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  1. Oil Pressure

    I agree
  2. 6.2L 8spd 4.10 Gears Quote

    Super chips tune and staying with 323 is his suggestion. At least that’s the way i read it. No need in tearing anybody down.

    Man that’s a sharp looking truck. Hope they get it sorted out for you.
  4. I wouldn’t think an empty aluminum trailer would bottom out any truck much less a max tow pkg.. something has to be wrong with leaf springs....
  5. Repair or replace this tire

    One tire blow out can total your truck and kill you and others.....
  6. When u lock the doors with your remote, you can’t just push the button on the door to unlock the truck from the inside. The switch won’t work. I guess it’s part of the theft deterrent system. (Can’t put a coat hanger thru the window and hit the button)
  7. I just don’t look at a Ram and say that’s a nice looking truck, never mind all the other issues with them..... They just haven’t appealed to me yet.
  8. I’ve had mine miss a few times when i got gas at certain stations so I run mine down periodically in case there is water in the tank. My thinking is i can try to burn it out before it accumulates to too much to burn. But that’s just me.
  9. Make them show you the specs on the rfb. I think it’s tire balance. Let us know how it goes.
  10. Windshield etching

    Scrub with SOS pad?
  11. This is what i think. Engine never gets warm enough so fuel is running rich (choke mode) to try get motor up to operating temp. I’m not sure there is an issue. Change the oil and drive it.
  12. Back in my drag racing days, a stock 5.0 mustang would run 15 second qtr mile times. Now i can run it in a stock fully loaded 4 door truck that gets 20 plus mpg..... I’ll take it. We’ve got it good and just don’t realize it.....
  13. U sure that is what it is? Mine had something similar on the paint and wd40 took it right off. Spray on wait a few seconds, wipe off.
  14. 2018 Silverado front bed rail cover

    I bought a 10ft strip of self adhesive foam strip at Lowe’s. Worked great. 1inch x1/4 x 10 i think.
  15. Coat hanger to pull open latch on bed cover? Not sure what type of bed cover but seems doable my backflip.

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