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  1. Stuck Brake Calipher ?

    While it's acting up ( feels like the brake is dragging), pull over and touch the brake rotor - did it burn your hand = stuck caliper. Drive it a little more - is white smoke coming up from the brake = stuck caliper. The smell of burnt rubber could be from the brake lines and the high heat from the hot rotor.
  2. Safety Issue Type: Recalls August 30 2018 NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V578000 Brake Pedal May Come Loose If the brake pedal becomes loose or inoperative, the driver may be unable to stop the vehicle by using the brake pedal. Additionally, a loose pedal may also interfere with the accelerator pedal. Either condition may increase the risk of a crash. NHTSA Campaign Number 18V578000 Manufacturer General Motors LLC Components SERVICE BRAKES, HYDRAULIC Potential Number of Units Affected 41468 Summary General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling certain 2015-2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, 3500, 1500 Crew Cab Special Service, Tahoe Police Pursuit/Special Service, GMC Sierra 2500, and 3500 vehicles. The brake pedal pivot nut may loosen, causing the brake pedal to be loose or inoperative. Remedy GM will notify owners, and dealers will add adhesive to the nut and reinstall the nut with increased tightness, free of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule. Owners may contact Chevrolet customer service at 1-800-222-1020, or GMC customer service at 1-800-462-8782. GM's number for this recall is 18278. Note: The vehicles in this recall need this additional remedy despite being covered by recall 16V069 for brake pedal loosening.
  3. The following may apply to one or more of your vehicles if your vehicle is listed below. Click on the NHTSA Recall ID Number below to read more about the safety issue and the reason for the recall. To find out if your specific passenger vehicle is included in the recall, use our VIN Look-up Tool. NHTSA Recall ID Number : 18V586 Manufacturer : General Motors LLC Subject : Temporary Loss of Electric Power Steering (EPS) Make Model Model Years CADILLAC ESCALADE 2015 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 2015 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 2015 CHEVROLET TAHOE 2015 GMC SIERRA 1500 2015 GMC YUKON 2015
  4. 2019+ T1 Truck Topics

    New V8 Engines Feature Dynamic Fuel Management how it works: https://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=10122
  5. 2019+ T1 Truck Topics

    Almost everything you want to know about the features of the 2019 Sierra MultiPro tailgate - lots of pictures of each configuration of the tailgate. https://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=10068
  6. 2019+ T1 Truck Topics

    RPOs and interesting info including 'how to' instructions for the 2019 trucks. https://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=10070
  7. For a 'basic' explanation of why not to change transmission fluid:
  8. Push to Talk Button Operation Posted on July 8, 2018 by blogadmin The push to talk button on the steering wheel (Fig. 9) is used to answer an incoming call or activate voice recognition with the infotainment system on some GM models. However, on other models without built-in voice recognition, the push to talk button will only connect to OnStar or the voice recognition of a connected mobile phone. Fig. 9 2018-2019 Sonic, Trax, Terrain; and 2019 Encore, Regal, Camaro, Colorado, Cruze, Equinox, Malibu, Silverado, Canyon and Sierra models equipped with Infotainment 3 systems (RPO IOR) do not have voice recognition capability with the infotainment system. The voice recognition commands are dependent on the phone paired to the vehicle. The push to talk button will answer OnStar hands-free calls. This is normal operation for the IOR infotainment system. In addition, it may appear that USB names cannot be deleted from the infotainment display after a USB drive has been removed from the USB port. The infotainment system displays the last three sources on the audio screen, such as AM, FM, SiriusXM, a Bluetooth device streaming music, or a USB drive. (Fig. 10) The last three sources used will be listed even after the source is removed from the system. The name of a USB drive that was connected will be removed from the audio screen after three other audio sources are selected, such as AM, FM, SiriusXM, etc.
  9. https://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=9921 Starting with the 2019 model year, all Buick, Chevrolet and GMC models — excluding 2019 Silverado legacy models; Sierra legacy models; and Express and Savana models — with a keyed ignition will have a Push-to-Turn-Off Ignition.
  10. Black Soot

    My 2014 looks the same way. When it was still under warranty I took it to the dealer and lead mechanic said that was normal. It still bothers me today when I wash the truck and see the muffler. I have tried E65 and I do like the way the truck behaves, esp the transmission. But locally the only E85 is from a Spinx brand station (not Top Tier) but they do sell E85, pure gas, etc - the price for E85 is only $0.10/gal less than Regular, so the reduced miles per gallon for E85 does not make this a good buy. So I'll live with the sooty muffler.
  11. http://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=9871 GM new vehicle limited warranties may be partially or fully voided for a number of reasons. To verify warranty coverage, Investigate Vehicle History (IVH) must be used in order to identify any potential warranty blocks. (Includes mods to a truck)
  12. 2019+ T1 Truck Topics

    Hoist Lift Pad Adapters for New 2019 Silverado and Sierra Posted on July 20, 2018 by blogadmin The all-new 2019 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 trucks will be arriving at dealerships soon. These new trucks feature a fully boxed steel frame that is 88 lbs. (40 kg) lighter than the previous models while offering 10 percent greater torsional rigidity. (Fig. 2) To properly support the vehicle, new lift pad adapters are required because the frame is wider than the previous trucks in the area where the front hoist arm lift pads need to be positioned. http://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=9880
  13. Running E85??

    As most already know - ethanol absorbs water. This is an interesting article - especially the section on not letting e85 sit over 90 days in the fuel tank: http://www.fuel-testers.com/about_ethanol_fuel.html
  14. VIN Decoder & RPO Codes

    QR Code on Certification Label Offers More RPO Codes http://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=9801 Beginning with the 2018 model year, a QR code was added to the Certification label (Fig. 3) on all Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC models. The new QR code includes the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), RPO codes and other information that identify the content of the vehicle. In previous model years, the Service Parts Identification (SPID) label, often located in the trunk or glovebox of a vehicle, included this information.
  15. New Truck Break-in

    As mentioned above, no matter what is said or written, for the newer GM trucks is seems it is mandatory to do the '70 + MPH test to feel for any shaking/ vibration, as after signing on the bottom line, the truck and any vibrations are yours! Sure you have the 3 year warranty but too many posts on this subject end up w/o any fix to the vibration. And its a good possibility that any new 'on the dealers lot' truck has a good chance that it may have been tested at over 70mph by the previous person who test drove it. EDIT: I realize the original poster probably already owns his new truck and was only asking for any 'break in' advice - but I'll still leave this post here.

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