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  1. Nothing in my 19 HC. Not sure if the custom radio will have that option.
  2. That sounds odd, doesn't do that for me on my 6.2 w/ 10 speed, may be the 5.3 with the 6 speed. Mine is nice unless you hit the pedal enough to make it downshift, it does seem to downshift easier and faster in which I like but it doesn't do it on cruise control or normal driving.
  3. Quick answer is no, but they can void an item like you ball joint, or other associated suspension part if they want, but warranty as a whole no.
  4. There is a thread around here for the pedal commander, but I have the pedal commander and it’s a night and day difference, highly recommend.
  5. They basically are supposed to light up the ground or side steps at night when you unlock the truck. To be honest I didn't even know I had them on mine until I looked to see if I could replace them with the BowTie ones because they were so dim. Now with just the bowtie its a novilty and does't really serve any good purpose. But the sure do look cool! LOL
  6. Same as above, Just move the mirror around to make the mount sit level, no issues with mine either.
  7. A lot of garages around here are 6'8" and above, With my 3" kit I won't go in any garage under 7' as I clear my 7' garage door at my house by about 2" so a 7' parking garage is still nerve racking but if I need to I will.
  8. Never been an issue on my 19 HC. Are you using an Apple certified cable?
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