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  1. Welcome. Unless your truck is completely clean the cover will be scratching your paint, the cover will move around when it's windy, when the cover blows around on the dirt it will start scratching it, also when you are dragging the cover off across the dirt it will scratch it. I wouldn't bother covering it unless you're planning on leaving it parked for extended amounts of time, if it's a DD I wouldn't bother. Just my .02 or the .01 it's worth.
  2. How did this turn in to a MPG thread when the OP asked "Miles on your 6.2", not many many MPG's you're getting?
  3. 2019 High Country, Purchased 12/23/18, 30k on it currently.
  4. No, I have not had it checked out but I saw a post from another member and it was warrantied for him. I am waiting until I need something else fixed before I bother with it, my warranty expires in December and I have 30k on it so if nothing else crops up between now and then I'll take it in December. It's really not bothering me so right now I don't really care and if I can find a GM performance exhaust before then I won't even take it back.
  5. There also have been some reports of the internal muffler rattling, mine is doing it, just waiting for another reason to,go to the dealer to get it replaced.
  6. You hook the black box up to a PC or laptop, it asks you Stock Tire Size, then new tire size, you then hit program, wait for it to do it's thing, then plug it inline with the harness of the truck. 10 minute process.
  7. I like it, no issues, easy to program, easy to remove if you’re afraid of warranty issues.
  8. Not plugged in to the port, it’s plugged in to the harness under the dash, easily removed, program it on a pc before you plug it in, plug and play, easy.
  9. Dealer can't do it, or won't do it, I used Hypertech Speed Calibrator.
  10. But he's asking for mileage on the truck, not between oil changes.
  11. Those are great tires, wish they made them taller for 22’s
  12. There's not much of a difference as I have a High Country w/ 22's. My Nitto T/G's ride just as well and very minimal noise difference but looked way better and handled the rain and snow way better. I ran 305/45/22 so a little wider but basically the same height.
  13. I ran 305/45 Nitto TG's on my 22" wheels and noticed no difference in ride, but I did notice a bit more noise but it wasn't bad at all and was well worth it when it came to traction and appearance to me.
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