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  1. Going to have the TPMS light on and check tire pressure warning on. Sensors are cheap enough, just buy 4 more and put them on the winter wheels.
  2. I understand the extend warranty due to all of the items that were disconnected and reconnected, a lot more room for later issues.
  3. They fit without the level kit, I had them on for about 2k and then installed the level.
  4. 4 Barely used Nitto Terra Grappler G2’s, 12/32 tread left, brand new they have 13/32 tread, have about 6,000 miles on them, no holes, no patches, no curb rash. They still have the hairs on the sidewall! I lifted my truck and bought the same tire in a bigger size. My loss your gain. New on Discount Tire they are $1,384.00 plus tax, asking $1,050.00 for the set. I will not sell separately. Cash only, local pick up only. Located in NJ
  5. I've got a company vehicle that I bought with 60k on it, 2008 Silverado LT w/ 5.3. It's currently got 180k on it, burns some oil, usually a quart every 2k, it's been our plow truck for the past 3 years as well. Still on original power train, still going strong.
  6. I have no idea, they are OEM 22” High Country Wheels
  7. Well the upper control arm is Rough Country but the OEM UCA was the same distance, The tires in the picture were 305/45R22’s
  8. I ran with this little clearance for 8 months, no issue
  9. If you let it sit in the sun for a little bit it comes off easier, just pick up a corner with your finger nail.
  10. I read the same thing but I never saw that it was confirmed.
  11. Nope, yet you can on a Lexus ES that costs less. But you couldn’t on my 17 Audi that cost 70k.
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