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    2018 Silverado LT All Star Crew Cab
  1. Fun thing is, Banks couldn’t confirm it fitting a 2018 with e-Assist.
  2. Are those codes readily available or is that only during sales?
  3. Good to know. I sent a text to their 800 number. They’re going to confirm tomorrow. I can wait a day even though I’m sure you’re right.
  4. Wondering if these fit a 2018 5.3 with e-Assist? Their website doesn’t even list a 2018 1500 as an option.
  5. I’m liking the look of the Axial tail lights. Unsure of how they stand up though.
  6. Yes, it was extremely windy in IL today. When I saw the preview of your reply it left me wondering if a tree fell on your truck. Glad that wasn’t the case!
  7. Put on Husky mud guards. Rear fitment is spot on. Front fitment is off just a tad, but worked out. No drilling. No taking off tires. Although I had to jack up the rear end at the hitch so my ratchet would clear the tire. All in all, not bad and I’m happy with how they look.
  8. How do you like the eAssist?

    I’ve had my 2018 e-Assist for almost 2 months. Bought it with 3,200 miles. It now has about 5,800. Mine does the surging in reverse as well. I don’t notice the start/stop since my 2017 Malibu has it. Just change your habits a bit and it’s not noticeable. I drive two footed, so I tap the gas before I need to romp on it. Or throw it in L for your quick stops. I notice mine you can tell when it’s in gear from park and I’m totally cool with it. It’s a truck. Not a luxury vehicle. I want to know I put it in gear.
  9. My 2018. Haven’t had the chance to keep it clean and take some good pics of it. Love the truck and the color though. Damn near matches my 2017 Malibu.
  10. Westin HDX step bar install

    Thanks, man! Still kinda newish on here. Didn’t know there was such a thread!
  11. Westin HDX step bar install

    Yes. I got chrome. Appreciate your take on this. I don’t need step bars, but the women in my life do. Put a pic of my truck below.
  12. Westin HDX step bar install

    Looks good! I got the same color. Been looking at different steps/boards. Thought for sure I’d want chrome. But thinking these might look better and last longer being powdercoated.
  13. CB Radio Install

    I don’t have the center console. Thought about mounting one in the ash tray myself.
  14. Another satisfied “customer”. Bought my 2018 about 6 weeks ago and noticed it hesitated during “hollywood” stops or in situations where minimal throttle is used. Didn’t think much of it until I noticed it in a few threads on here. So, this afternoon I stuck my head under the dash. Sure enough it flexed. Not as bad as others, but I’d guess about 1/4” or 3/8”. Luckily I had a cut up exhaust grommet laying around for my Harley and it fit perfectly under there and the difference was noticeable immediately. For those wondering, pictured below is the grommet I’m talking about. I cut it in half and cut the little “nipple” off and it was a perfect fit. Only cost a buck or two at any independent motorcycle shop that services VTwins. Cheers, OP! My truck drives normal now!

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