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  1. It worked for me when I had the trail data plan, now the only time it will work is if I hotspot my phone to it or when it's in my garage on my home WiFi.
  2. It's been over a year now, I do not recall the speeds but I know it was a low speed when it would whistle at me.
  3. I put in the Rough Country 3" kit, I do not think they offer it anymore and only offer the 3.5" kit.
  4. Sorry, I've been away on Vacation, just seeing this. I am 100% happy, the ride is better in my opinion, they look great, very very happy with the final result. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the change. I'm sure I took a little hit to MPG but I never really paid attention because I don't care about MPG's to be honest, if I did I wouldn't have bought a 6.2 and lifted it! LOL
  5. Anytime the windshield posts are bent it's a total for the most part. I think the posts are bent.
  6. I didn't say which size I am running, I am running LT285/55R22 E
  7. I do, but I have a 3" lift and I had a little rub on my mudflaps with stock wheels. I trimmed a very little bit on the plastic flap and have been running them for 5k+ miles with no issues
  8. I have a 3" lift on my HC and I fit in my garage with a 7' opening, I think I have about 2" to spare.
  9. Would GM agree with that or would your insurance company just cover it and then they would go after GM? Thats the route I'd take and then you'll be in whatever you want a lot faster.
  10. Mine is at the dealer today getting a new window installed. I have had a very minor leak, I mean a couple of drops going down the window, nothing on the seat, headliner or carpet. They caulked the original window and it still had the minor leak. I should get it back tonight or tomorrow with the new window.
  11. I would love a train horn but not at the expense of losing my spare tire for it.
  12. Speaking from experience here, I'll bet if it was aligned it wasn't aligned properly, or it wasn't aligned at all. Also the high tire pressure will add to the issues you are reporting. I would recommend going to a true front end alignment shop, not a chain store or a dealer, you need someone who will take the time to do a true alignment, not a spec alignment or a toe n' go alignment. Just my .02
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