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  1. Dealer might be kind of useless on this. Contact Thinkware https://mondosystemhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  2. Don't forget... Fill out the complaint form with NHTSA. Vehicles dying on the interstate...bad news. This is also happening to vettes, camaros and silverados. Maybe GM can be pushed to a recall? Bridge too far I know. https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/
  3. Window sticker will have the engine mfr location for your truck too.
  4. I didn't state warranty piece accurately. It was a component coverage letter. gmc engine failure.pdf
  5. Random has a good point. One other thing to look at is tires. Soft passenger tires are squirmy at high loads.
  6. What's the tongue weight dry? Shoot for tongue at least 12% of your wet weight. I rented a 27ft TT that swayed just like that until I realized the tw is not enough. Fresh water tank is up front filled it 1/2 perfect tow.
  7. I tried the 5100s on my 14...harsh ride and secondary vibrations. ranchos are great imo
  8. Best way I can think of is wire a hall effect sensor in series with the same circuit that detects your tailgate is open. That's assuming the perimeter alarm monitors that.
  9. FYSA https://gm-techlink.com/?p=13566
  10. Good luck. Having a hard time finding anything really that will work with a carbonpro
  11. You ordered part number 79130? Other than the new clamps install was normal? Any problems since install? thanks
  12. I believe you're correct regarding engines being demand devices. Doesn't making more power at a given rpm allow you to run at a lower rpm to achieve the same output being requested? Assuming it is not WOT (stoich and lean burn doesn't matter then?), would this make the difference between running 10th up a grade vs 8th or 9th using cruise? (Assuming gm doesn't limit torque in those gears and is instead focused on maintaining speed) My expectation would be a transmission that can hold a higher gear longer (better fuel efficiency?), desired sound quality and maybe some minor increases in peak power.
  13. I used to take my grand cherokee in water above bumper height frequently. One of the techniques I practiced was just maintaining a steady speed to keep the bow wave in front which is supposed to keep the bay pretty dry. I never had an issue. Is it possible that the intake snorkel location, being located where it is, could cause a ton of water to hit that thing due to excessive speed or maybe bow wave pushing it there?
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