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  1. I just saw this on a commerical. Looks like it says duramax on the hood and tow mirrors. Link
  2. Those are like these. https://www.amazon.com/4PCS-ARTR-6ohm-Load-Resistors/dp/B00UNG3EXQ/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=resistor&qid=1567691882&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  3. Is it because the trailer is aluminum? My metal trailer works great. Both trailers have LED lights and I wired both trailers the same way. Did you put a resistor on each wire?
  4. Since you all are talking about trailers and hook ups. I have a 2019 HC. My boat trailer (aluminum) lights don't work like they should. The truck shows it disconnect/connects all the time while I'm driving. I posted about this earlier on here or the facebook page and people said check the ground. Everything was tight like it should be so I completely rewired the trailer and still disconnects/connects on its own. Last weekend I hooked the boat to my wife's Tahoe and the lights work perfect. Can someone explain that? FYI they worked as they should on my 2014 also. My flatbed (metal) trailer lights work with no problems when hooked to my truck.
  5. My app got added back on today. The app is will no longer be available for 2020 models and later.
  6. I didn't start driving until 2002 and I always had white letters. I guess I don't like the new style of things.
  7. I don't see why they don't make one side white and one side black like they did before.
  8. They would still look better than black wall.
  9. Why did you change them out? Lift?
  10. I have yet to find a white letter tire for the 22s. Does anyone know of a tire? I would like a 33/12.5r22 if possible.
  11. I just sent an email. Lets see what happens.
  12. I have a high country with 18k miles since October and my seats are still great. This truck is more comfortable than any other truck I have ever road in. My wife has a 2015 Tahoe and we drive mine everywhere because it rides, drives, and sits better with more room inside the cab.
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