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  1. having issues on my 2015 now it is having a "Ghost" touch in the right upper portion of the screen. So far I have recalibrated screen, reset the system to factory defaults and cleaned the touchscreen but it is still occurring. I can deal with most of it but the part that is driving me nuts is that when I am using the phone it keeps placing the call on hold and the only way to resume the call is to do it from my phone's screen.
  2. I did a screen calibration and going to see if that works on the way home if not I will try this.
  3. Has anyone had issues with a 2015 silverado changing pages randomly? started a couple of days ago driver info on dash cluster keeps changing to audio instead of info page. touchscreen keeps reverting to the favorite station page when n stereo, and when using hands free bluetooth on phone it keeps placing the call on hold on its own. Sometime it goes for 45 minutes with no issues other times it starts almost immediately. Any fixes?
  4. The midnight editions are nice. I am debating on my emblems to either color match them to the White diamond or black them. thinking color match would be different but black may pull in the grille better since the white outlines the bowtie already
  5. some people like chrome some people don't but as long as the one that paid the $$'s is happy that is all that matters. This is my 2015 custom sport
  6. I want to match my bowties to the body color and have White diamond tricoat has anyone found white diamond badges or vinyl overlays that match the color? I have seen so many with Black bowties that would prob look good as well but wanted to be a bit different.
  7. yes on the next fishing trip
  8. I checked all the RPO's and it is def custom sport edition LT with white diamond tricoat. Everything I have read on the edition states only the LTZ was available in this color. Oh well maybe I have the only one but I doubt it.
  9. I did and it came from factory 800j paint code
  10. I know this is an old post but I actually just bought one of these and it is an LT with the white diamond tricoat. I have read that only the LTZ's were supp to be available in that color?
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