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  1. My 2017 Sliverado 1500 4X4 has 86,xxx trouble free miles. Mobil 1 from the first 1000 miles, then every 6000 miles. I am going to try and get another 3 years on this truck. Not a real fan of DFM, and start stop at this point.
  2. Check the wires at the connector going into the trailer brake power control module. (its under the spare tire) We just had the same problem on a 2015 Silverado. The wire looked good at the connector, but when we slid the plastic wire protection back, there was an open (corroded) wire about 2" up the harness.
  3. Hi Folks, My son is looking at a new 2019 Silverado Trail Boss crew cab 4X4. It has the 3:42 gears and the 6 speed and apparently the older style (AFM) 5.3 engine. Looks like it has a key, not push button start? Does that mean it wont have the stop/start feature like the (DFM) engines? Flattop
  4. There is a 2020 Sierra that arrived yesterday in Rochester NY. I looked it over fairly well, but did not test drive it. It is a Crew Cab SLT with the 6.6. White with the light tan interior. First impression was not great, interior, knobs and switch gear seems sub par for a $65K truck. I am sure it will grow on me, but not until some discounts are available.
  5. Well on the new 2019 T1 GM 1/2 tons you have to turn it off EVERY time you start the truck!! It resets back to auto stop each time the truck is shut off. Hopefully these new 2020 2500 series trucks still have the simplicity and reliability of running on all cylinders and not shutting off at every stop. Not interested in a truck that I use to make a living, acting like a dam golf cart!! All for what, an additional 20 miles per tankful.
  6. Or you can step up to a 2500 series and have a truck that starts and stops when you want it to! No nannies, just a truck that you can get the job done with and not have to deal with something that belongs on a Prius.
  7. Good to know, Thanks for the correction!
  8. Agree 100%, it is fine as an option, but don't force something to truck owners that belongs on small cars that are striving for optimum fuel mileage. I use my truck for work and personal towing and squeezing 1/10 of a MPG more out of it is not an issue for me. Longevity and traditional starting systems are important. I am sure some who use their truck as a station wagon or commuter vehicle may not mind start/ stop and the longevity issues it will bring just to get 10 or 15 extra miles out of a tank, but not me. I guess it would be more acceptable if the switch was a total on/off, not like what has been stated, where you must hit the disable button every time you start the truck. So I guess those of us who don't want to be forced into "golf cart mode" will now have to move to the 2500 series to get a normal operating truck.
  9. Hopefully it does not have the Canyon/Colorado hub thru rotor design. (You have to pull the front hub/bearing assembly to unbolt the rotor) Makes changing front rotors a royal pain, especially here in upstate NY with our heavily salted roads.
  10. Just thought I would chime in on the final drive ratio discussion. I have a 2017 Max tow silverado with the 5.3 and the 3:73 gears. These gears really give the truck a boost in acceleration and keep the RPM up where the 5.3 really runs nice. Sure the gas mileage is slightly less than the 3:42's but I still get 20mpg on the thruway and average 17 on the rural roads and some city driving. Just my opinion, but I love the 3:73's
  11. Clunky six speed and piss poor headlights, these are the same (only) complaints I have with my 2017 Silverado. I am going to stay the course with mine, but will at least look at Ford or Dodge next time.
  12. My daily carry was a Glock43, but I just picked up this Sig P238. Its a bit smaller, but because its an always cocked 1911 type, it has a thumb safety.
  13. My 2017 Silverado Max Tow extended cab 4X4 just turned over 36,000 today. I bought it new 1/21/17 and other than the leaky on-star antenna, its been 100% reliable. Pros: Decent mileage even with the 3:73 gearing Good ride quality, quiet inside Cons: Transmission a bit clunky, not terrible, just not smooth like the early GM six speeds Poor headlight illumination, low terrible, high beams OK at best. Hoping to roll this one up to around 175K in another 4 years with basic maintenance tires ect.
  14. Thanks! Hopefully after some break in miles and summer blend fuel we can get those numbers or close.
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