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  1. New weirdness. My drivers side left floorboard stays open until the truck internally times out, or I start driving above 3 MPH.
  2. I was able to run 37s with the coilover lift...6.5". Only rubs in reverse at full lock.
  3. When I ordered mine through range, Jan 4 this year...i did recieve an email saying it was on backorder...still got it in two weeks though.
  4. Looks like it's not the same ECM you recieve.
  5. Dont they replace the computer? Or has that changed? I know the TCM requires unlock.
  6. If GM just unlocked the L87 (6.2L) computer, the aftermarket would be flooded with performance options. But since we are reliant on GM, the progress is super F'ing slow!
  7. Subscribing for the build...would love to see a built L5P. But that's just ridiculous.
  8. 1 month...no problems on my 6.2L. DFM disabled (auto stop disabled by default), tire size corrected for 37s, no TPS increase and it holds a gear going up hill unless I get off the gas.
  9. Coming from an 04 Avalanche 8.1L 2500 with a 37 gallon tank to a 2019 Silverado 6.2L with a 24 gallon tank just has me baffled and confused. Similar gas mileage on highway. Used to go weeks without needing gas...now need gas every week. Subscribing.
  10. The key is getting rid of that flapper. I'd imagine it can't get any worse. Cant even tune the 6.2L at a reasonable price atm. Ive seen some guys that just lock the flapper open. Make it sound tons better, but without disabling the dfm...your still gonna sound like a suburu.
  11. So installed the pulsar LT on my 19 6.2L 10 Speed and I'm either confused or happy. Adjusted the tire size to get the speedometer corrected. Still a bit off from GPS, but not by much. Original tires were 275/50/R22 which translates to 32.83 inches, now running 37 inch tires. Only about 1 or 2 mphs off throughout the entire range, which I believe is acceptable. Secondly decided to disable DFM out of curiosity more than anything. Some things I noticed: I have an AFE cat back exhaust: The Suburu drone is gone! When configuring: Electronic step rails went crazy In/Out randomly and including full extension (for bed access assistance) Went away after starting vehicle. The MPG is reporting better than with DFM enabled: Like 5 MPG better in the 50 mile sample. Going to need to get a full tank and take the mileage to verify on paper. Anybody else get better MPG with DFM disabled? Or is it lying to me? EDIT: MPG has normalized. Getting 11-13 mpg local, 15-18 mpg highway.
  12. Only been 4 days since the install but: Auto High Beam Never used it. Pretty bright all around the area I live in. Kind of just an annoyance to argue with the truck if I need extra lighting. ESC Seems to function just fine, but notice I get closer to lane lines before notification/action. Nothing really noticeable for stop assistance/notification. Camera (Tech Package) Looks just fine and seem pretty accurate other than parking line on the camera when going forward or reverse. Appears wider than when the factory tires. Never used trusted them before. More or less just rely on mirrors and cameras. Speedometer For every ten miles and hour, it appears to be off by the tens digit. Verified with GPS. Example: Displaying 63 mph, is actually more like 69 mph (6.3 mph faster). Displaying 45 is more like 51 (4.5 mph faster). Range Pulsar LT should be here in a few days. Trans shift points Seems normal, but I notice I dont shift as frequently as with factory setup. Probably because travel doesnt match MPH or something. But could be just because I'm paying more attention.
  13. Your running such a small spacer...idk. I usually just make sure at least 75% of the threads are used.
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