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  1. I have had the same problem I messed with the trailer brake system and it went away and hasnt come back
  2. I found a service bulletin for it it is the side panels on the upper part of the console mine are the silver plastic carbon fiber ones you take of the top of the console and then the side panels. Put a piece of felt in and replace the panels it stopped my rattle. I could hold my hand on the trim piece and it would stop it was driving me nuts
  3. just got the extended warranty letter for my wife's Suburban hope I get one for my truck
  4. I have a rattle in the center console that I can not stop there is a lot of loose plastic anyone have a solution ?
  5. I have just started having this problem also at 10,000 miles same situation
  6. thanks for the post made it really simple quick fix parts from the dealer 3.23 finally fixed !!
  7. Just a question so the black retainer one per seat, goes on the white clip that is on the side without the seat motor, by the door?
  8. This is getting crazy mine has stopped resetting you have to ask the question for this amount of money you cant get a outside temp reading to be accurate if you go through a rain storm or a car wash I know a lot of folks have much more serious problems but this begs the question if gm cant make a temp sensor work no wonder they have problems with everything else
  9. My springs have stopped squeaking when I go over speed bumps on their own I guess they finally broke in
  10. nothing in the passenger seat and the display did not show the seatbelt not hooked
  11. I have not had the problem since my last post I have no idea what could have been the cause. I did not take it into the dealer figured I would get cant not duplicate the problem, glad it stopped.

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