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  1. Yeah that might not happen. Leveling or 2-3 inch kit maybe
  2. https://www.transmissiondigest.com/quick-peek-at-new-ford-gm-10-speed/ Explains the noise I guess https://gearsmagazine.com/magazine/where-did-the-front-pump-go-on-fords-new-10r80-10-speed-trans/ It's normal in fords https://www.blueovaltrucks.com/tech-articles/10r80-10-speed-automatic-transmission-whine/
  3. Jeep did something similar back in 2005 with the WK... And I think that system was a copy of some Mercedes system from the ml320/50?
  4. Grounds? Start with main chassis ground off the battery. Confirm with a voltmeter that it's actually not charging?
  5. You never stack gaskets. The black gasket you received is good for the tool box in case you damage the blue one.
  6. Update...internal transmission parts on order. Will post invoice once job complete.
  7. Follow-up. Dropped at dealer after loud whining that varied with RPM started coming from under truck. Service writers even turned their head to see. Guess we'll see if it's a CND and operating "normally".
  8. Very similar to another poster 2 years ago. Parking brake light comes on solid, check engine light flashes and adaptive cruise disabled. 30 seconds later all warning indications go away and transmission downshifts are really hard. 17,875 miles. Thoughts?
  9. Looks good! I opted for the GM catback and intake along with Grabber A/TX LT305/55R20. Big weight penalty over factory for sure. Massacres gas mileage. Before 20-23 was no problem at 75. Now lucky to get 17 over the course of a tank at those speeds.
  10. I think that's a fair assessment. TFL claims only a .36 second 0-60 time difference in the 6.2's favor at altitude. That lines up with your math in my opinion.
  11. Just watch your tongue weight....most of your weight is going to be way back by the axles to make this feasible...and you're going to need weight distribution too. 2500-3500 do not have a requirement for a WDH at these proposed weights.
  12. I would buy a used 3500 or 2500 before I tried actually working a 1/2 ton this way. Tow quality is going to blow. Airbags will help...LT tires will help... How much do you care about the tow limits established by the manufacturer? Depending on the weight of the cargo you might be better served with a tandem axle bumper pull utility trailer. Big tex has a lightweight trailer with cargo capacity of 5500lbs.
  13. I've never heard of DOT going after a private individual for weight issues as you're not required to hit the scales. Might be more of a civil liability problem if you wreck. You might be able to do some upgrades to give you a qualitatively better experience. LT tires, 5100 shocks, proper weight distribution but the door sticker is the door sticker.
  14. About normal based on a quick search.
  15. I don't have any recommendations for a product solution but I would suggest searching for Gail Banks engineering and their review on aftermarket differential covers.
  16. Interesting perspective. I do support the idea that you should be able to modify your software. I purchased a similar upgrade (new HMI) for my 2014. I also had a problem with my OnStar right before I got rid of it. I told the service writer that I had upgraded my HMI to IO6 and to not reflash as my original HMI was in the glove compartment if needed for troubleshooting. I did pay the hour of shop time to swap the module but I avoided your issues.
  17. Hopefully mvi will give you a discount on reprogramming the module again. Got a question: did reflashing the module actually fix your camera problem?
  18. Are you talking about decreasing noise inside the vehicle or outside the vehicle?
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