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    2020 Sierra AT4/CC/Standard bed/6.2/carbon pro

    2015 Sierra 2500/CC/standard bed/Duramax/4x4
    2014 CC/1LZ/Standard Bed/5.3/NHT
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    2020 Sierra AT4 Carbon Pro

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  1. You might need to do a screen capture of that picture to convert it to a JPG file
  2. GM doesn't seem to mind paying for a rental vehicle for a month while waiting on backorder bolts. Crazy. Maybe use your intended use of the vehicle to get them to authorize an HD truck from enterprise truck rental?
  3. I picked the truck up on a saturday when the tech wasn't working. I'm trying to find out if he found anything broken or if it was simply replace what TAC said.
  4. Yeah that might not happen. Leveling or 2-3 inch kit maybe
  5. https://www.transmissiondigest.com/quick-peek-at-new-ford-gm-10-speed/ Explains the noise I guess https://gearsmagazine.com/magazine/where-did-the-front-pump-go-on-fords-new-10r80-10-speed-trans/ It's normal in fords https://www.blueovaltrucks.com/tech-articles/10r80-10-speed-automatic-transmission-whine/
  6. Jeep did something similar back in 2005 with the WK... And I think that system was a copy of some Mercedes system from the ml320/50?
  7. Grounds? Start with main chassis ground off the battery. Confirm with a voltmeter that it's actually not charging?
  8. You never stack gaskets. The black gasket you received is good for the tool box in case you damage the blue one.
  9. Update...internal transmission parts on order. Will post invoice once job complete.
  10. Follow-up. Dropped at dealer after loud whining that varied with RPM started coming from under truck. Service writers even turned their head to see. Guess we'll see if it's a CND and operating "normally".
  11. Very similar to another poster 2 years ago. Parking brake light comes on solid, check engine light flashes and adaptive cruise disabled. 30 seconds later all warning indications go away and transmission downshifts are really hard. 17,875 miles. Thoughts?
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