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  1. No issues, over 2 years now, Automatic car wash usually 2 times a week, little drips here and there but it's expected with the high pressure jets and blowers, no damage to the cover from the roller brushes going over it.
  2. I have never heard of doing something like that, what is the reason for it?
  3. Any updates on this? I want to take it to the dealer for replacement but I'd like to have any documentation in hand if there is any to be had.
  4. I always do an oil change early, 1,000-1,500, most people say it's a waste but I feel more comfortable in doing it so for me it's worth the couple of bucks since I do it myself for peace of mind.
  5. My pads front and rear look almost new, literally like new. Obviously I didn't measure how much pad was actually used but by the way they look (at my 25k tire rotation) I will get at least another 50k out of them. So with that said I wouldn't expect them to squeak yet.
  6. my 19 HC with 26k on it just started squeaking when backing out of my garage in the morning, that's the only time I notice it so far.
  7. My question is........ Is this basically Wireless CarPlay on Steroids?
  8. https://klearz.com/2019_silverado_clear_taillights
  9. I have done Expel on my last 2 vehicles but got so excited when I bought my HC that I totally forgot about it, paying the price now with rock chips all over the front bumper and hood, I recommend Expel from my previous vehicles and sorry I didn't do it to my current HC.
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