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  1. It’s a true lift, warrantied by GM, not being ripped off, actually it’s a reasonable price for OEM parts and dealer installation
  2. Range Technologies

    It's not driving me crazy, I know I can just hit the button to stop the Auto Start / Stop off so it's not worth the $170.00 just for that but if it would have disabled the DFM it would have been worth it to me because of all of the issue with the AFM in last generation trucks. Hopefully they'll come out with it soon and then I'll buy it.
  3. Range Technologies

    Never mind, Google tells me that I have DFM.
  4. Range Technologies

    Ok, What does my 19 6.2 have? AFM or DFM?
  5. Has anybody used the Range Technology solution yet on our 2019’s? Their site has conflicting information as to if it will work and what it will do besides disabling start - stop function. They say it works but when you go to their sheet that shows what vehicles it works on our 19’s aren’t listed. I’ll call tomorrow but was still curious if anybody purchased it yet.
  6. Most if not all discounts offered by GM are defined by delivery date, if there is say a loyalty deal in December and not offered in January and your truck comes in during the month of January then you lose the December incentive unless there is a vin assigned to your vehicle and you sign and pay for it prior to December 31st. Some incentives will be offered the next month and some will not, some new ones, maybe better ones can be offered in the next month. I buy many GM vehicles for my company, 40-50 plus a year and my dealer will help me with the dates, we wait till we’ll say 01/02 and if 12/31’s deals are better we will back date the paperwork to 12/31. Deals are typically only valid at time of delivery.
  7. I’ve been seriously considering this kit just because I won’t have to pay nearly that much for it or the installation from the dealer and it will not effect my warranty but I’m concerned about the difference in ride quality since I have the HC. Has anybody done this kit on a HC yet?
  8. Over the Air Update

    I willl say that hopefully this isn’t my imagination but today my rear view camera view looked a lot better, nav screen still looks washed out though.
  9. What did you pay for your truck?

    Are you saying a truck you ordered came in not as you ordered? If so I’d be demanding a loaner truck until they get the truck you ordered.
  10. Better MPG on 93?

    Well, If your tire is actually hitting the metal on the fender you've got much bigger issue than a hole to cover. The vinyl should only be on the metal fender, if your tire is hitting the actual fender you're screwed the first time you driver up a driveway apron or little curbing and rip the fender apart.
  11. Truck Package Headaches

    My opinion on the power seat, once you set the power seat how many times do you change the position again? For me, I set it once and will probably never change it, so a manual seat would work for me if I were in your shoes.
  12. Better MPG on 93?

    I'd go to a local vinyl shop and have something either cut in black or the matching white and make a trim piece that will look factory and will also serve as chip protection, wrap it to the inside of the fender, nobody except you will know it's not OEM if you do it right.
  13. Chrome side molding

    Well, I called my local body shop that does a lot of work for my company and had them order the GM chrome body side molding from a 14 HC, they should be installing them next week, will post pictures when they are on the truck.
  14. Huh? The dealership put on the wheels that are on your window sticker and they take off the black steel shipping wheels and return them to the factory, not sure what you're taking about with taking something off that you're paying for when you are not paying for the shipping / in transit black wheels.

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