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  1. I removed my rear blocks and just used washers on the ubolts. No money spent. Ended up putting blocks back and doing 1.5 inch spacer one the front. Sometimes it looks level, sometimes nose down, sometimes nose high. To me it’s as close as I’m gonna get and still be able to pull a trailer some.
  2. Never say never, but I will never buy any Goodyear’s again..... never
  3. Maybe try some zip ties? If done right may never see them...
  4. OEM NEW Illuminated Bow Tie Emblem Kit Front Rear Black 2017 Silverado 84129741 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N6BBWSF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_TSW5DbEZ9X37K this is the one I got. I have a 2018 came with the harness and all. It was oem equipment.
  5. That does look like a super 10. (I have two on my race car. They are a race muffler) I have the 22 inch mangaflow single in dual out on my truck. Had a flow master 50 before that and tried the magnflow because I thought the FM was too loud. Mangaflow flows better but isn't much Quieter. Ended up putting a small glass pack in front of the mangaflow. It’s about right now. I still have the flapper but am going to get rid of it when I tune out the afm.
  6. Plug and play into your headlights harness. Go on with park lights. Pretty nice at dusk and dark, but useless during the day....
  7. Mine has only gone off twice in the rain when parked. Works pretty well. I wonder if there is some adjustments they can do to yours?
  8. My wife had been complaining about my truck smelling for awhile. I thought she was nuts. Finally found a black moldy something in a zip lock bag in between the console and the front passenger seat. I guess it fell out of one my kids school lunches. I guess she knew what she was talking about....
  9. Update on my 2018 cc short bed. Had the Goodyears RF balanced 3 different times. Each time it was better but after a few thousand miles the shimmy would come back. (Rotating the tires would also change how much it shook.) A coworker went to trade her truck in yesterday (2017 exactly the same to a 2019 RST) so I bought her wheels and tires from her. She had 1 year old Michelin’s on the same style 20” rim. Night and day difference smooth as glass no hint of a shake. Almost wanted to cry. So happy to get rid of that shimmy. Never ever touching Goodyears again....
  10. What is woot? Can you trust it? It’s not listed in the Amazon app for that price....
  11. Heater core isn’t going out and leaking into front floorboard is it?
  12. So more than a foot ball field...... sure we all do that..... in reality that’s not happening. You make an opening that big 4 cars will fill it.
  13. Awhile back I went with a Flowmaster 50 with dual pipes out the back left the flapper. Got tired of the loudness and tried the 24” Magnaflow. It was still too loud (I guess I’m getting older). We put a 18” glass pack (straight thru) in front of the flapper after the cats, and after the flex pipe....sound is about perfect now. My question is to u experts. Do you think adding the glass pack that close will do any long term harm? Just FYI: I would say the mangaflow felt better on performance than the Flowmaster, but the mangaflow was louder also.
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