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  1. Maybe remove some of the padding from the cover in that area? upholstery shop should be able to handle without too much issue.
  2. I left my truck sitting for a week and it felt/sounded like rusty rotors...but no rust. After a quick trip back to normal.
  3. Might be too much current draw and the BCM is protecting the circuit. Try bypassing the 18" bar and see if it improves. If it does you might need to put a relay so it draws off your breakaway battery when in reverse.
  4. Generally for most people the windshield is free. Carry a $0 comprehensive and whatever for your collision. Windshields are almost always comprehensive coverage just insist on OEM.
  5. I think the safest way is to buy the CV axles from this: 84629787 https://www.gmpartsgarage.com/p-hot-deal-2-inch-gm-lift-kit-84629787-liftkit
  6. With the truck in drive (engine off) and in park check voltage at the connector using the ground in the connector. Sounds like a ground issue on your trailer but this will rule out the truck.
  7. The good news is it will not damage easily, more bed volume, it will not rust and way more tiedowns. Aside from the bed itself you get carbon fiber looking trim both inside and out as well as the kicker sound system in the tailgate. Too bad to hold outside of the truck can't be made of this stuff. The bad news is that accessories are harder to locate or install and any kind of accessories that require a ground like a bed mounted fuel tank have to go through to the frame for grounding.
  8. I wouldn't go any lower on the tongue. 13% of 9k is 1170. That's right in the middle of the range you should be targeting. Good reviews on the roadmaster kit. Good luck.
  9. Recently made a trip to OKC and noticed some odd behaviors from the gas gauge. I generally fill at the slowest automatic rate and then top off to the first click. Kind of like TFL but I don't wait 30 seconds. The odd behavior is that the first half of the tank is incredibly inaccurate but the last half is really close. At a trip indicated 104.4 miles and 20.2 mpg the gas gauge indicates full but I should have been down to about 3/4 of a tank or about 18 gallons instead of full (I know just a guesstimate). Using the myGMC app I had 86% remaining or 20.64 gallons. I get it there's only a 2.64 gallon difference between the two readings (about 4/16) but the fact that the app was picking up less than full should have been reflected on the gauge since it's the same sending unit. Next check was at 148.4 miles with 14/16 showing on the gauge or 21 gallons. App indicates 18.3 gallons or 76%. about 4/16 off. 180.4 miles 3/4 showing or 18 gallons remaining. App indicates 16.6 or 69%. about 2/16 off 270.4 miles and just between 8 and 9/16 so interpolating... about 12.75 gallons (gauge appears to have resolution down to 1/32 of a tank although only marked for 16ths and 1/4s). The app indicates 12.24 gallons or 51%. less than 1/16 off. I filled up at that point and it took 12.01 gallons for a calculated 24.25 gallons in the tank. I repeated this check occasionally at different points on the gauge throughout the trip with the same result. It's not like a set amount of offset from the gauge but instead a curve? or just a linear offset that doesn't exceed 25% applied only to the gas gauge once you exceed about 60%.
  10. What is the max tongue weight on your door jamb? You've got to be close. My technique with a soft suspension is full load restoration even though the manual may say 1/2. Are you having porpoising on bumps? Do you see a difference between tow haul and normal when towing?
  11. Don't know where you're at but cold temps and winter diesel can put a damper on things. Good luck
  12. I think your plan to drive in moderation for the first couple hundred is okay. Like in my case I think you'll uncover any engine issues within 200 miles. My 2014 silverado a/c hose cracked with 1200 miles on it. Vast majority of people have no issues. If you're planning on keeping it forever...just drive in moderation.
  13. rattle and flashing check engine light sounds like a misfire condition. If you're using consistent top tier gas I wouldn't think that was the problem... Hopefully your build date doesn't put you in the valve spring TSB. Good luck.
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