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  1. GM produced 500 Premier Edition Laguna Blue 7 Speed 3LT Coupes with a special numbered dash plaque, special wheels and Brownstone Interior and 550 Premier Edition Lime Rock Green Automatic Convertibles as well. Nothing extremely special just loaded with as many options as they offered and just first year of the C7 and you couldn't order them, GM just shipped to certain dealers of their choice and then to be sold to customers.
  2. I think it would once the weight was put on the trailer, I'd take the trailer out empty again and see if you still experience the same vibration, I think that would prove it out.
  3. I'd just get a company to cover it, maybe like an XPel clear Paint Protection Film.
  4. I'd love to do the same but not brave enough to drop the headliner and start drilling holes. There is a thread around here of someone who did it though.
  5. His insurance will most likely go up anyway as the other party has already filed a claim with his insurance, so since there already is a claim he may as well let the insurance company fix it as it won't make a difference in the amount his policy may go up.
  6. Thank You, I don't hear any odd noises, it's just slow, I think it's binding up possibly from lack of use, I rarely have passengers and I've only put 3k on it in the past year. I guess I'll try to lube up all the joints and see what happens.
  7. 6.2 for me, very happy with my choice and would do it again. I had no reason besides that's just what I wanted, I have had 5.3's in the past and had no complaints but I love the power of this 6.2.
  8. My .02 is file with your insurance, let them deal with it since there will be a claim filed anyway, you pay for the insurance so may as well use it since the other party will be. As for CarFax I've always been told that it's not the body shop that reports it, it's the police Accident reporting systems, they get paid for it from CarFax. Again, just what I've been told, can't confirm that.
  9. 2019 Silverado High Country 33k miles, Garage Kept, never been off road, I always clean undercarriage after snow / salt and it hasn't been out in the snow / salt in 2+ years. Drivers side works fine, passenger side has been getting slower and slower to come out and retract. I hit the button on the end of the board to get it to go out toward the bed and it would not go back, I had to help it and it still fought me to go back in to place. It's not making any bad noises, sounds the same as the drivers side but just a lot slower. Should they be lubricated? Or is the motor going bad? I'm out of warranty by years, not mileage. Any recommendations will be appreciated.
  10. I did, super easy, no issues, been well over a year, or maybe 2!
  11. Over 3 years, 33,000 miles and zero issues with my 6.2, I love it, no regrets and if something happened to the truck that required me buying a new one I'd buy the 6.2 again in a heartbeat!
  12. Mine does the same, you can hit "Do not ask again" and it will still come back, I just enter the password and move on but I agree, there should be a fix for this.
  13. My Sales Guy that I know very well told me that he would pass on the refresh 22 as it uses the same Nav system that the current Tahoe has and it's really slow and has issues, he told me let them work that out and go for a 23.
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