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  1. Blinding Chrome Dash Trim

    That video is long gone unfortunately.
  2. Thats sweet looking! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Adding factory brake controller to 1500

    You can't add the OEM one, may as well buy whichever aftermarket one you like.
  4. Towing Pics

    With the fender wells built in the the trailer It's safe to assume they aren't movable.
  5. 6800 miles on my 62, so good so far!
  6. I agree, on our business ERP system I wait a few months after an update has been put out, way too many times it broke more than it fixed when I installed it quickly, much like our trucks, let someone else work out the bugs first.
  7. My BakFlip works fine power up and down, no issues, but I thought power up wasn't available on Sierra's?
  8. Probably infotainment system from 503 to 809, or 509 to 803, I forget which but most have said including myself that we’ve seen no changes with the update.
  9. Rear window leak

    MIne says if I get close to 6k to bring it back to swap it out.
  10. TPMS

    New Sensors needed, Once again..... I think I've said that before, maybe even twice.
  11. TPMS

    Once again, you need new sensors, end of story.
  12. Question on getting tune on 2019

    I'm far from an expert but after personally speaking to Justin from Blackbear he told me the 19's were locked down by GM. A lot of the manufactures are now doing this now.
  13. Mercedes does make a Pick Up, I actually saw one in France 2 weeks ago, pretty nice IMO but I'd still never buy one.
  14. Question on getting tune on 2019

    So far the 2019's can't be tuned unless you have a custom with the 6 speed transmission I believe. You can send your VIN to Blackbear and they will let you know if it's tuneable as of yet.

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