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  1. Looking at replacing my rear shocks and going back and forth between the 4600s and 5100s. The 5100s seem more popular but several post on here describing a trampoline feeling with them. I do mostly highway driving with very little towing. Any advice or suggestions? Not looking to ever lift the front or rear. I live in the south so not much issue with salt. Currently have the Z71 pink ranchos
  2. I have no complaints on the ride of the rancho shocks. But they are rusted at the bottom (I live in the south) and one is blown already, so I am open to any better options with similar pricing I found the huge Bilstein shock thread. Looks like 5100s or 4600s are to be had
  3. Changing the driveline fluids today and noticed a rear shock that has "blown" on the driver's side. What's everyone have? I'm not looking to lift or lower and had no complaints with the factory rear shocks. Should I stick with an OEM replacement or is there something better? I currently have pink rancho shocks on a 2017 Silverado crew cab 4wd Z71 with 65k miles. Truck does have the towing package but I only pull a light duty trailer with a small mower once a month in the summer
  4. I flipped the pill before I did mine then I used the method below. I also went ahead and did the transfer case since it uses the same fluid
  5. Anyone have experience with these? My factory wranglers are finished at 46,000 miles (hated them from the start). I have the factory 265/65 R18 I drive 95% highway miles so I'm looking for a H/T not A/T. Mainly dry and wet conditions here, hardly ever any ice/snow Heavily leaning to the Michelin Defender LTX M/S but the Geolandar caught my eye at $41 less per tire
  6. Haven't been on in a while. Jump seat still available. Had several interested but none serious
  7. Good to know. I was leaning toward the Dorman plug Thanks everyone
  8. Factory oil plug has been leaving a drip every once in a while since I did my last oil change. Monitored it but never more than a drip every few days. Time for a new oil change so looking into replacing the plug Finding lots of replacements from the Dorman 090-091 to Gold Plug AP-04. One uses the factory o-ring type seal while the other uses an aluminum crush washer. Any recommendations or pros/cons on one vs the other? Not really interested in the Fumoto type plugs
  9. Bump, I'm can drive and meet somewhere if anyone is interested. Always up for a road trip
  10. Black leather jump seat with locking storage out of my 2017 Silverado. Will fit any 2014-2018 Silverado or Sierra 1500. Seat was less than a month old when pulled and has NO scratches or marks on it anywhere. Also included is the ash tray WITH power inverter. Everything needed to either go from a console to a jump seat or upgrade existing jump seat to leather. Located in Middle TN, would rather meet local (I don't mind driving) rather than ship. Asking $250
  11. Best mod ever: center console if you don't have it Other things I did that you haven't mentioned: ebay frame "plugs", pedal flex fix, Husky flaps, locking hitch (wrapped with duct-tape to keep from rattling), invest in good detailing products
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