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  1. That's the kind of mileage we should all expect from one of these transmissions!
  2. Yes twice with Mobil 1, zero change in symptoms
  3. I have a 2017 Silverado with 142k and am shopping for transmissions. Mine is still drives, but exhibits the rumble strip vibrations randomly and the general clunky shifting has gotten worse. I got a quote from a local (Rochester, NY) Chevy dealer today. They quoted $4875.00+tax for a GM replacement transmission. It comes with a 36 month, 100k warranty. Two day turnaround. Not really to bad, but these things should go more than 140k before falling apart. Two buddies with 2016 Silverado's both had transmissions go right around 125k. They used a local garage and found reb
  4. I agree 100%! Now add a $5.00 transmission dip stick and remove the motorized rear calipers and we would really have something to cheer about!
  5. This is great news! These will probably be the last all (8) all the time firing V-8's we get in a half ton stock from the factory. I wonder if the exhaust flaps will get deleted also? Aftermarket exhaust systems will sound great on these engines!
  6. I know on my Camaro, you just pull up on the e-brake one notch and Hill Assist is disabled. Not sure on these generation HD trucks if that works or if you even have a mechanical (old school) E-brake?
  7. Wow, They really stick it to you in California! A 3/4 or 1 ton work truck that is by design not fuel efficient or environmentally friendly, gets smog tested like some commuter car? I guess this is one time I can say New York is doing the right thing not sticking it to Farmers, construction workers, Campers ect. that drive a large truck.
  8. Correct me if I am mistaken, but wouldn't a 2500 (9200 GVW or more) be exempt from any emissions? Here in upstate NY they are exempt. They just get a safety check (lights, brakes ect.) Is California testing a 2500 for emissions?
  9. My 2017 silverado has the 6 speed with the 3:73's. Lots of get up and go even with the 5.3.
  10. Its not just the squat, its the gear ratio. Those 3.42's are really what you want, whether you tow or not. I have a 2017 silverado with the NHT package and 3:73 gears and the 5.3. The snap this truck has is what you want. RPM's are increased and the engine does not loaf along, its in its sweet spot. Sure fuel mileage suffers very slightly, but go for the deepest (highest numerically) you can get.
  11. Thanks guys for all the responses. I will have no problem selling these with the new michelin's that only have 20K on them. Probably look for a set of Trail boss 18" black rims or possibly a set of aftermarket rims. Flattop
  12. These are the 22" rims that I am talking about. They are off a 2016 midnight edition.
  13. I agree on staying hub centric, if the 1/8" spacer wont work I will sell these and order some with the correct backspacing. I have a few buddy's that have dibs on the black 22"s.
  14. Good to know, I would have no problem with a small (1/8-3/16) spacer. I don't believe any stock stud would support anything thicker than that. My new truck wont arrive for at lease another month, so I will do some test fitting then.
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