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  1. Console is empty and no sun glasses in holder? Also i think there is a thread somewhere of a screw lose in the kick panel underneath the steering.wheel...?
  2. Towing Pics

    This^^^. Trailer axles aren’t carrying enough of the weight in the first pic.
  3. Oil Filter tool

    No. The extension catches on the lip of the filter wrench
  4. Oil Filter tool

    I use one like this. Works on many other applications also.
  5. Followed the church buses to youth camp going 55-65 mph for 5 hours with one stop. Got 29.3 mpg on the trip. That’s crazy to me with a bed full of stuff and 3 people in it.
  6. I wonder if the taller heavier tires are torquing the springs more and changing your pinion angle of the drive shaft?
  7. I’d try this^^^^
  8. Leather, Bose. My Texas edition ltz has those and 3.42 rear. Steering wheel radio buttons? Not sure if LT has them...
  9. Shouldn’t be a problem, but I’d prob just find two key on power sources and use one for each.
  10. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Truck on left is stock same exact model
  11. Is your air filter canister sealed good? If not that may be your whistle....
  12. I just added a 1.5 inch spacer in the front. It leveled mine within a 1/2 inch. No effect in ride. Pretty easy to do. I have the same size wheel you have but am still running the stock 275/55/20s.
  13. Paint oxidation

    That Looks much better than my 93s paint. I did put some color match on mine and some clear. Mine looks good from 20 ft but looks like i did it any closer lol. Wish i had a better pic but this is the 93.
  14. Paint oxidation

    How did u see a pic? I see nothing....

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