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  1. I don't understand why you believe GM would have a "Fix" for this issue as it's not an issue for them, it is an option in which the original buyer wanted, you bought it used and expected that it would work for your needs but it doesn't, GM isn't going to "Fix" that. I looked at a truck that had that bed and knew it wouldn't work for my needs so I found another one without that option, works great!
  2. My 23 Denali Ultimate has great bass, I had to turn it down quite a bit as my rear view mirror was vibrating as was my HUD. I’m very pleased with it.
  3. I love that color, Miss it so much from my 2019 HC, I wish they offered the Ultimate in that color, they missed the boat on that in my opinion. Congrats!
  4. No, Sorry, I haven't seen anything posted about that, it happened after the last over the air update.
  5. Unfortunately normal, waiting on a fix from GM, there is another thread around here about it. Quick trick is to hit the mute button for a couple of seconds and then unmute it and it seems to go back to normal.
  6. Looks to me like rusty water stain, not rust, I'd clean it like others suggested and keep an eye on it. Can you go under the truck and see if you can see any rust under that area?
  7. It's an issue that has been discussed here, after the last update this issue started to happen to some of us. No fix yet that I know of, the way I get around it personally is hit the mute button on the steering wheel, the HVAC will start to blow normally and then hit the mute button again, only takes 2-5 seconds at most.
  8. I do not have to push lock then start 2 times on my 23 Denali, just push the remote start button twice, no locking button needed.
  9. It fits but you can’t unclip and put the handle up with the bed extender folded to the inside of the bed.
  10. I would not buy used if you can afford new. I work for a company who leases a lot of cars for upper management and VP level employees and vehicles that require premium fuel get regular fuel, oil change intervals are not done in a proper mileage and when I ask why they say "It's a 3 yr lease, I don't care, I won't have it anymore it'll won't be my problem". I also had a friend who leased vehicles, refused to change the oil, 3 out of 5 of his vehicles ended up blowing the engine due to never doing an oil change or even checking the oil. Too many people feel that short term vehicles do not need to be taken care of, I've seen it way too much so in my opinion unless you can get service records on a used vehicle or know the person whom you are buying it from I wouldn't touch a used vehicle. Just my .02 for the .01 it's worth. PS I traded my 2019 High Country in February of this year and the dealer was asking $59,995.00 with 40k miles on it. I paid 60k (discounted) in December 2018 for it, used prices on these trucks are still very high.
  11. I think they were in the area of $700.00 for the set and they come with the clips, but I used my GM points to pay for a portion of them. They are out there for less money but using my points made it the best option for me.
  12. No, it cuts out when first started, about 3-4 times for 1-2 seconds each time.
  13. They are textured, the paintable ones are smooth as a FYI.
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