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  1. Not sure if this has already been said, but when I put on my cat-back exhaust last year, it stopped working too. It only worked one time, but promptly came back on at a light with no changes from me. Might be part of the operating temperature range...but I live in the MID Atlantic. If you dont like the weather, wait 5 minutes.
  2. Anybody else had this issue? 2019 HC 6.2L...added a exhaust and intake around 3k miles. Averaged around 14 to 18 mpg until my last 10k oil change. Now the 50 mile sample is putting me around 9 to 10 mpg. I'm so confused right now.
  3. Subscribing (19 6.2 HC). I have a catch can system and it still happens. Doubt its PVC at all. To me it sounds like pulley or compressor.
  4. I really want to see what this looks like on the HC before purchase.
  5. I keep the factory hoses in the truck for warranty work. Oil cap, PVC hose with two hose clamps for CAI, and the DR side quick connect hose.
  6. Any of you guys hate the fact that the running/driving light on the side of the turn signal turns off when flashing? Just makes me think the truck looks retarded when I obey the law. I remember with my Avalanche, a diode had to be crossed in the fuse box to keep them on. Anybody know or done anything?
  7. Welp...guess that's a hint they wont come anytime soon.
  8. I read that too...but nothing listed for purchase yet.
  9. I purchased one for my truck, even posted about it here. There is little to anything in the Can after 5k miles. My L87 appears to run pretty clean compared to my old 8.1L. My old Avalanche2500 used to fill the can every 2.5k miles. But I used to dog the hell out of it, and was at WoT alot.
  10. I preordered the aFe tuner which was supposed to come out this December. Now it's no longer listed. Any of you guys had luck anywhere yet?
  11. Cant speak for the 5.3...but definitely make the truck feel like it responds quicker.
  12. That's two positive and a negative. Itd be pulling from pass valve to dr valve to css. I think your not taking into account the one way valves.
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