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  1. The leak has most likely existed since the truck was built. If it's still under warranty take it to the dealer and they should fix it, if not take it to an Auto Glass shop and they will fix it. My dealer tried the first fix and it didn't work, they then took it to a glass shop that replaced the rear window and it's been dry ever since.
  2. I understand your frustration as I'm sure I would be frustrated as well but we all need to understand that it's just electronics, could be your new TV, Cell phone, or anything else electronic. All vehicle manufactures use all of these electronics and they all have their issues, some get lucky and have no issues, some aren't as lucky. Just because you have an issue at 134 miles doesn't mean you have a lemon. Again, Electronics fail, no matter what they are in, and again I understand your frustration but you have to look at the bigger picture (As long as the electronics do not fail on your TV ). Enjoy your new truck once you get it back.
  3. Mine stays in the Garage when it snows, I take my Wrangler in the snow!
  4. I'm using the Backflip MX4, while it's not 100% watertight I'm fine with the way it works.
  5. Well, just as a FYI, not the same Vehicle but my Wrangler blows hot on passenger side and cold on drivers and it's a very well known problem with Wranglers., the heater core gets clogged on one side and the vents that go to the drivers side go across the cold side of the Core and blow cold air, hot air on passenger side, replaced the heater core and problem solved. With that being said I find it hard to believe that a heater core in a 2020 truck could be clogged but I guess it's possible.
  6. I'd let them fix it, they replaced my rear window 2+ years ago and not an issue, they sent mine to a Glass shop and had it done.
  7. I'm at 40 rear 42 front, I've got nothing in the bed and not towing anything, any pressure less I was getting a shake, had them balanced 4 times, never a change, once I went up over 40 PSI it ride smooth as can be & perfect wear for the almost 20k I've put on them so far. very happy.
  8. Sorry, doesn't work, I'd take them off and scrap the idea as a whole, Maybe tint them with film but either way why would you want to reduce your light output? Just my .02 because you asked.
  9. E rated tires will kill your MPG, they sure killed mine but I'm running 34's, so it's even worse.
  10. At 28K rotors are not covered, you can say all day long that you didn't heat up the brakes and they did it on their own, or they shouldn't have this early but they have no way of telling that you didn't ride the brakes down a hill and heat them up real bad, or towed a heavy load and heated them up, it's basically a wear item. You can go off on them and they could possibly give you courtesy warranty repair but I highly doubt it. I'd just replaces them and put on new pads and move on if it were me.
  11. I put the below in my 19 High Country and it’s worked flawlessly since July. Bought from Amazon. CarlinKit 3.0 CarPlay Wireless Connection, Knowing Your Car. Updated UI interface, Wireless CarPlay Adapter fit for iPhone iOS 14.5 Above, compatible with Apple CarPlay Cars from 2017 to the Present
  12. I’m not sure but I’d assume you change your rear shocks, I put the rough country 3” on my 19 HC and the kit came with rear shocks.
  13. From what has been posted around here the only way to remove the headliner it to take out the windshield.
  14. No reason, more of a hassle than it would be worth for sure.
  15. I saw something on a YouTube video where a Hellcat owner pulled off the dash area where the push start button is and wired in a separate rocker in which he mounted under the dash that disabled the button, it stayed lit somehow and the engine would crank but wouldn't start, I'm sure there is a wire behind there that you can put separate rocker on to stop it from functioning. Just a thought.
  16. Until you drive a 4WD truck with both types of tires you won't understand the huge difference it makes when running a dedicated snow tire, well worth the money if you live in a climate that has a lot of snow and ice, here in NJ, not worth it, but I can see some areas of the US and Canada that they would be well worth it.
  17. The backup camera on my friends 21 High Country is much much much better than my 2019, so improvement has been made there, also his rear window hasn’t leaked.
  18. They’re all that way and it’s been discussed a lot and most say you aren’t going to gain anything with a round tube vs. the flattened tube.
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