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  1. Yeah, I'm sure I turned it all the way and correctly, the fist time I did it I thought I may have screwed up so I reversed them, no difference, so then I turned them the other way again (Turn the knob clockwise) and again they sounded the same on cold start up. Now, with all that being said after driving it for a couple of days I can hear a very slight difference when I'm in the truck and start it up, slight but there is a difference. I'm in no rush to hack up my exhaust currently so I'm going to just leave it be for now.
  2. I understand the OP’s concern as it should work, but I haven’t even used my radio, streaming from iHeartRadio and others sounds way better. OP, sounds like time for a visit to the dealer.
  3. Mine opens and closes fine with my BAK cover.
  4. Air conditioner too weak?

    I'm assuming it's not an option on the custom level trucks.
  5. I'd love to know this as well, I hate that I can't run the fogs with Auto.
  6. Ok, I clamped both flappers open and I hear absolutely no difference in sound, so either I live with it or I cut the resonators off,, hmmm....
  7. Vvivid Tint

    I just don't get why people do that.
  8. Automatic steps

    The answer is Yes, at least with the 2014's I was able to have the dealer installed the OEM power steps, but with that being said I have them on my 2019 and I'd get the AMP's if I were to have an option. When they OEM steps close they make a loud "Thump" and everyone always asks "What was that" when they close the door. They work well but I dislike the noise they make.
  9. You can get 15 minutes each time but not 30 minutes, it will shut off after 15 and you need to restart. I’d contact a company like Viper, you can program their remote starts to run longer and they also have a fob that you can see that your truck is running. Just my.02
  10. Also as a FYI there is 2 flappers on the 6.2, 1 on each side of the muffler.
  11. So I guess I’m not as embarrassed as I thought , I didn’t think I had screens to cover like the 5.3’s, I knew I hadn’t seen them and also figured the resonators on the 6.2 are where the screens are on the 5.3’s. I do in fact have the flapper though so I’ll try clamping that open first but I think removing the resonators is the key and it’s only costing me $80.00 to do so, just not sure when I’ll get around to doing it, if I do it. Again, if anybody removed the resonators on the 6.2 let me know your feelings on the sounds. Thanks.

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