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  1. 11000 miles on my 2022 LTD Silverado 5.3 and not a single problem yet! I am changing the oil w/ mobil 1 every 5k, not going by OLM. My Last 2017 silverado went by OLM with mobil 1 and had a lifter failure at 92,000 miles. It was one of the standard lifters, not one of the AFM lifters.
  2. I love the mirrors, but this is my second NHT/max tow truck, so i am used to them. My 2017Silverado had the older version towing mirrors and max tow package. When hauling the camper they are a necessity.
  3. yes according to the build sheet it has DFM. It has been very transparent so far.
  4. Hi Folks, I picked up this 2022 LTD ( limited, I guess the last of the 2021 parts) RST 1500 on November 4th. It was a truck I ordered in August. 5.3, 8 speed 4X4. Crew Cab Short box. I was told it would be a 2021 with no DFM, but this is what arrived at the dealer. After the test drive, I was hooked. I did get the dealer to throw in a 5 year 120k powertrain warranty to calm my fears of the dreaded DFM and all of its issues. Well I am happy to report that this thing is Awesome!! I had many reservations on this model, with all the 8 speed issues, rear window leaks & of course the DFM lifter issues. I have about 2200 miles on the truck to date and its been flawless! It has the NHT package (MaxTow) and with the 3:42 gears the thing really runs great. The 8 speed is very crisp, shifts thru the first 5 gears up in the 3000-3400 range and really makes this thing fun to drive! Fit and finish is very good, getting around 16.5 mpg average with our terrible NY winter blend fuel. One thing I miss from my 2017 silverado is the text notification/display. Flattop
  5. They look like American Racing rims, but try looking @ tirerack.com and go to the rim section and you may find a match. Load your specific truck/color and it will display the rims you select on the truck to give you a good visual.
  6. Is this new noise law specific to NY and Manhattan counties only?
  7. Thanks, I just figured out the carmax site. It had info loaded from months ago when I was trying to sell another car an it kept saying I need to schedule an in person inspection. Now it loaded the 2017 vin and I just got an offer of $18,400. Not to bad i guess, just drop it off and pick up a check, no typical private party issues.
  8. No, I have not talked to the local dealers yet. I figured with these high miles, they would only send it to auction.
  9. Hi Folks, I just picked up my new 2022 LTD Silverado and now will be selling my 2017 Silverado. Just trying to get some opinions on what to expect from a Carmax type dealer? The 2017 is a double cab LT with the Max Tow package (3:73) gears ect. It has a lot of highway miles, 148,****** at this point. Overall its still in really good shape, no rust dents or accidents. I bought it new. (the cam and lifters were replaced by the dealer @ 92K, thanks to extended warranty). Most everything except rotors and pads are original. From what I heard from a few local mechanics, the transmission is the ticking time bomb. He has replaced (2) 2016 silverado transmissions recently, both right around 150K!! KBB says around $16,800 in good condition for a trade in or wholesale. Is this correct in today's crazy used car pricing scheme? Thanks, Flattop
  10. That's the kind of mileage we should all expect from one of these transmissions!
  11. I have a 2017 Silverado with 142k and am shopping for transmissions. Mine is still drives, but exhibits the rumble strip vibrations randomly and the general clunky shifting has gotten worse. I got a quote from a local (Rochester, NY) Chevy dealer today. They quoted $4875.00+tax for a GM replacement transmission. It comes with a 36 month, 100k warranty. Two day turnaround. Not really to bad, but these things should go more than 140k before falling apart. Two buddies with 2016 Silverado's both had transmissions go right around 125k. They used a local garage and found rebuilt transmissions on-line. They spent almost 4k. Has anyone got over 150k on one of these 6-speeds?
  12. I agree 100%! Now add a $5.00 transmission dip stick and remove the motorized rear calipers and we would really have something to cheer about!
  13. This is great news! These will probably be the last all (8) all the time firing V-8's we get in a half ton stock from the factory. I wonder if the exhaust flaps will get deleted also? Aftermarket exhaust systems will sound great on these engines!
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