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  1. What is woot? Can you trust it? It’s not listed in the Amazon app for that price....
  2. Heater core isn’t going out and leaking into front floorboard is it?
  3. So more than a foot ball field...... sure we all do that..... in reality that’s not happening. You make an opening that big 4 cars will fill it.
  4. Awhile back I went with a Flowmaster 50 with dual pipes out the back left the flapper. Got tired of the loudness and tried the 24” Magnaflow. It was still too loud (I guess I’m getting older). We put a 18” glass pack (straight thru) in front of the flapper after the cats, and after the flex pipe....sound is about perfect now. My question is to u experts. Do you think adding the glass pack that close will do any long term harm? Just FYI: I would say the mangaflow felt better on performance than the Flowmaster, but the mangaflow was louder also.
  5. I did the 1.5. Sometimes it looks nose high, Sometimes level, sometimes nose low. I think it’s about perfect. If you are going with a brush guard I’d do 2-2.5.
  6. Your speedometer is also off so calculations aren’t correct either.
  7. I like 4 also. I’d be worried about rock chips on the bumper with the others. All look pretty sharp though.
  8. I started early too. Use to drag race the 69 with my Dad. He started when I was 14 and I took over at 16. We sure had some good times. He’s gone but I still have the car. Added the 67 in 2001.
  9. What are you trying to hook up? I’d stay away from splicing if at all possible. Use add a circuits and tap into the fuse boxes.
  10. 2017 wont charge it. (Not compatible) You Will have to upgrade to a 2018 wireless charger. You can find them for around $65. My wife’s suburban is a 2017 and it’s not compatible. It charges much faster with a chord any way. My 2018 Silverado works fine.
  11. I have had a rattle in my dash for a few weeks and couldn’t find it for anything.... turned out to be my garage door opener on my visor right above my head.
  12. Yeah. What was said above. They were prob backing up with it down and backed into something. I say good job on helping people. We need more love in this world. (Even with the negative things that can happen.)
  13. This is not a good deal. Definitely not one so good you can’t pass it up.....
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