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  1. Progressive I assume. I had the Competitor series on my 18 and I had to buy a Range device. Lol
  2. I just kept checking Retrax.com and they had a sale going. It also says to call for the best price. So maybe mention that you just missed the sale??
  3. I just put a Retrax on mine this weekend. Takes two to install, but doesn’t take long. Doesn’t tamper with the tailgate at all. Even got to keep the old man assist handle in the bed. I have no comments about water intrusion yet.
  4. I just tell the forklift operator when to stop...
  5. I know. But you have to drop the tailgate first right? I didn’t know it could be used like that.
  6. Yes. That is the matte one. Was 15% off with free shipping at Real Truck but I believe the deal has passed. Was still $1,173 after tax. But hell, it turned out great. I just kept watching Retrax’s website and they had Real Truck listed as a dealer.
  7. Ohhh. So you gotta pop the step out and then bring the tailgate back up? I didn’t even know it could do that.
  8. Put the load stop up? I must be missing a function on my tailgate that I’m not aware of.
  9. Got it on. You definitely need a second set of hands. Worst part was getting the rails on and attached. After that it’s a breeze. Would recommend setting it up on sawhorses or something.
  10. Gave The Beast some much needed TLC with a wash and wax. Man. That’s a lotta truck to detail. Also, the Fed Ex gods blessed me with an early delivery. So, I’m gonna try and install this Retrax Cover today too.
  11. Also ordered one. Should have it Monday. 15% off sale with free shipping. Can’t wait to get it!
  12. I used to do decal work. Look up Rapid Remover. Works way better than Goo Gone.
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