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  1. LED Under Rail bed Lights

    If u connect them to your reverse lights with a diode they will come on when u unlock your doors with ur remote and stay on when u exit. That’s usually enough time to get what u need in/ out of the bed. (If not all u have to do us hit unlock on the remote again) I have my bed lights, reverse lights, and my cargo light connected together . It’s super bright back there. No need for a switch at tailgate for me.
  2. I’m not sure. Seems like it’s on the back in the fine print area. Left side at the top but my memory is not what it used to be....
  3. I financed my 18 with GM to get a 5,000 rebate. Never made the first payment to GM. Refinanced at my local cu after about 3 weeks. As long as there is no prepayment penalty in the contract it shouldnt make a difference.
  4. Current wheels or swap??

    I’ll trade u.
  5. Local hardware store is where i got mine.
  6. Thats pretty impressive for that heavy of a truck. Did u lower the rear tire pressure to maybe help with the traction?
  7. Looked at a couple of dodges this weekend due to the people in here saying they were like a Bentley.... i just don’t see it. My opinion was i was not impressed. I wouldn’t do it.
  8. It works on the 2018 Silverado and 2017 suburban also
  9. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    My 2018 Silverado 6speed does this and so does my wife’s 17 suburban. I think it something to do with the exhaust. Truck has Weird shifting vibrations sometimes suburban is super smooth though.
  10. Stained Tailgate, need advice

    Rubbing alcohol?
  11. Foglights On With High Beams

    Needle nose pliers are helpful
  12. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    How much did that cost?
  13. Bilstein shocks thread

    My shop quoted me $540 out the door. Parts and labor.
  14. small piece of black vinyl?

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