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  1. Those rat bastards. My last set had the lip. That’s a bummer.
  2. Anyone have the N-Fab Podium steps in stainless? Little pricey, but I like the way they look and I don’t really want black. Just curious if anyone has them and how they’re holding up.
  3. Not totally disputing you, but the tires I snagged from Discount Tire(apparently Cooper Discoverer ATP is specific to DT, at least that’s what I was told) had a small lip from the wheel to the tire. Unless they’ve changed recently. I can’t speak for any other sets of Cooper Discoverer tires. But I totally understand. I don’t wanna scratch my chrome wheels either.
  4. I do have an e-Assist. I left that part out. Oops.
  5. I’ll throw in a vote for Cooper Discoverer tires if you’re looking to stay stock size. I went through two sets on my 2008 Sierra. Lasted 40-50k and walked through anything I ever went through. I didn’t go find a 5 foot deep mud pit, but it went through 16” of snow no problem. Probably what will go on my ‘18 Silverado when I wear these stock Goodyear LS2 tires out.
  6. FWIW, the 8 speed is a good trans if you’re lucky to get one without any issues. I lucked out and got a good one as far as I can tell after 11k miles. Downside is less aftermarket support. Can’t even get a cold air intake for it. Had I known this, I would’ve gotten a Z71 with the 6 speed. But, that 8 speed always finds the powerband.
  7. Nice leveling kit ya got there.
  8. Carven is still stainless. I was talking more about the tone. To me the Carven sounds better. I’ll give the S Type another listen.
  9. I can’t decide between that or the Carven exhaust.
  10. I’m in love with your front end. I think the subtle “Chevrolet” and chrome accented grill really sets it off. Is that how Z71s come?
  11. Those Axial tail lights, correct? How do you like them? Where’d your purchase them?
  12. Headlight deicing

    Out of all those suggestions, wax would be my first attempt. Lol. I actually almost suggested wax, but I’ve never tried to use it as a frost/ice prevention. I just knew it would be harmless since I tend to use it during summer to make bugs easier to clean off.
  13. Your link didn’t work for me for whatever reason. Says it’s gone or I don’t have permission. I really like the look of the Banks CAI too. Someone on here said the one for a 2017 will fit. But, I’d rather know from the manufacturer.

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