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  1. That one I figured out one the first day. My last car had "auto hold", one feature I kinda miss. Come to a complete stop and you could take your foot off the brake and it stayed put til you hit the gas.
  2. Well, Did some test running late yesterday. Engine and tranny up to operating temps, hvac set and maintaining the same outside temp, longest the engine would stay off was about 40 seconds. Turned the hvac completely off and the engine would stay off for 2 minutes. All normal I guess. Thanks for helping me through it.
  3. I only have about 2,000 miles on my 2.7 w/8spd. I had a few late down shifts to 1st, making for a not so smooth slow stop. Hopefully this tranny has learned my habbits, hasn't done it in the last 1,000 mikes or so.
  4. Thanks for the posting, out of all the stuff I read on the topic yours is the first I have seen that mentions the 2 minute max, maybe mine being the 2.7 has different requirements for the start stop. Perhaps I just haven't hit the just right conditions for the engine to stay off for more than 30 seconds. Also I do want to add that I too shut off the feature when I know I'm in an area where there is a lot of stop signs or when I'm maneuvering around where auto stop make no sense or is a nuisance.
  5. I know I'm probably one of the few folks that doesn't mind the feature on the new vehicles, and I know a lot of parameters are taken into consideration for it to operate. The only issue I am having is that when the engine does shut off at a red light, the engine only stays off for roughly 30 seconds, and most traffic lights are red for about 60 seconds, it would seem the fuel savings could be increased by staying off for the full duration of the light. Has anyone found a way to extend the "off time"? So far I have operated the truck in ambient temps between 60 to 90 degrees and tried turning o
  6. New 2022 2.7ho will have 420 lbft of torque, 72lbft bump!
  7. Absolutely loving my 2.7 so far. Power is more than adequate and the economy is pretty darn good when you try to squeeze all you can out of a gallon. Took a little road trip to visit a cousin the other day, 30 mile one way, speed limit never more than 45mph, flat land and plenty traffic lights. Averaged a tad over 29 mpg according to the dic for a 25 mile stretch, And Averaged 20.5 on my last tank all suburban driving.
  8. In late June I put a deposit on a new truck that wasn't built yet, on July 3rd I purchased a BedRug xlt for the floor and tailgate. Also on that day, 7/3, I ordered a tri-fold hard cover from Rough country. Nearly Nearly 9 weeks later there is no sign of either products. I wrote three emails to each company and both companies didn't answer the last emails. I got my new RST August 10th. Has anyone else had issues with these companies? I know every thing is a tad slow still, but chevy built a whole vehicle for me in less time.
  9. I measured from the frame rails to the rims, my axle is 3/8" to the right. I thought I'd ck if the axle was centered on the springs. I measured from the caliper mounts to the outer edge of each spring, exact measurement on each side, so it appears the difference is in the springs, spring bushings and/or the spring hangers. My guess would be the difference in how far the spring bushings are pressed into the springs. My truck goes straight down the road with no pull to either side and the steering wheel is straight, so I'm not really concerned.
  10. So I put the 5100's on the rear and that was a big improvement, I'm pretty sure I'm going to put a set on the front. I didn't study the fronts too hard but I'm wondering why most people are mentioning getting a front end alignment when changing the shocks out. Do you have to pull the upper control arm off?? I know it's a coil over set up, but it's not a Macpherson strut.
  11. Mine has the same tick, nothing to worry about. It's the high pressure fuel injectors. Every GM 4cyl with direct injection I've heard makes the same sound. This one sounds exactly like my 2010 HHR SS, kinda like a diesel.
  12. I only have a couple of hundred miles on my new RST rally package(big black 22 inchers). Now I'm a car guy and all the people around me are floored that I bought a truck, but most forget my first vehicle was a new 1980 black Chevy LUV 4x4 with white wheels, white roll bar and black tonneau, really styling in those days....lol. Anyways, I know it's a truck and the rear springs are real truck springs. I have just ordered Bilsein 5100 rear shocks and if that doesn't calm the rear end I'm going to take one leaf out of the spring pack(each side of course}, confident that will give me the car like r
  13. I've breezed through all 222 pages of this thread and I have not seen many Rally Editions, looks sharp.
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