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  1. This is not a good deal. Definitely not one so good you can’t pass it up.....
  2. So going to a 275/60/20 messes with transmission that much? Have any other people on here experienced this? Going up in size was my next upgrade....
  3. I used the square plastic license plate screw holders.
  4. Comfort and safety. Plus we didn’t pay anywhere near 80k. Head off on road trip with luggage, ice chest and misc. definitely need the room.
  5. Just found a set of used 22s with brand new Michelins for $800. Couldn’t pass up the deal. Wheels and tires were cheaper than a new set of tires in the original 20s. Definitely rides rougher and you feel every defect in the road. Sure looks good though. On the 20s it just floated down the road.....
  6. I think of it like my old 93s transmission. If u towed in overdrive you would burn up the trans. (You had to pull in drive). Had 280,000 miles when that transmission went, but always pulled with overdrive locked out. Buddy of mine pulled one 2 hour trip same weight with his and his burned up. 4,000 lbs I’d pull with tow mode on. There is a reason it is in our trucks.
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