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  1. I don't remember if it was our 2013 Acadia or 2015 Sierra but one of them did display photos from a thumb drive. I haven' t tried a card or thumb drive in my 2020 yet.
  2. The 2019+ brakes are already an upgrade from previous years. The 6 piston calipers would be nice, especially since I tow a camper. But at $2500+ it's pretty pricey. For about a total of $600 I'm sure you could significantly reduce stopping distance with some good EBC pads and good slotted rotors. Also, remember if you do the big brake upgrade your brake services get more expensive too. On other vehicles with option brake upgrades I've seen 2-4 times the price just for pads alone.
  3. My only dislike about the factory style "TrailBoss" logo is the white back ground. It makes it look like a bumper sticker and not a plotted decal. I think it would look much cleaner with just the black/grey/red
  4. A little heat and you should be able to peel them off. If that doesn't work buy a decal/adhesive wheel. I just used one on my truck after removing the "SIERRA" badge and it worked awesome.
  5. Yeah but that's because it says "Harley Davidson". HD makes more money on the branding and merch than they do their motorcycles. A simple button up shirt with the HD logo on it is like $70-$100.
  6. Just going to throw this out there, if anyone with a Sierra wants to trade their red for a set of black ones let me know.
  7. Well I haven't used a spacer, but generally anytime you move the centerline of the wheel away from the ball joint you will end up with premature wear. Hold a barbell in the center and it's easy to balance. Move your hand to one side just an inch or two and you can feel the difference. That's how your ball joints will react to moving the centerline of the wheel outward.
  8. I think it looks good, my only dislike is that it should be wider to go from body line to body line. Everyone's different. I never cared for those decals myself. I actually just removed the "Sierra" from my tailgate. It was looking too busy and cluttered for me.
  9. If you're planning on doing more lights I would run a simple relay. Power the relay from a separate source, maybe a blank spot in the fuse panel, and then use the connection to Pin 23 as your switch power. That way there is very little draw on Pin 23, and you can power whatever you'd like without worries.
  10. That's only lower models, and one reason I didn't purchase the RST I test drove. For $1,000 more (w rebates they were the same price) my SLT had so many more included features, one being lighted vanity mirrors. But, although I agree the light sucks in them, it's just ever so slightly better than my 2015. the 2015 had no lens on the map lights, just a directional LED. At least the lens on the T1s spread the light a tiny bit more. And since I'm on a rant, WTF GM, no glove box light? I'm on my 3rd GMC since 2013 and none have had a lighted glove box. Planning on doing front and rear footwell lights in the spring. For those that installed some, where did you tap in for them to come on with the dome light?
  11. Honda actually got rid of that feature. My wife 's 2017 Accord had it on the passengers side, and now has a 2020 Pilot and they replaced it with the blind spot monitoring like all other vehicles. And I agree, I prefer the Camera.
  12. Did you debadge your T1 Sierra and have a X31 badge laying around? I don't need it, but figured if I found one someone was will to part with cheap, I had a place for it. I'm not looking to spend more than $25 shipped, let me know if you have one you're looking to get rid of. Thanks.
  13. Ok, I've searched, looked through 10 pages and did not see anything on this subject. I was curious if any '19+ Sierra owners have removed their OEM fog/driving lights and replaced them with something useful. I love the looks of them, hate the output. On my '15 Sierra I upgraded to LED bulbs and it turned my fog lights from something just for aesthetics and made them useful. Obviously we can't just swap bulbs with these, but was thinking of replacing them with a pair of cube lights on either side. Maybe clear on top and amber on the bottom for foggy nights. Or if there is a company or a way to upgrade the LEDs to something brighter. Maybe spring time I will get under the truck, pull the bracket and see if there is a way to create a bracket for them, etc.
  14. This is one of several reasons why I went with a Sierra. It doesn't matter trim level (LED or incandescent) the DRL doesn't shut off.
  15. I understand a diode only allows current to flow in one direction, is there a certain spec/size diode you recommend using? I would love to do this to not only my fog lights so I can have them on with Hi-beams. But I'd also like to run a jumper to the work lights on the mirrors to use them as ditch lights when needed.
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