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  1. 1.5 inch rear bock

    The dealer put my leveling kit on before I picked it up. I have looked for a brand name but can't find one. I measured from my carport floor to the rear fender (38 1/8 inches) and from the carport floor to the front fender (40 inches). Fabtech is sending their block and U bolts for their 3.5 inch lift. Hopefully this should lift me back up in the rear. I do not see a block from factory. Here is a picture of leaf springs and the sag in the truck.
  2. I put a leveling kit on my HC and it was about 1/2 inch high in the front. Yesterday I put my toolbox and all the crap that stays in the back and now I'm almost 2 inches high in the front. Is there a 1.5 inch block/lift that I can add in the rear to get me back close to level? I just emailed Fabtech to see about just the 1 inch block and U bolts that is in their 3.5 in kit. They emailed me back at $152 shipped.
  3. High Country LED Cluster Goes Blank

    My HC dash cluster went blank once for about 5 seconds.
  4. Mine was ordered 8/18, built 9/27, and delivered 10/18. It was loaded on the rail in Ft. Wayne on 10/1 and sat in the shipping yard in Lawrenceville, Ga. from 10/8 to 10/18. They put it on the delivery truck on 10/18 and about 6 hours later the dealership sent me the picture of it coming in. It was exactly 2 months from order date to delivery date. All that information came from Chevrolet.com chat.
  5. on the 2014 I had you could pause and or reverse/rewind/replay the radio. Listen to something that previously played or pause what is playing. My wife's Tahoe will do the same thing.
  6. Does anyone know how to rewind the radio like the previous model?
  7. HC pearl

    Thank you. I have really enjoyed it so far.
  8. I have a HC and love it. This inside hasn't changed much but it does have more room and the A/C and heated seats have improved. I am reading that a lot of people are looking into the Ram because of the inside being nicer. I wouldn't own a Ram because you can't depend on them. I work with a man that owns a 2019 Ram Limited and he said it is way to busy inside. He also said the big touch screen goes black sometimes, kinda like a smartphone going black and you have to touch it for it to light back up.
  9. I'm glad I saw this. I thought my tailgate was already broke.
  10. HC pearl

    Woody Folsom has always put it in the middle.
  11. HC pearl

    Thank you. I will just run the tour mode. I don't get in a hurry anymore.
  12. HC pearl

    I have a few questions. This might need a new topic. 1. How is the best way to remove dealer decal sticker? What adhesive remover to use? 2. What is the best mode to drive around town and highway? Tour or sport?
  13. HC pearl

    I did buy from Woody. I usually buy from Robert Fender in Douglas, Ga but the man I usually buy from moved to Woody's. I am going to take the dealer logo off when I get time. I am going to try and get windows tinted in the next week or so. I'm going to wait on the bigger tires because I drive about 60 miles round trip to work and I will get better MPG with the factory tires. I am also thinking about getting to black Chevrolet logo for tailgate, but would like to see a white one with it first before I put it on.
  14. HC pearl

    I haven't decided if I am going with something bigger or not because I drive about 60 miles a day to work and back. I had KO2 on my 2014 and I will never own another set.

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