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  1. Not exactly what was looking for, but it did lead me to spacer blocks that I will be able to space the front of the seat tracks higher in the front. Thanks
  2. One important thing to me was a power seat to get comfortable while driving for extended miles, so I bought the RST instead of the custom...I'm happy....BUT, the wife sitting on the passenger side says that the front of the seat cushion is too low(or the rear of the cushion is too high)and there is no adjustment because the seat is not powered. Has anyone modified the seat to angle the seat cushion so that the front is higher to give more thigh support? I was thinking of shimming the seat mount in the front about a 1/2" or so, any thoughts or ideas??
  3. That's a creative thought, thanks. If my next plan of attack doesn't work out, I'll pursue that. Winter is coming on strong now, so March should be my next oil change. Going to use a taller pale next time to try and contain the splash down.
  4. Yeah, I have a good extractor too, but I like to get all the juice out, usually let mine drain/ drip for 15min at jus the right angle, RF just a tad higher than the other 3 corners.
  5. Correct, plastic plug that you use the 3/8 square drive to remove. Much like the fill cap with out the molded handle, and nearly as big in diameter. I like the concept, but it's very large and the oil splashes all over.
  6. I'll have to ck deeper into the quick valves, when I did ck nobody made one for the silly quick release drain plug on the 2.7. First oil change I did cold and with the fill cap on...still a gusher. Maybe I'll try a bucket to drain in next time.
  7. Has anyone figured out how to not make a mess while draining a 2.7 with the huge drain hole? Flipn oil comes out like a fire hose.
  8. Liking this engine more and more. Some people have doubts because the belief is the 4 cyl is overstressed when compared to the V8....all I can say is that it gains speed seemingly effortlessly, merging on the highway today I just nudged the throttle, picked out my spot, and slid into traffic, glanced down at the speedo and the needle was just past 80mph. Smooth, quiet, and not revving like crazy, I've owned 8 four cyl vehicles over the years, this 2.7 is in a league of it's own.
  9. I've got over 4,000 miles on my 22" Bridgestone Alenza's now, we had a lot of slushy accumulation on the roads here in WNY yesterday and I am more than happy with their performance in the slickery stuff, I did have it in "auto 4x4" and I also have the locker diff.....stopping performance was more than adequate as well. I don't think the OP said what make and model tire he has on his truck.
  10. On a carefully ran short trip I got over 29 average.
  11. I too want to put in a Curt Spectrum controller, and would like to know how to remove that little panel where the oem controller would go. I usually don't have good luck with fragile plastic bits.
  12. I put my bedrug in, nice product, I also wrapped some 2×6's with fabric to isolate a small section to use for groceries and small items.
  13. Finally got both the Bedrug and cover this weekend, hope we have a nice day tomorrow to get them in/on. Long wait but good looking products.
  14. I don't think it's that big of a deal. With the parking brake off, disconnect the wires to the caliper, remove the EPB motor from the caliper, turn the coupler that the motor meshes with clockwise till it stops, compress the caliper piston and replace the pads. After assembling, pump the brakes up, cycle the EPB a few times and carry on.
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