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  1. I had the same problem with my aluminum boat trailer. I tried everything but nothing worked all the time. I ran a ground wire down each side of the trailer from the plug (white wire) to each tail light. I removed all ground wires that were screwed or bolted to the trailer. I have a flat bed metal framed trailer and a galvanized boat trailer and I didn't have to run a ground wire to each light. All trailers have LED lights but the aluminum had to be wired different.
  2. Did you ever get your rear media to work on Miracast? I went through several Miracast apps before I got it to work.
  3. I'm waiting on my wife's Tahoe that I ordered in January. It was shipped on March 8th and still on a train according to Chevrolet. I didn't know it would take 3 weeks to get from Texas to Jacksonville, FL. The estimated delivery date to dealer was yesterday (3/25/21). I talked to the dealer and he said ETA still shows yesterday. Update: Now GM is saying 4/8/21 on the Tahoe. I am waiting on a AT4 to come in with 3.0 diesel, thought about trading in my HC with 6.2 for it. It should be in 4/12/21 according to GM. I'll make that decision when it comes in and I can put my hands on it.
  4. In my 2014 and 2019 I use them twice a day everyday.
  5. Thanks. Looks like I'll stick with LTZ or HC. Don't wanna have to widen my garage.
  6. Can you get power folding side mirrors on a LT or RST model? I need the folding mirrors to be able to get in my garage.
  7. Does anyone know February incentives?
  8. I have taken this trip several times and I have never gotten over 21 mpg either direction with with 93. Most of the time it will be around 19.5-20.5 mpg. I usually go to the lake about once or twice a month. This is the first time I have used non-ethanol.
  9. I have always ran 93 in mine. I have 38xxx miles with lifetime 18.1 mpg. I have never cleared my trip A just so I can compare it with my 2014 5.3 which had 14 mpg.
  10. My service engine light came on last Thursday afternoon so I figured I would try and experiment and it worked this time. I went to the lake and this town doesn't have high octane gas because most stations have non-ethanol in the place on 93 octane. After running non-ethanol for about 50 miles my service engine light cut off. Last Friday I cleared my trip calculator and went out of town (168 miles) and got 20.8 mpg on 93 octane. I waited until my low fuel light came on and filled up with 90 octane non-ethanol. I cleared my trip calculator again drove the same route (168 miles) home and got 22.6 mpg.
  11. I wonder if anyone else has had to pay anything for this window fix out of warranty?
  12. Figures they will lie about anything. I did look for sealant and didn't see anything.
  13. I got my truck back today and it costed me $384 after I talked to customer care and the dealer. The dealer said they came to agreement with GM that I had to pay 40% of the total bill. I didn't see the actual total to calculate the 40% so who knows. Here is the new window part number that they waited on. The window was built 7/29/20. The dealer said this was a new part number but I don't know. Maybe sooner one on here can tell me.
  14. The dealership has a body shop doing the repair and they are waiting on the new window. The dealership said gm has a new part number window that just came out. The window should be in and installed today and I will pick it up Monday afternoon. Here is a picture of the truck. They didn't take the rear window spoiler off. The dealership also said they were going to ask GM to cover it under warranty. I have already called GM customer service and I have a case number for this.
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