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  1. Been a lil bit since I had been here. In October I purchased this camper and truck pulls it fine since I added air bags to the rear to eliminate the squat. The other picture was taken in one of my favorite places being Skyline Drive Virginia and at my favorite overlook. Taken with my phone, but would have been so much better if I had my camera with me.
  2. I know that they can be "relatively" easy to program for a gate/garage door opener. I have neither and would like to use them to turn on lights inside the house as I pull into the driveway. Has anyone used them for that purpose? If so, what did you have to purchase to make them work? It seems as if the Homelink is somewhat dated, but as long as the buttons are in the truck, I'd like to make them do something.
  3. 4WD was also a must I got mine. 128 miles when I got mine, but now a lil over 4,600.
  4. But...I also see a 4x4 emblem on your fender. Nice looking truck.
  5. Would ya mind posting a picture please?
  6. I’ve been looking online for under rear seat storage bins. There are several to choose from, but the issue I see is that they are all in black with the exception of the Du-Ha brand. My truck has the Cocoa/Dune interior and would prefer to stay as close to the original as possible. Is there anywhere else that someone can point me towards? On a side note, it seems as if every website doesn’t even have my exterior color in their database...???
  7. Another one. This was the first time the truck pulled our boat (effortlessly, of course) on Memorial Day. I did end up flipping the ball over on the drawbar so that it all sits level now.
  8. Happened to be in Mobile for a few days and arguably of the best auto photography backdrops in the area...the battleship Alabama.
  9. Another one. Lighting isnt ideal, but the backdrop makes up for it!
  10. About 40 min away, but at work now. Actually staying in my camper. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!
  11. Just purchased a 2018 Sierra 4wd. Love the truck! Currently only at 388 miles. It’s a year old and while sitting at the dealer it was rarely test driven. i came out of a 2007 F-150 reg cab/SB/V-6. It pulled the camper, but with little to no power. I knew that this truck would obviously tow it much better, but blown away by how much so. Two thumbs up for the factory brake controller.
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