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  1. Tailgate will release with the truck running, must be in Park though.
  2. Not sure of the answer but you'd probably get a faster answer in the K2 forums as this forum is the T1 forums.
  3. I bought this for my 2019 HC and it works flawlessly! It takes maybe 20 seconds to connect, about the same time as it takes to connect your phone to your truck when you start it and the Carplay icon lights up on the infotainment screen and your set, I'm super happy so far with how well it works.
  4. Because he's "Been looking at HD Denali rims for his 1500".
  5. Yes, my front bumper is peppered with chips, drives me crazy, I have a couple on the edge of the hood too but the bumper is far worse.
  6. Damn 360 camera, what was I thinking? LOL
  7. Ahhhh....., thats the difference, okiedokie, understood.
  8. Not True for 2019 trucks, their solution doesn't work, only for 20 and up trucks
  9. I wonder if anyone knows this one, I have a 2019 High Country, and my friend just got a 2021 High Country, his backup camera is so much clearer and much more crisp than my 2019 backup camera. It is a HUGE difference. I'm wondering if it is the camera of the radio in which is making the difference and can my 2019 be upgraded? Ideas?
  10. I'm averaging 15.5ish with 34.4" tires, but I did buy the Hypertech speedometer calibrator .
  11. I bought mine on Amazon, installed it myself, it’s pretty easy with basic tools.
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