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  1. I thought this was a cool shot of the truck / trailer when I was getting back from a run the other weekend. More trailer than truck, but, eh...hopefully someone likes it!
  2. I'm seeing it on the Delco site only. Thanks. Definitely gives me a starting point!
  3. The one shock shows w/o enhanced towing (which is NHT, I believe), and the other two don't specifically say (thus why I'm weary of buying_. With the springs, thanks for the info on those - gives me something to run with. Appreciate it
  4. None of the shocks or springs are listed for the NHT package, or as they call it, the Enhanced Towing Package. I found two trucks online that had the NHT package, used their VIN numbers, and it stiill showed "everything" - multiple options for springs, and multiple options for shocks. ...thus asking someone to look at their truck for me.
  5. I implore you to go to that site and actually find what I'm looking for. That site doesn't even list any leaf springs. I looked for over an hour last night, and could not find an answer for what I wanted - thus why I asked here. The GM parts sites list a lot of "option codes" that do not correlate to the RPO codes.
  6. Bringing back an old post...apologies. I see there were people on here that have this package, so looking for some assistance from anyone w/ a 2020 w/the NHT package (I think a 2021 would be the same...). Can you please tell me the PN of the rear spring and rear shock? It should be listed right on the spring and shock with a label I believe... Thanks in advance
  7. Good idea with a telescoping column...I'd have to research to see how easy it would be to install. I know what you are talking about with the top gauge thing. I don't THINK I have that issue with this truck (seat all the way high for the wife, and wheel adjusted to match so I can see...6 ft here). Now you're going to make me see next time I drive to see if I can comfortably steer with my knee I wish I had the option to purchase a more expensive model...but...GM is dumb and doesn't even offer it on a single cab / long bed. Thanks, GM.....lol
  8. Random comment on this one, but, in retrospect I wish I went with the "mid-level" cluster instead of the Denali cluster. The gauges at the top are definitely harder to read with just the blue sweep. While the Denali cluster does anesthetically look nicer, I don't know if it's exactly more "practical".
  9. I was in the same exact boat as you with a Sierra base level. I was stuck having no trim options, as I needed a single cab long bed. I had to do wayy too many upgrades to make the truck in to the truck that GM should have allowed me to buy. Thanks for the BS, GM...
  10. Yeah he did a great job with the instructions for sure. All the best finishing the install!
  11. Sounds good! You're welcome. He really should put something like "scan this for instructions"
  12. Nope - it's weird. Scan the QR code on the bag (or box, I forget). That'll give you the link to the instructions. DM me if it doesn't work...or he'll email it to you if you ask. Either or. I actually emailed him for them because I didn't know the QR code was for the instructions either...
  13. If you got the harness from Harness Dr, it comes with very detailed and easy to follow instructions. If you didn't, I don't think it's right for someone to send information from their instructions/research and post it here...just my 2 cents as someone trying to support a small business.
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