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  1. I had not thought about that. I was planning on going tomorrow as today is Labor Day and everything was closed but I will for sure try tomorrow thanks.
  2. I have a 2017 GMC Sierra 5.3 with the 6L80E. Needless to say my transmission is shot on it already. Unfortunately I am out of warranty so all cost will be coming out of pocket. I’ve shopped around locally and all shops range from $3,000-$7,200 to rebuild mine.(Tucson,Arizona) so I started looking for some remanufactured transmissions online. I would like some opinions and some sites you have used before. Street smart transmissions/ Best Buy Transmissions/ GM factory remanufactured.
  3. I too get flashed ALOTTTT. I have a 17 Sierra and they come with pretty bright lights/fog lights, some drivers even turn on their high beams, but doesn’t bother me I have tinted windshield so they’re high beams don’t blind me.
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