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  1. Chrome side molding

    I ordered my molding last Friday so I hope it will com in next week. I will post when I get it on.
  2. Chrome side molding

    Not my truck. This picture is an example of the chrome side molding from facebook.
  3. Chrome side molding

    GM 22775458 Body Side Molding I didn't take the picture. Someone posted those picture on the 2019 Chevrolet/GMC Facebook page. He said it was the side molding for a 2014-2018 model. I tried sending him a message a few days ago but he hasn't responded.
  4. I traded my 2014 LTZ 5.3 for a 2019 HC 6.2. I did all the research in the world on the 2019. I test drove the same truck before the one I ordered came in. My radio, Nav, cameras, and seats are a lot better in my 2019 than 2014. The heated seats in my 2014 were terrible. I could turn my heated seat on and drive 3 hours and hardly feel it but the 2019 is almost instant heat. The 2014 cooled seats felt good but nobody could sit in the back because it would blow the hot air straight in their face. The fuel tank doesn't bother me because I'm getting 3-4 mpg more with the 6.2 than I did with 5.3. I drive about 4-500 miles a week and would burn 1.5 tanks in my 2014 and I only burn 1 tank in my 2019. The life mpg on my 2014 was around 14 and so far the life mpg on my 2019 with 5500 miles is 18.4.
  5. Chrome side molding

    Dealer 1 was $165. Dealer 2 was $200 GMpartswarehouse was $155 shipped.
  6. Chrome side molding

    Yes that looks like it. Does it say a price?
  7. Chrome side molding

    I have been doing some research and the prices I see are between $160-$200 for the set. Any dealers on here that can give us their price?
  8. Chrome side molding

    I am thinking of adding the 2014-2018 chrome side molding to mine. I saw these pictures in the 2019 Facebook page, before and after. I just sent a text to the dealer for a price on them.
  9. 4x4 badge

    Thanks I'll try to go by and see.
  10. 4x4 badge

    Not much different in the design but I would think there should be a size difference. First picture is 2014-18(for the door) and second picture is 2019(for rear panel).
  11. 4x4 badge

    GM 22813983 is for 2014-2018. The bottom of the 4s are angled on the 2019s where 2014-18s are straight.
  12. Im looking for a part number or somewhere I can find the 4x4 badge that's on the rear quarter panel on GMC. Here is a picture.
  13. Find a new dealer. I order one May 28th at a dealer and I never got a TPW for it so I canceled it August 31 because I ordered through another dealer on August 18th and 2 weeks later I got TPW August 31.. Both trucks were identical.
  14. Level kit install

    Thank you.
  15. Level kit install

    Where do you get your parts from?

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