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  1. Unsettling Experience

    I keep my fronts at 35 and rears at 33 cold. But my tires are wider by1” than the OEM tires and I don’t care ND MPG, I do the chalk test to get the tread perfectly even across the ground.
  2. Unsettling Experience

    Just a suggestion here that I didn't notice anybody bring up, when I took delivery on my truck it has 45 PSI in the tires, the issue you are complaining about could very well be caused by over inflated tires as well. It's worth a shot to look at I guess. Just my .02
  3. RST?

    I did the same, no issues with camera except that you can see better.
  4. Painted fender flares

    Check out this thread, Molding And This one. And My Truck
  5. factory subwoofer

    Installed pictures please.
  6. Because car companies have been held responsible because owners have had the fob in their pants pocket, sat down or somehow hit the button for the set amount of time and all the windows opened and it was raining for snowing and the companies were held responsible. So with that being said there is a switch to turn it off that you must turn on so they can’t be blamed, I know Lexus and Audi has to program that option on at the dealer as a free upgrade but you have to singn off that you requested it to be done.
  7. That’s the one I purchased as well.
  8. factory subwoofer

    I'd like to do this but waiting on some real world reviews once installed. My HC came with the tray under the seat, does the tray have to be removed for this SUB?
  9. 2019 Sierra Denali Upgrades

    my 6.2 has been getting between 15-17 MPG, but I do mainly city type driving, little highway, and when I do get on the highway I'm doing 80ish. I'm pretty happy with the MPG as it's just a little less than I got with my 2017 Audi Q7 with a V6 in it.
  10. 2019 Sierra Denali Upgrades

    I went 1' wider tires on my OEM 22's and noticed no difference at all. And to SpennyC22, my running boards do not hit in the 3rd position with my wider tires.
  11. Chevy forms

    I have and this is the only one I have found that has a dedicated T1 forum and a lot of knowledge.
  12. I have the bigger version and I love it, works awesome, will never use a leaf blower again. Master Blaster
  13. It's the same with my 19 HC, 2017 Audi Q7 and my 2014 Corvette, I think it's by design.

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