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  1. I am waiting for someone to bite the bullet and do the L87 with Diablo, SC, Holly as well. Else I might be the one during Xmas time.
  2. Do all AT4s have Adaptive ride? I know alot of kits used to say they would fit the same as the Silverados, but the angles were off a bit. I think BDS made the kit for Sierras and proved they weren't the same.
  3. Careful with the always on if you don't drive every few days, have dual batteries, or atleast low voltage protection on the circuit. My dual camera killed my battery every 7 days; twice now. Weirdly, the truck can still be jumped at 4 volts....which is awesome. But nothing like trying to get in your truck, and it's dead. Going to try the low voltage protection relay first. Hopefully a dual battery kit with an isolator that can bridge them will come out soon that doesn't require some weird placement.
  4. I've been debating on selling my Pulsar, but only because I want the tuner option. I figure if I sell it for 300, itd be valuable enough to anybody that needs those options. It does do what it says it will do, and they do have an afm/dfm dongle I believe as an alternative.
  5. Interesting. When I search for it by vehicle, it doesn't come up.
  6. Sub'd. Tons of room for a tank almost twice the size! Used to my 37 gallon tank in my Avalanche 2500!
  7. 2019 Silverado 6.2L HighCoutry 10-Speed (Every Option Except 5th Wheel) Paid $57k out the door Site unseen offered $65k When they saw it at 18k miles: $69k Very uncommon: Offered to pay for the 6.5" lift and 37" tires (Not Labor) if I was to buy another truck with them; Final Offer $69k + $9k towards a local purchase. If it weren't for the fact that every new truck is ridiculously over priced right now, I would have sold it.
  8. New weirdness. My drivers side left floorboard stays open until the truck internally times out, or I start driving above 3 MPH.
  9. I was able to run 37s with the coilover lift...6.5". Only rubs in reverse at full lock.
  10. When I ordered mine through range, Jan 4 this year...i did recieve an email saying it was on backorder...still got it in two weeks though.
  11. Looks like it's not the same ECM you recieve.
  12. Dont they replace the computer? Or has that changed? I know the TCM requires unlock.
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