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  1. Interesting. If both the new and old style sensor are 3-wire hall effect sensors then it should be okay to use the old style. Just verify the pin outs to make sure GM didn't reconfigure. Should have 5 volts from the BCM if the new ones are the same.
  2. I think you're right. Saw this...each US gallon (3.785 litres) of the fluid will weigh 9.2 lbs (4.17 kilograms) or 4170 grams. Then found this: Specific Gravity: 9.1 (32.5%) or 9.4 (40%) lb/gal @ 60°F (1.09 – 1.13 g/cc) This seems more accurate so lets use this: 5.3 Gallons is 21876.76 grams Divide by 1.8 (your current useage)= 12,153.76 km 12153.76/1.609=rounds to 7554 miles But that's draining to empty. Based on your consumption rate of 1.8g/km that works out to .7 gallons remaining at 1000 miles and .21 gallons remaining at 300 miles. Also that consumption rate looks like it's based off that ignition/drive cycle only and is not indicative of your cumulative consumption. https://www.trucknews.com/features/diesel-exhaust-fluid-def-facts-unveiled-at-tmc/
  3. I haven't seen anything like that...but check out the a-pillar pods. I think those are compatible.
  4. Do you have the blind zone/cross traffic sensors there too?
  5. I've got it on my AT4. It took some getting used to. If people are driving like a dick and cutting you off it'll react pretty harshly to establish your distance. In heavy but steady traffic it does a really good job with maintaining your set distance. I usually set my cruise at 75 and provided you already have established yourself behind someone it'll take you from 75 to zero and back without you ever touching the brake pedal.
  6. Just inconsistent behavior from the adaptive cruise control And every once in awhile XM radio will not load properly. Hopefully they narrow it down soon for you. Possible grounding issue or it seems like the favorite thing for these trucks is bad batteries.
  7. Interesting question. Stake pocket anchors are rated at 250 lb a piece. That would seem to answer the question for the sides. As for the bulkhead don't know.
  8. Check this out....looks like a decent way to do it: Like Alaska said though...just be careful of load but have a hard time believing you're overloaded with that light of a trailer.
  9. Did you adjust your equalizer per the manual? I pulled a travel trailer almost twice the weight with a tongue weight of about 1100 lb with a 2014 NHT. My biggest concern was porpoising. A lot of people swear by using airbags to give the truck a more comfortable ride. Just remember the more you raise the back of your truck the less effective the equalizer is for controlling sway.
  10. I've got an at4 with the surround view.... Everything is crisp at night especially with the factory led backup lights. Maybe change your bulbs?
  11. Dunno... But this kit should work "2014-UP GM 1/2 Ton with 5.3L Front & Rear Gear Package – www.RigidAxle.com" https://www.rigidaxle.com/products/2014-up-gm-1-2-ton-with-5-3l-front-rear-gear-package?variant=13651251789859&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=CjwKCAiArbv_BRA8EiwAYGs23LvBk_gYtud9iAoE3k5iFdCcZR7nURARaEvTOfXgVA4_43Ch9Y2XYBoCqTIQAvD_BwE
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