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  1. Installed black led bow tie on the front. Looks good in the dark, can’t see it much in the daylight. I knew that going in though. Pretty pleased with it.
  2. It’s your brake squealer telling u it’s time for new brakes. Your brake pad is about worn out. Normal wear and tear
  3. 2019 Crash Tests

    Was not his time to go.
  4. I blew up the motor in my Dad’s 69 Camaro at the drag strip. He jb welded the rod that was broke into three pieces to a plaque and gave it to me for Christmas that year. He’s gone but I still have the Camaro and the plaque.
  5. Bed lights

    I wired mine (aftermarket) with an add a circuit from the fuse box to the cargo light. Then did the diode trick to the reverse lights. When u unlock the truck the bed lights come on.
  6. Seems like it would be simple. I just don’t know how to do it without risking messing something up. I need some of these GM wizards on here to show me how it’s done. Lol.
  7. Ok. I had a Honda Accord with a side camera that came on the screen when the right blinker was on. Gamboa, can u pull this off?
  8. Foglights On With High Beams

    These are the ones i used. We’ve used them on 4 different trucks with no issues.
  9. One has a scoop. One doesn’t..lol
  10. I’m a muscle car guy.... i like it.
  11. U have to put in a diode connecting the cargo light to your reverse lights. Do a google search and it will tell u how. I’ve done it on 4 different trucks now. Not too hard. Use needle nose pliers.
  12. 2020 model details

    I honestly don’t get the complaints on the interiors (2018 or 2019). They feel expensive to me. I sat in Fords and Dodges and they felt cheap to me. I guess i just don’t get it and that’s ok...

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