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  1. Wheels came in surprisingly fast for the UAW being on strike. Took er to the dealer today to have all 4 wheels replaced under warranty. Fresh goods!
  2. Wheels are getting replaced today. Total surprise.
  3. Unfortunately, due to the strike, I have no idea when I’ll get the wheels.
  4. Well, bumper to bumper is typically 3y/36k. Can’t hurt to bring it up. Guess it depends on when you bought it.
  5. Took it to the dealer yesterday to start a warranty claim on my flaky chrome wheels. Has been approved and I’ll be getting 4 new wheels.
  6. I’m also a GM die hard but not to a fault. I considered a Ram before getting my 18. But they had less leg room. I don’t think I could own a Ford though. Never sat in a Toyota. I wear Lee carpenter jeans with the comfort flex waist. Best damn jeans I’ve ever worn. So ridiculously comfortable.
  7. Not sure I can. Besides, the girl in service started the claim and said she’ll let me know. I had a text 20 minutes later saying it was approved and that they’re ordered. Was not expecting such a fast approval.
  8. Swung past my local dealer an hour ago. Already been approved and ordered. Getting 4 new wheels.
  9. It came yesterday but I didn’t use it until today, but my Range AFM Disabler came in. V4 mode with my Carven exhaust wasn’t unbearable, but the drone and “buh buh buh” noise was just enough to irritate me. Works perfectly. No more V4, truck drives great. Happy as a pig in crap.
  10. Finally getting around to this. These are all off of one wheel.
  11. American Trucks on Youtube is a pretty good representation of the sound.
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