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  1. Correct. If you leave the fogs off and turn on the brights(with or without intellibeam) the fogs come on with the brights and go off with the brights. If you turn the fogs on before the brights, intellibeam doesn’t work just like stock but the fogs stay on with the brights. Man. That reads confusing. Best $20 mod for the truck though. And easy.
  2. Yes. Also turns the fogs on. Now, it still acts stock too. So, if you manually turn your fogs on, the intellibeam does not function.
  3. If it’s good at scaring you at 80, then it’s not useless. Lol
  4. Hauled my new toy home yesterday. [emoji16] 2020 Can Am Maverick X3. Truck hauled it fantastically. Like it wasn’t even there. Got about 14.5-15mpg with it too.
  5. Yes. Comes in two pieces with a bunch of 3M double sided foam tape. Just gotta clean the stock one good. Other than cleaning and cutting the slot for the front camera, install is super fast.
  6. Finally got my GR1 Grille on my AT4. Fits great. Only downside is you need to cut out the space for the front camera. Stock GR1
  7. Just about everyone is out of stock on the intake.
  8. Did you end up taking off the vents or just wrap in the truck? I couldn’t confidently take the side vents off without thinking I’d bust something. I’m about 90% done with mine in white. Looks good!
  9. I let my dealer handle it. I thankfully have a good dealer that hasn’t tried any funny business in the service department.
  10. I have a Retrax MX and I like it. The passenger side retracts just a bit on its own. Manual says to slide that rail back a tiny bit to compensate. Just haven’t done it. Otherwise, I really like it.
  11. Installed Boost Auto 6Hi mod tonight after work. More lights!
  12. Installed the Boost Auto 6Hi mod. Works. Will come in handy in this deer infested area that I live in.
  13. I like that grill. Details please. I like the black chrome that comes stock though. Edit: Didn’t see you had already posted the link. Have to do some thinking on this. Haha
  14. Yea, they’re out of stock too. Haha. I’ll find one eventually.
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