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  1. I would like to change the colors of my door, console, radio surround and steering wheel trim, I haven't seen anything on taking the door, console or steering wheel trims yet. Have I missed it or hasn't it been posted yet?
  2. Trim the mudflap, or remove the bracket behind the mudflap and pull it back.
  3. Great news, Mine has been ordered but I'm told is currently on back order. They said they will send it to a glass shop to be installed as well.
  4. Thanks, I agree, trial and error of others is a big help! LOL, Luckily I had no errors in my trials so far.
  5. I have a 7' door and with the bigger tires I have about 2" of clearance.
  6. I found it on another site, a few still have it, Rough Country stopped selling it, and I probably don't want to ask why. 3" kit
  7. I have them for every new vehicle I've purchased. I have laminated and framed the ones from each Corvette I have owned and have them in the garage as wall art.
  8. I stand Corrected, I would have sworn it was always 6x5.5,, Now I see it's 6x139.7. After reading some I see that they are the same, one is standard and the other is metric? The say you learn something new everyday, I'm done for the day!
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