" vehicle. Much better ride and I rather sit up higher anyway. It gets me from A----B and can handle any house project that I want to do
  6. 1/4 tank and mine gets filled up, sometimes sooner than that It cost the same to keep the needle at the top as it does at the bottom, that's how I've always looked at it
  7. Looks good! You'll love it, easily the best mod I've done to the truck
  8. Daily driver commuting to work and back with occasional weekend travel. Haven't owned it a complete year yet but expect to put 20,000 - 25,000 miles a year
  9. Crew Cab short bed and Double Cab standard(long) bed have the same wheelbase of 143.5". Overall length on both of these is 230.03" Crew Cab standard(long) bed has a wheelbase of 153" with overall length of 239.57"
  10. I like the looks of a CC better than the mini-door of a DC. Plus the resale value is there if I ever decide that route
  11. I'm surprised more people don't use apps like Fuelly. Super quick, easy, loads of data on them, and they are free. Much easier to keep up with and sort through than a manual ledger
  12. The condenser was updated with an extra bracket I believe. Will your compressor not engage? have you checked the line pressure?
  13. Find a good cleaner that is safe to use that doesn't dry out rubber. Clean it good then apply anything mentioned already (I used dielectric grease on my beater) let it "soak" then wipe clean
  14. Worth it? Not to me, but if you can sell it, replace it, and come out on top then sure. I think it would be hard to sell 1 rim that doesn't match anything but who knows

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