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  1. Acpantera Well said, adds a minimal amount of time.
  2. Because rear brakes are garbage on these trucks, completely worn out after 19,000 km. If you read up on it it’s a very common issue, both sides are worn evenly left to right. I did finally find an article on how to do this the EPB needs to be removed with the battery disconnected and then you are able to manually back the piston stop out and then compress the piston. A few extra steps but it is doable only problem is the brake wear monitor needs to be reset with a scan tool, total money grab for GM.
  3. Hey guys. Looking for a little bit of information as I have been unable to find anything definitive through my many searches. I have a 2020 1/2 ton and I am replacing the rear brake pads and wondering if it’s possible to do myself. I’ve always replaced my own pads yet with the electronic parking brake there seems to be an issue, GM says I need a scan tool to release the caliper piston and I’m just wondering if there’s another way around this. Tia
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