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  1. There was a problem on another GM vehicles as well and it usually requires getting air out of the system.
  2. Wonder why gm only lists it as an upgrade for 2022 and newer trucks. Control arms are the same...can't really find a difference in part numbers.
  3. Good write up. You're right regarding disconnecting the battery after you put the truck in mx mode.
  4. Consider not only the tongue weight of the trailer but the cargo going in the bed and the way to the passengers. Also consider where the water is going in the trailer sometimes if it's built correctly they put it right over the axle and other times they put forward of the axle so traveling full may really hurt you. You will probably be maxed out as far as your GVWR is concerned. With a weight distributing hitch you should be able to stay below all of your limits. On the surface that sounds like an easy tow. Just be aware that has tongue weight goes up these trucks porpoise like crazy
  5. An alternative, if it is close by to you and your need isn't too frequent, is just to rent a heavy duty truck from Enterprise Truck whenever you need it. You can specify gas diesel short bed long bed even make and model if you give them enough time. No need to worry about ad valorem taxes, maintenance or warranty. The biggest limitation is it has to be a bumper pull.
  6. Bought my 20 AT4 Carbon pro for 62k (66k MSRP) in August of 20. Optioned out the exact truck I have and it's almost 81K for a 23. wtf this is crazy.
  7. I have the same slop...it's been basically the same on my 07, 14 and 20. Vibrating the shifter though could be caused by tires or practically anything in the driveline. Heck even a busted tranny mount could allow for enough movement for the linkage to do strange things.
  8. If you know the max speed of the shaft you can use this formula I found on another site: MPH = (Driveshaft rpm * tire diameter in Inches ) / ( Gear Ratio * 336) Using the gm accessory steel shaft as an example on my truck: (4391*33.2)/(3.23*336)=134.32mph
  9. Deaver makes a kit for these trucks that replaces the overload spring with a progressive pack. Are you running loaded? Is your bump stop hitting the axle? That's a hell of a bump on a highway to bottom your suspension.
  10. Guess I learned something new. Wouldn't have thought they would remove the TB to clean vs using upper intake cleaner. I've never cleaned my TB...just use top tier fuel and the right oil. Glad you got it sorted.
  11. That is weird. hard to believe a cold air intake tube...wait....relearn what? There have been people who upgraded to the GM cold air intake and failed to get the calibration for the MAF complete and had all kinds of drivability issues.
  12. Just purchased a 6100 sq ft house and first time fill is $2.19/gal. Effective rate after fees is $2.22. All other fills are at 2.99 this year. Just found tank farm which is advertising $1.70 this year for my area.
  13. Other than being more resistant to impacts is there a benefit to the new driveshaft upgrade?
  14. I am on my third roll-x..well now it's called BAK Revolver X4S Tonneau Cover... IMO they provide a good balance of security, water tight and visibility out back window if you don't have the camera mirror. I get a little water intrusion at back by the tailgate but I haven't been worried about it.
  15. I tend to agree with Tim with it being electrical. Set your ebrake and have someone exercise the vehicle a little while you observe under the hood. Could be simple chafing on a harness that moves ever so slightly when you shift into different positions. Might also consider just letting it idle in park ebrake set and crawl under the truck moving harnesses by hand. Any kind of harness issue could cause a communications issue that results in a stall. Still under warranty?
  16. That sounds very similar but more intense than what I experienced as I could only hear the noise outside the truck. I take it with belts and pullies being replaced the dealer has isolated this to the engine bay and not the transmission bellhousing area?
  17. Couldn't play your video. Can you replicate by brake torquing the motor a little?
  18. That sounds weird and almost like your stop/start system is not right. So when you idle in reverse engine turns off. What happens when you shift to drive or park? Does it restarts or is it a stall and you have to restart the engine manually in park?
  19. I don't know... since I got my driver's license when I was 16 I've washed my engine bay down every single time I've washed a vehicle. It just so happens that some weeks are worse than others.
  20. I think if I was going to go for the 22s I would probably spring for SuperCruise. There may be a different calibration for the adaptive suspension based on a factory order with 22s versus 20s. I know for a fact on the previous generation there was a different calibration and different shock part numbers with auto ride.
  21. I think it calculates that range off of the last 50 mile average. That 312/22=14.2mpg. Seems reasonable considering your hwy fuel economy is 18.
  22. Unless they have really changed things up you get a factory choice between an LT275/65/18C MT and a 275/60/20 AT. That's why you have those two choices? I guess the answers come down to style preference and capability desired. Those mud terrains are really good but loud and the all-terrains provide a really good balance and are very quiet. Also the 18s are a 32-in tire and the 20 is a 33-in tire.
  23. I loved the factory trail runners quiet ride, exceptional wear and great fuel economy. They didn't have the street presence of a dedicated off-road tire so I switched up to the grabber ATX . They wear well.... But they suck for daily driving.
  24. You might need to do a screen capture of that picture to convert it to a JPG file
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